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Further Details on the Torture Death of Dafa Practitioner Ms. Chi Yulian from Dalian City

June 10, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Based on inside information, in June 2001, Ms. Chi Yulian was illegally detained in the Eighth Prison Ward of the Dalian City Detention Center. She went on a hunger strike to resist the persecution. The police handcuffed her and shackled her, fastened her to the floor and neglected her until she lost consciousness. That same night, Chi Yulian was sent to the hospital, but she died after a failed rescue effort.

A Dafa practitioner who had been previously persecuted exposed the crimes committed at Dalian City's Yaojia Detention Center

The Yaojia Detention Center authorities tortured Dafa practitioners who went on hunger strikes by putting heavy shackles on them, as a torture device. Practitioners were also were put into handcuffs and fastened onto a wooden bed; they could not even go to the bathroom. Even a seventy-year-old woman had to withstand such torture. After being tortured like that for twenty days, one could not even walk. This torture would cause one's wrists to be covered with blisters due to abrasion from the handcuffs, and the fingers would go numb. In addition, this kind of torture caused internal injury that took a long time to heal.

The persons responsible for carrying out the torture: Luu Yimei, Jia Ling, Wang Ying and Chief Meng of the detention center.

Telephone No. for the Yaojia Detention Center: 86-411-86870728

Main duty office: 86-411-83792702

Luu Yimei (Eight Ward): 86-411-83792763

Main line for the City Police Department: 86-411-83631881

(Various wards in the Yaojia Detention Center may be reached by phone transfer from this main line.)

May 28, 2004