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Practitioners Liu Ping and Guo Jianxuan Tortured to Death at Shuangkou Labor Camp in Tianjin City

October 15, 2004 |  


Shuangkou Labor Camp in Tianjin City is an evil place where Falun Dafa practitioners are being brutally persecuted. Quite a few practitioners have been tortured to death here, including Tang Jian and Lu Dewang. Recently news came that practitioners Liu Ping and Guo Jinxuan were tortured to death here as early as in 2001.

There are five brigades in the labor camp, with Brigade One being the most evil. In April 2000, Brigade One started gang beating and shocking practitioners with electric batons. Soon other brigades followed suit. Ever since then, the labor camp has been using inhumane torture and violence against practitioners. The camp police also instigated inmates to abuse practitioners without constraint. They claimed that, "beating practitioners to death can be counted as normal death."

In May 2000, Brigade One captain Zheng Junhong, deputy captain Hu Qingyuan and Yang Junyuan colluded together and launched a one-month intensive persecution against practitioners. Every day, practitioners were forced to work for 22 hours, and allowed only 2 hours to sleep. During the day, practitioners were ordered to do heavy manual labor, such as digging ditches. At night when other inmates went to sleep, practitioners were forced to sew footballs and other labor until 4:00 in the morning. They were only allowed to sleep between 4:00 and 6:00 in the morning. Then they would be woken up to work again.

In July 2000, the police started the same torture session. This time it lasted half a month. During this time, some practitioners were savagely beaten because they fell asleep while working. Inmate Niu Chunjie was very vicious and he spared no efforts beating practitioners. Later this man developed serious hepatitis.

At the end of 2000, Brigade One police started to shock practitioners with electric batons very often. Other brigades also did the same things. During that period, no matter which brigade you passed by, you could always hear the sizzling of electric batons and the howling of the police. Lu Dewang lost his life during that period. He passed away just one day after he was released from the labor camp.

Liu Ping used to be a pilot. He earned a good income and lived a happy life. After the persecution began, he gave up his high-paying job and went around to validate Dafa. Later he was abducted and sent to Shuangkou Labor Camp Brigade One.

While in the camp, Liu Ping was forced to pick out plastics. This job required people to pick out plastics of certain colors from the trash. After each work session, practitioners were not allowed to wash their hands (there's no water at all) and they had to eat meals right away with their dirty hands. Oftentimes practitioners had to work without sleep in order to finish quotas. The meals were usually dark steamed buns and thin soup with some cabbage in it. Practitioners' family members were not allowed to see them.

Under such harsh working condition, Liu Ping collapsed. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis. After learning of this, his family members strongly request he be given medical treatment. However, the police said Song Pingshun (head of the Tianjin "610 Office") ordered not to release practitioners unless they write guarantees promising to give up Falun Gong. Liu's family requested many times and was rejected each time. In order to prevent Liu's illness from spread, the police put him in an isolated room without heating. Liu Ping had to lie on the wooden floor boards. He was given some noodles and eggs as meals.

Because of lack of health care and the harsh condition, Liu Ping's illness worsened rapidly. But he firmly refused to write a guarantee.

In the winter of 2001, Liu Ping was on the verge of death. He was in a coma. The police still refused to release him. Liu's wife, a non-practitioner, held Liu's hand and wrote a guarantee. Only until then did the police agree to release him. But their condition was to get an approval from the "610 Office." However, even before the approval was secured, Liu Ping's condition suddenly worsened one night. As soon as he was sent to the hospital, he died.

Guo Jianxuan and Liu Ping were both in Brigade One. Guo Jianxuan was forced to do the same work, picking out plastics. Because of the persecution, he developed scabies all over his body. He was also beaten very often. He was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away not long after.

Another practitioner, Zhang Yangjun, had severe kidney problem because of long-term hunger striking to protest the persecution.