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Falun Dafa Disciples in Yanshi City, Henan Province Forced to Parade Through the Street with Defamatory Placards Around Their Necks

August 07, 2003 |  


On June 28, 2000, Falun Dafa disciples Sun Yaoting, Li Miaoneng, Wang Shumin, and Zhang Sujing from Yanshi City, Henan Province were beaten and abused because they went to Beijing to appeal. They were dragged into a vehicle to be sent to the fifth police department. Then the local party secretary Li Xianguo, and secretary Zhi Yaobing of the political and legal committee took them back to their hometown police station. The two secretaries led over a dozen people to hold them tightly on the ground to kick and beat them. Sun Yaoting's kidney was injured so severely that he could not stand, and the injury caused him to urinate a large amount of blood. Finally, the men forcefully dragged them into a vehicle, and Zhi Yaobing shouted: "I will make you Falun Gong practitioners parade through the street with placards around your necks, and let you go down in history as a symbol of infamy." They wrote on the placards: "Whoever practices Falun Gong, will have his family broken up and die without sons." Under the 40oC (104o F) weather, these practitioners were forced to parade through all the streets in the village.

Aside from torturing and humiliating Dafa practitioners, Li Xianguo and Zhi Yaobing also led their accomplices to ransack practitioners' homes and take away their belongings. They stole Sun Yaoting's motorcycle, color TV, ton scales, office desks, etc. They looted the family-owned farming machine shop valued at over a hundred thousand Chinese Yuan that Li Miaoneng and her husband Zhang Jiancheng had built-up through hard work. Moreover, they rented out the 4 rooms that the couple used to run the family business. The husband, Zhang Jiangcheng, was illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor. Zhu Xianzhi had her family's color TV, sewing machine, three-wheel motorcycle, recorder, and platform scales taken away from her. Wang Shumin and Zhang Sujing's four-wheel motorcycle and wheat were also stolen.