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The Brutal Torture in the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp in Inner Mongolia, and the Unyielding Determination of Falun Dafa Practitioners Detained There (Part 1 of 2)

August 18, 2003 |  


The Tumuji Forced Labor Camp reported a profit of 5 million Yuan in 2000. The forced labor camp manages a big farm that is sub-divided into seven brigades, one prison that is separated into two districts, and two forced labor reform brigades, including a male and a female brigade. Each brigade is further divided into squadrons.

The Persecution at the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp

To try to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their belief, and to instigate practitioners to collaborate with the police, practitioners were promised that a person could go home if they "transformed" three other practitioners.

On the morning of Oct. 21, 2000, a prison guard at the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp, Yu Tao, gathered eleven of us Dafa practitioners in his office. Yu asked Wang Xiaodong if he would "be transformed or not." Wang Xiaodong said "No!" Yu Tao then slapped Xiaodong's face twice. Yu signaled to collaborator Zhang Zhihong [a former Dafa practitioners who has turned against Dafa under intense pressure and torture]. The 200-lb. Zhang Zhizhong knocked the thin Wang Xiaodong to the ground with a single kick and kicked Mr. Wang back and forth on the ground. Then Zhang jumped into the air and stomped hard on Wang's body so that Mr. Wang could no longer move. Tian Fujin, a fellow practitioner, went forward to restrain Zhang Zhihong, but Wang Xiaodong had already passed out. Yu Tao ordered cold water to be splashed on Mr. Wang's face, but it failed to wake him up. Then, two people helped Mr. Wang to walk back and forth in the room.

On the morning of November 23, 2000, prison guard Su Hong asked practitioner Wang Xiaodong whether practicing Falun Gong was against the Communist Party. Mr. Wang replied, "No." Su Hong knocked Wang Xiaodong to the ground with one kick and shocked his mouth with an electric baton. Wang Xiaodong's mouth was badly swollen due to the shocking, and was covered with blisters and deformed due to the inflammation. He could barely eat even after one month.

After the Chinese New Year of 2001, the prison guards ordered Dafa practitioners to watch the staged "self-immolation incident" on TV. Everybody was ordered talk about his or her experience and the talk was recorded. By this time, the majority of those practitioners who had previously succumbed to the evil realized that what they did was wrong. So they wrote a Solemn Statement to declare that their words and deeds under forced brainwashing are null and void. In response, the prison guards transferred the practitioners to other brigades and forced us to do hard labor. We were forced to dig holes for 11 to 12 hours on hot summer days. Many practitioners' feet became swollen after a few days of hard labor. Under the close watch of Yu Tao and Bao Xiaoqing (criminal offenders in charge of Falun Gong practitioners) and Ren Guolong (criminal offender in charge of forced labor), the practitioners who remained determined to practice Falun Dafa were forced to do hard labor the very next day after they were sent to the labor camp.

On May 19, 2001, the prison guards gathered all the Dafa practitioners into a tightly controlled brigade. On May 20, prison guard Su Hong came to give a lecture. He said they were going to " rule with an iron fist." Suddenly, Su shouted loudly to Wang Xiaodong, ordering him to stand up. Then he asked what Mr. Wang was doing with his eyes closed. Wang said that he was silently reciting Falun Dafa teachings. Su then forced Mr. Wang to stand in the hallway as punishment. Then Su asked if there was anyone else who did not want to attend his lecture. We all raised our hands. At this moment, we heard Wang Liwei, a prison guard, beating Wang Xiaodong outside. We went outside and tried to stop it. Practitioner Wang Zhichen, pointing to Wang Xiaodong who had been beaten up, asked the prison guard why he beat Mr. Wang. Wang Liwei replied, "Does this count as beating people?" As he was saying this, he was pushing and beating Wang Zhichen. Later, Wang Xiaodong was confined to a small cell. Wang Zhichen was brought to the office by guard Zhi Wenqi. There, Zhi Wenqi forcefully grabbed Mr. Wang's throat and shouted, "I am the devil!" He choked Wang Zhichen so hard that Wang could not breathe. Later, Wang Zhichen was also confined to a small cell. We all started a hunger strike to protest.

The following day, the Party Secretary of the labor camp, Zhu Jijun, and a head of a division gathered Dafa practitioners into a big hall. Zhu Jijun said it was okay to recite Teacher Li's articles as long as it did not interfere with others. Practitioner Wang Zhanshan asked: "Wang Xiaodong was reciting silently and did not interfere with others at all. Why was Wang confined in a small cell?" For this, Wang Zhanshan was sent to a small cell for confinement. Later, practitioner Tian Fujin was also confined in a small room. All the other practitioners started to walk toward the small confinement rooms. The guards immediately blocked our way. Then, guard Zhang Yaguang forced practitioners to stand in lines outside without moving. Practitioner Liu Yuchai started to recite Falun Dafa teachings, while the other practitioners sat down. Shan Xiaochen started to lead us to recite Teacher's poems. We recited Teacher's poems loudly one after the other. The scene was magnificent and dignified.

They locked Shan Xiaocheng in a small cell. However, the sound of practitioners reciting Teacher's poems never stopped. Each time we recited the poems, they would shut the practitioner who led the group into a small confined cell. Finally, they called the criminal offenders in the labor camp to disperse the practitioners. They forced everybody to stand far away from each other, without moving. Each practitioner was watched by a criminal offender and was prohibited from reciting Falun Dafa teachings or doing the exercises. Whoever recited Dafa teachings or did the exercises was beaten, kicked, dragged into a room, and handcuffed.

The small confinement cells were prepared beforehand. All the bed planks were removed and the floor was covered with water. Wang Xiaodong, Wang Zhichen, and others were handcuffed in such small rooms for several days. There were four confinement rooms, each holding two to four practitioners.

In the afternoons, practitioners were taken out of the confinement room to be tortured separately. Yang Zhiqiang and Zhao Honghai were in the First Brigade; Wang Zhanxiang and Yang Dong were in the Second Brigade; Tian Fujin, Liu Yucai, and Wang Xiaodong were in the Third Brigade. All other practitioners were in the Fourth Brigade (the tightly controlled brigade). In the tightly controlled brigade, practitioners were forced to eat or they were handcuffed onto bed frames, luggage racks, or window frames. Li Yi and Wang Zhichen had passed out from the pain of the tight handcuffs. Wang Xiaodong in the Third Brigade was handcuffed to a bed frame that was over 6 ft. tall and was deprived of sleep for the whole night. The perpetrator Zhong (in the Second Brigade) hung Wang Zhanxiang by his arms from a bed frame until Mr. Wang fainted. Mr. Wang was woken up with cold water and suspended from the bed frame again until he fainted. Mr. Wang was tortured this way repeatedly. Further, he was forced to sleep on the wet floor. The perpetrator Bai in the First Brigade tortured Zhao Honghai so severely that Mr. Zhao lost control of his bowels and bladder.

On the morning of May 31, prison guard Zhang Yaguang saw Shan Xiaochen, who had been on a hunger strike for 11 days, lying down, so the guard started to shout and beat Shan. Perpetrator Bai hung Shan from a bed frame until Shan fainted. On the sixth day after Shan Xiaochen resumed eating, he was forced to load and unload sand; on the tenth day, he was forced to dig a farm field. Because of extreme weakness, Shan could not work fast, so the prison guards beat him violently.

In late June of 2001, Chen Gang requested to practice the Falun Gong exercises; he was handcuffed and hung from the luggage rails in the storage room for over 20 days. His feet started to swell. Upon the request of other people, he was finally allowed to sit on a piece of wood plank approximately a foot long, placed between luggage rails.

On July 20, 2001, Shan Xiaochen and Yang Zhiqiang were handcuffed and hung from a bed frame for 35 days for requesting to do the Falun Gong exercises. Wang Zhanxiang and Yang Dong were hung up for 30 days.

List of Falun Gong Practitioners Illegally Detained during the Early Stages of the Persecution

  1. Ma Tingshun, male.
  2. Ma Bannian, male.
  3. Liu Zhanyu, male; sentenced to two years in prison, release date November 28, 2002; his term was extended by one month.
  4. Liu Yucai, male; sentenced to two years in prison, release date November 28, 2002.
  5. Tian Fujin, male, 50 years old; sentenced to three years in prison, release date July 1, 2001. Mr. Tian was transferred to the Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp.
  6. Liu Tiancheng, male, 48 years old; sentenced to three years, release date March 15, 2001.
  7. Liu Zichen, male; sentenced to one year, release date August 14, 2002.
  8. Wang Jianhua, male, 49 years old; sentenced to 2 years, release date November 28, 2001; Mr. Wang's sentence was extended by 20 days.
  9. Wang Xiaodong, male, 23 years old; sentenced to 1 year, release date July 10, 2001. His sentence was extended 10 months.
  10. Zhao Honghai, male 32 years old; sentenced to 1 year, release date July 18, 2001. Mr. Zhao's sentence was extended 20 days.
  11. Shan Xiaochen, male, 32 year old; sentenced to three years, release date December 6, 2002. Mr. Shan's sentence was extended 2 months.
  12. Yang Dong, male, 33 years old; sentenced to three years.
  13. Wang Hai, male; sentenced to three years.
  14. Li Yi, male; sentenced to two years, release date November 28, 2002. His sentence was extended by 1 month.
  15. Xu Qian, male, 32 years old; sentenced to 2 years.
  16. Pan Zhenqi, male; sentenced to 1 year, release date February 14, 2002.
  17. Liu Yongju, male; sentenced to 2 years.
  18. Li Mingjun, male; sentenced to 1 year, release date in 2001.
  19. Li Zhiguo, male; sentenced to 2 years, release date December 4, 2002. Mr. Li's sentence was extended 50 days.
  20. Gao Shimin, male, 36 years old; sentenced to 1 year, release date October 2001.
  21. Jiang Xuenong, male 43 years old; sentenced to 2 years, release date June 28, 2002.
  22. Wang Zhanxiang, male, 31 years old; sentenced to 3 years.
  23. Ma Tiankui, male, 38 years old; sentenced to 3 years.
  24. Chen Guoxiang, male; sentenced to 3 years.
  25. Chen Yujin, male, 24 years old; sentenced to 3 years.
  26. Wang Xiaodong, male, 30 years old; sentenced to 2 years, release date July 23, 2001.
  27. Wang Zhanshan, male, 36 years old; sentenced to 3 years, release date July 5, 2002.
  28. Zhang Hongzhi, male, 35 years old; sentenced to 3 years, release date March 15, 2001.
  29. Chen Gang, male, 24 years old; sentenced to 3 years, transferred to the Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp.
  30. Li Chunhua, male; sentenced to 1 year, release date in 2001.
  31. Jiang Weizhong, male; sentenced to 1 year, release date February 2002.
  32. Wang Zhankun, male, 50 years old; sentenced to 1 year, release date February 28, 2002.
  33. Wang Zhichen, male, 33 years old; sentenced to 2 years, release date July 18, 2002.
  34. Zhang Jitian, male; sentenced to 2 years, release date November 28, 2002.
  35. Wei Yunhai, male; sentenced to 2 years, release date December 5, 2002.
  36. Li Fudong, male; sentenced to 3 years.
  37. Liu Guixiang, male; sentenced to 2 years.
  38. Ma Liang, male; sentenced to 2 years.
  39. Wan Jun, male.
  40. Yang Zhiqiang, male; sentenced to 3 years.
  41. Liu Dehua, male.
  42. Zhong Yongjiang, male; sentenced to 3 years.
  43. Jia Dongwei.

List of Perpetrators

Zhu Jijun, Party Secretary of the forced labor camp, in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong, now retired.

Jiao Fuyou, Head of the Labor Reform Division; now Vice Director in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong.

Zhang Yaguang, Vice Leader of the Male Labor Reform Brigade, promoted to Vice Head of the Labor Reform Division.

Wang Liwei, Managerial Clerk in the Male Labor Reform Brigade, now Vice Head and Managerial Clerk.

Su Hong, Education Clerk; nearly died due to a heart attack in August 2002, now transferred to the School of the Forced Labor Camp.

Zhi Wenqi, Vice Head of the Special Squadron that adopted a harsh policy toward Falun Gong practitioners; transferred to a newly established camp for young offenders in Huhehaote City, Inner Mongolia.

Chen Qiang, succeeded Zhi Wenqi's position as the Vice Head of the Special Squadron.

Meng Qingcai, Vice Head of the Third Squadron.

Nie, Second Squadron.

Wang Yiping, First Squadron.

Yu Tao, guard in the Special Squadron, now being laid off.

Huang Po, guard in the Special Squadron.

Luo Jinrong, guard in the Third Squadron.

Liu Xiaofeng, guard in the Third Squadron.

On July 22, 2001, the authorities held a meeting. They transferred Dafa disciples Fujing Tian, Gang Chen and others they considered to be leaders to the Wuyuan Labor Camp. All other practitioners attending the meeting were subjected to a mandatory body search. To exercise strict control over Falun Gong practitioners, each practitioner was paired with a labor camp prisoner, and every four practitioners was allocated to one prison guard. Before entering the meeting hall, the former chief of survey and education section threatened practitioners, loudly zapping an electric baton, while telling them he had prepared a pair of handcuffs for every practitioner. The speakers included representatives from China Central TV Station, the Inner Mongolia TV Station, a Supervisor from the Inner Mongolia Police Station, the Labor Camp Station Chief Wu Li Jie and other relevant people. They recorded a video to "prove" their "success in converting Falun Gong practitioners" to the public, despite the fact that not one single male Falun Gong practitioner had made any compromise or renounced his belief at the time.

On August 24th, 2001, Falun Gong practitioners Yang Zhiqiang, Wang Zhanxiang, Yang Dong, Li Fudong, Li Chunhua, and others from the No 2 team began a hunger strike in protest of the team's painting exhibition that defamed Falun Gong. After 6 days of hunger strike, Wang Liwei told them the exhibition was over; but that evening at dinner, everyone saw that the paintings were still displayed. Wang Zhanxiang, Yang Zhiqiang and others went to remove the paintings, but were taken by the prison guard Zhi Wenqi.to solitary confinement after taking down just one painting. [The detainee is individually locked up in a very small cell. The guards handcuff practitioners on their back in a fixed position, preventing both movement and lying down. The cell is very damp with no sunlight, and detainees have to urinate and defecate in the cell, causing a stench that makes it difficult to breathe. Detainees are given only half of a regular meal during the day, and visited by rats at night.]

Dan Xiaochen, who had just endured a six-day hunger strike, was taken from the cell by Zhang Yaguang, Wang Liwei and a prison supervisor. Zhang Yaguang pushed him to the wall, banging his head against it repeatedly, while taunting him: "I am not beating you right? You are hurting yourself." Prison guard Wang Liwei tortured him with the electric baton while asking: "Do you still want to tear up the paintings?" When Dan Xiaochen replied: "Yes, I do." Wang Liwei roared: "I will show you to be tough." He shocked Dan repeatedly on the mouth, back of the ear, neck and body. After half an hour of torture, Dan was returned to the small cell. Zhang Yaguang shouted: "Hang him up!" Luo Jinrong tied Dan Xiaochen to the heating pipe, making any movement other than raising the arms and sitting on the floor impossible. Zhang Yaguang came in to the small cell to check the situation himself. Wang Zhanxiang and Yang Zhiqiang were also assaulted with the electric baton.

To be continued...