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Police in Yushu City, Jilin Province Continue to Wantonly Abduct and Torture Dafa Practitioners

August 12, 2003 |  


In March 2002, the military cordoned off all of Yushu City in Jilin Province. The police illegally arrested Dafa practitioners, and thoroughly searched every place they had been. On the first day alone, 29 Dafa practitioners, including Xu Xiuhui, Wang Yurong (female), Zhang Huayun, and Zheng Fuxiang, were sentenced to "re-education through labor" at the forced labor camp. Cui Shangyun, Yang Daguang, Wang Shuqin (female), Li Lin, Feng Lijun, Yu Donghui, Guo Shuxue, Lu Shuhua (female) and many other practitioners were taken away. In August 2002, police again illegally arrested Yang Zhanjiu, Liu Dajun, Zhang Xiuli (female), Ren Chunying (female), Yun Qingbin, Liu Guanqun and two other practitioners. Yushu City Public Security Bureau illegally seized Dafa practitioners' substantial property.

Around 7 pm on March 1, 2003, Zhengyang local police station arrested Dafa practitioners Liu Huijun, Zhang Yajie, Li Xiujuan (female), Fan Huifang (female), and confiscated Liu Huijun's home. They took away valuable property, such as a stamp album and money, then they monitored Liu's home, and arrested Guo Shuxue, Fan Yuqin (female), Chen Shujie, Su Yucai, Gao Xiuqin (female), Ren Chunying (female), Lu Shulin and other practitioners. On the same night, the Yushu City Public and Security Bureau tortured Li Xiujuan (female) and Fan Huifang (female) so badly, that their entire bodies were full of black and blue bruises.

On March 3, No. 1 division of Changchun City Public and Security Bureau and Yushu City Political Security Office illegally interrogated Zhang Yujie and Liu Huijun for more than 26 hours, and Chen Shujie for 16 to 17 hours at the detention center. It was called "interrogation", but actually consisted of brutal beatings and extorting confessions through torture. On March 28, Dafa practitioners Guo Shuxue, Fan Yaqin (female), Chen Shujie, Gao Xiuqin (female) and Ren Chunying (female) were illegally sent to Changchun City's Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp, and Su Yucai was sent to Jiutai City's Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp. On April 15, Dafa practitioner Liu Huijun walked out of the forced labor camp with righteous thoughts.

Currently, Yushu City detention center is still illegally detaining Dafa practitioners, including Yang Zhanjiu, Wang Shiqin (female), Feng Lijun, Liu Guanqun, Yang Daguang, Xiao Xu and Xu Hongbo. They have been detained for over 8 months.