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Remembering Fellow Practitioner Wang Kemin

June 24, 2003 |   By a practitioner from China


When I first heard that Wang Kemin had been passed away due to the persecution he had suffered, it was truly difficult to accept the grave news.

I met Wang Kemin in July of last year. His carefree, humorous personality and his smile made him extremely approachable. After knowing him for two months, and experiencing his selflessness and care for others, our own shortcomings became apparent. Wang Kemin was always busy with deliveries of Dafa materials, but he often thought of his fellow practitioners. At that time I was forced to leave my home due to the persecution, and did not have many personal belongings. When he noticed my disheveled clothes, he looked for clothing from other practitioners for me to wear. Although this was a small thing, it showed his great compassion.

He once related his experiences of being subjected to the persecution. To coerce him to reveal the origin of the Dafa materials, several policemen brutally beat him at the same time, and his nose was broken during the beating. Wang Kemin said, "The evil will not get a single word from me. For the sake of 'Zhen' (Truthfulness) I can give up my life. The more they beat me, the more steadfast I become. My only purpose is to uphold Dafa!"

Even when he was on hunger strike, and during his most painful hardships, Wang Kemin still tirelessly spread Dafa and clarified the truth to the prison inmates. His righteous thoughts and righteous actions, his determination for Dafa, and his character won the respect of policemen and inmates alike.

Wang Kemin often sang songs composed by Dafa practitioners when we he had some free time. His moving voice still resonates in my ears as if it was yesterday. Do not worry, my good fellow practitioner. We will steadfastly finish our sacred responsibilities of rectifying the Fa with Master!