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Teacher's Immense Compassion and Forgiveness

June 18, 2003 |  

June 6, 2003


In the summary of 1999, I went to the Appeals Bureau to obtain justice for Falun Dafa and I was locked up in a detention center. Later on I was taken to the local police station. At that time I did not understand the Fa enough and only felt that I didn't do anything wrong by practicing Falun Gong. While in the detention center, I heard from other practitioners that we should not "sign our name" (giving up cultivation).

After being locked up for a few days, I decided to "sign my name" because I had shallow understanding of Dafa and I had no one with whom to share experiences. I felt that after signing my name I could still continue to practice and they would not be able to control me. I begged Master Li to help me to keep the books. I said silently, "Please Master Li, protect Dafa's book." I then asked the person who was in charge of monitoring me to bring me my Dafa books. That person actually did what I asked.

After being back home for a long time, I saw practitioners' solemn declarations and realized that I was wrong. It was a big stain on my cultivation. Thinking back, I knew I was wrong. Master Li forgave me with his immense compassion and helped me to retain my Dafa books and materials. I could not stop my tears.