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Police Attempt to Coerce Family Members to Make a False Statement Following the Murder of Dafa Practitioner Wang Baoxian by the Fuyu Forced Labor Camp, Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province (phone numbers included)

June 16, 2003 |  

June 7, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Wang Baoxian was beaten to death in the autumn of 2002 at the Fuyu Forced Labor Camp. Afterwards, police from the Tongdong Road Police Station in that area coerced his family members to write a statement saying that he died of a liver disease and not from brutal beating. If his family refused to write such a statement, Wang's child would be forbidden to attend school. Wang's family members resolutely refused. Eventually, someone from his work unit wrote the false statement.

Wang Baoxian was 42 years old and employed as an engineer at a car manufacturing factory in the city. He went to Beijing to validate the Fa in 1999. After he returned he was constantly persecuted, until the police finally tortured him to death.

The torture methods that the Fuyu Forced Labor Camp guards use on Dafa practitioners are extremely cruel. In 2002, it was said that the police there used torture devices on steadfast Dafa practitioners every day.

Telephone No. for the Fuyu Forced Labor camp: 86-452-3123268, 86-452-3123712