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Dafa Practitioner Sun Junxian Dies at the Hands of Police

May 05, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Mr. Sun Junxian, 31, was a college graduate from Zhuanglang County, Gansu Province. On February 19, 2003, officers from the Railway Police Bureau in Beijing illegally detained him when he passed through Beijing on a trip for work. In the early morning of February 25, the police from Zhuanglang County, Gansu Province escorted him home, but Sun Junxian died on the trip. The police claimed that Sun Junxian committed suicide by jumping off the train. However, Mr. Sun's injuries are not at all consistent with this claim.

According to internal information from the police department, Sun Junxian was detained in Beijing by the Railway Police Bureau on February 19. Luo Ming, deputy chief from Zhuanglang County Police Department, Li Wei, National Security section chief, Fu Jianhua and Zhao Dong from the county "610 Office"* and Sun Laishun from the township Party Committee went to Beijing to pick up Sun Junxian. In the afternoon of February 24, they took Sun Junxian from the Railway Police Bureau. At that time Sun Junxian had been on hunger strike for five days. Sun Junxian ate a bowl of noodles after they picked him up. That same evening they took the express train to return to Zhuanglang County. On the train, Sun Junxian was handcuffed the whole time, and he was unlocked only when he went to the restroom. When he was unlocked, officers were with him at all times. From Beijing to Zhenzhou City, officers Fu and Sun watched Sun Junxian. They arrived at Zhenzhou City around midnight.

From Zhenzhou City to Xi'an City, police officers Luo Ming and Li Wei monitored Sun Junxian. Sun Junxian slept on the upper bunk, and officer Li Wei slept on the lower bunk. Next to them, police officer Sun slept on the upper bunk and Luo Ming slept on the lower bunk. Fu went to another part of the train after he was relieved. At 4:00 a.m. on February 25, Luo Ming called the Zhuanglang County Police Department and said, "Sun Junxian jumped off the train while passing through Lingbao, Henan Province."

In the evening of February 25, ten people from Zhuanglang County "610 Office" and the police department, along with Sun Junxian's father, went to Lingbao, arriving in the afternoon of February 26. In an empty field near Lingbao Railway Hospital, they saw Sun Junxian's body along with his baggage.

On February 28, a medical examiner from Lingbao Railway Hospital came to perform an autopsy. The basic findings were the following: there were two pronounced indentations on the top of his head, with diameters of around 1.5 cm, approximately 4 cm. apart, and there were traces of blood near the indentations. The occipital bone in the back of the head was caved in. The face and facial organs were intact. The lower back area showed an embedded rock with a diameter of around 5 cm. The left leg was fractured in two places near the kneecap; the muscles above and below the broken bone were still connected but were not swollen. The right leg had no fracture and was basically intact; however, it was swollen and covered with black and blue marks.

The local police said that several train-jumping accidents had happened here. Most of the victims had fractured skulls and other injuries. It was unusual for Sun Junxian's body to be relatively intact.

Let us take a look at what the people who escorted Sun Junxian had to say:

While in Lingbao, police officer Luo Ming said to the personnel from Zhuanglang County who dealt with this incident, "Sun Junxian drank water several times at 12:00 a.m. He was in good condition. I don't know when he left. Maybe he jumped off the train from the restroom." Then he changed his story and said, "Sun Junxian pushed open the window and jumped. If we knew that, we would have put handcuffs and shackles on him, then he wouldn't have died."

After returning to Zhuanglang County, officers Luo Ming and Li Wei reported to the police department, "The two of us didn't leave our post. We stood near the bed next to the restroom. Sun Junxian suddenly jumped out of the restroom." Police officer Sun said to people, "I was in charge from Beijing to Zhenzhou, and during that time Sun Junxian was fine. I don't know what happened after that."

There are several suspicious points in the police statement:

1. Sun Junxian was in handcuffs at all times and he was only unlocked when using the restroom. When he used the restroom, the police on duty watched him constantly. The window in the restroom is 1.4 m high above the floor and the lower window is fixed, so he could only open the upper window. He would have had to climb up to the window and jump out with the policemen present. Even if he did jump out through the window, he would have had to go out headfirst. With the high speed of the train, his skull should have been fractured, yet, on autopsy, his head was basically intact. The doctor confirmed that he fell, facing up. Even if he jumped, he definitely would not have had a chance to take his baggage with him.

2. If he fell face up, where did the two indentations come from? They are each 1.5 cm. in diameter and 4 cm. apart. They're much more likely to be the result of being struck by something.

3. Sun Junxian's right leg was basically intact, yet it was badly swollen, and the skin was black and purple. The left leg was broken and dislocated yet it was not swollen. The state of two legs suggests that the right leg was injured while Sun Junxian was alive, and the left leg was broken after his death.

From the injuries on Sun Junxian's body, it is very likely that he died from being struck by the police on top of the head during a beating. From the injuries on the right leg, it seems apparent that the police hit Sun Junxian's right leg many times before he died, and then they struck Sun Junxian's head, killing him with the blows. After Sun died, the police tried to cover up their crime and threw the body out of the window facing up, and then tossed out his baggage. After they created the scene, the police called the railway personnel and authorities from Zhuanglang County Police Department.

According to inside sources at the police department, after this incident, eight Dafa practitioners in Zhuanglang County were illegally detained for 20 days and other practitioners were under strict watch. The county government sent three officials to monitor Sun Junxian's home, and they forbade Sun Junxian's parents to have outside contact. They strictly blocked the information regarding his death.

It was also reported that the authorities spread a rumor on Zhuanglang County's television station that Sun Junxian was connected with the explosions at Qinghua University and Peking University. We all know that the criminals responsible for the explosion were later discovered, and it had nothing to do with Dafa practitioners. Dafa practitioners absolutely would not do anything harmful to the safety and interest of the society and others. This is yet another attempt by the authorities to cover up their crimes after murdering an innocent practitioner.

Zhuanglang County Party Committee phone number: 86-933-662-1101

Zhuanglang County head: Song Quanke

Zhuanglang County Disciplinary Committee Secretary: Zhang Jinlu

Zhuanglang County Government phone number: 86-933-662-1151, 86-933-662-1211

Zhuanglang County Police Department phone number: 86-933-662-1571

Zhuanglang County Police Department deputy chief: Luo Ming

National Security Section chief: Li Wei

Zhuanglang County Judiciary Bureau phone number: 86-933-662-1677

Zhuanglang County Inspection Bureau phone number: 86-933-662-1120

Zhuanglang County Security Surveillance Bureau phone number: 86-933-662-4026

* The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

May 1, 2003