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No Persecution Can Shake My Determination to Practice Falun Dafa

May 10, 2003 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner from Liaoning Province, China


The following is what a Dafa practitioner in Liaoning Province has witnessed and experienced. It shows us how Jiang's regime persecutes Falun Gong practitioners. This practitioner was illegally arrested and sent to the Guangming Police Substation in Jizhuo District, Dalian City, where police beat and shocked her with electric batons so that her whole body was covered with bruises. She was later sent to a forced labor camp where she witnessed how police beat, force-fed, and used instruments of torture to persecute practitioners. None of this can shake her determination in truly cultivating herself and becoming a better person.

In June of 2001, while I was distributing truth-clarification materials in the countryside, someone reported me to the police, and I was arrested. Other practitioners who were arrested along with me include Ms. Yang Lixia, Mr. Meng, and Ms. Zhang. The driver of the police car and the person who reported us punched and kicked Meng. They also hit Meng in the head so hard that he became unconsciousness and lost his memory for a long time. Meng was illegally sentenced to one-year of forced labor and is now imprisoned at the Dalian Detention Center.

Yang Lixia, Zhang, and I were illegally sentenced to two years of "reeducation through labor." Eventually I was sent home under house arrest due to illness, but Yang and Zhang were sent to the Masanjia Female Forced Labor Camp. On the way to Masanjia , Zhang managed to escape by jumping down from a high place, but was badly injured. She lost consciousness but later recovered. Yang is still being detained at the Masanjia Labor Camp.

While I was detained in the labor camp, I met a Dafa practitioner with the last name of Tan, who was arrested while she was spreading the Fa. She refused to write her name on the interrogation record and, for this she was cruelly tortured by two policewomen. Her feet and hands were handcuffed to a window. One officer used an electric baton to shock under her armpits while another used a dumbbell to hit her feet. Her feet turned purple and were so swollen so that she was not able to walk. Her armpits were covered with over 40 bruises due to the electric shocks. Two police also dragged her and slammed her onto a table, causing a 10 by 20 cm bruise in the middle of her chest, right over her heart. Since that time she often experiences heart palpitations. Although her entire body would shake and she frequently spit up blood, the police just left her unattended in the cell. Dafa practitioners asked the police several times to send her to a hospital, but they paid no attention to the requests, and kept Tan in detention.

One day at midnight, the head of a village led over ten police officers on a raid of Sun Lunxiang's home. They jumped over the wall of her yard, broke open the door, and forced Sun into a police car. Because they even didn't even allow Sun to put on her clothes, she was dressed only in her underwear. Her husband was not at home that night, so her two young daughters were extremely frightened and cried for the police not to take their mother away. The events of that night deeply hurt these young girls.

Dafa practitioner Sun Ping was arrested by plainclothes police while she was telling people the truth about Dafa. Her husband works in another city, and her arrest left their sick child unattended. Sun Ping herself was tortured with an electric baton and physical beatings.

Dafa practitioner Han Runzhi was arrested while she was sending out truth-clarification materials. In the detention center, the police discovered that using an electric baton to shock her had no affect. The police then used the electric baton to ruthlessly beat her arms and legs, covering them with black and purple bruises.

In the detention center, the guards forced us to do labor, sometime for as long as 17-18 hours a day. If anyone refused to do the labor, they would use a special torture instrument, an iron frame 40 cm long and 30 cm wide to which our hands and feet would be handcuffed as a torture. Dafa practitioners Yin Baolan, Sun Lunxiang, and Han Guizhi were all tortured with this instrument.

Yin Baolan, Sun Lunxiang, Han Guizhi, and I held a hunger strike. On the fifth day of the strike, a female guard Liu Hong brought four or five policeman and two male criminals to our cell. Liu ordered the two criminals to drag me out to be force-fed. I warned them sternly, "Don't touch me!" They right away drew back their hands. Liu screamed at them to force them to drag me out, but they didn't budge. When Liu then used a bamboo stick to strike me, other practitioners came forward to protect me. Some went forward to fend off the bamboo stick while others held on to me and wouldn't allow the police to take me out. I saw police beat Yin Baolan's face and head and kick her from a wooden bed to the floor. I used all my strength to resist them, but at last I was dragged to the detention center clinic. Four thugs forced me onto a stool and broke one of my teeth while prying my mouth open. When the doctor inserted a rubber tube into my esophagus, it pressed against my trachea so that I almost lost my breath. It took me a long time to be able to breathe normally. After the guards force-fed me, the two criminals dragged me back to the cell. Then in turn they force-fed Yin Baolan, Sun Lunxiang, and Han Guizhi. We maintained our hunger strike for over two weeks. My health became very poor during that period. Three times I asked them to send me to a hospital for an examination, but they declined. Later, my family members sought out the head of the detention center and demanded that I be sent to a hospital. They warned that the detention center would bear full responsibility if anything happened to me. Under pressure from my family members, they had to send me to a hospital. The results of the examination showed that I had serious heart and kidney problems. The doctor said my life would have been in danger if the exam had been even slightly delayed and asked that I be immediately hospitalized. I declined. Later my family members managed to get me out under a condition of house arrest due to my health problems.

After I got out of the detention center, I returned to my job. Because I insisted on practicing Falun Gong, however, my employer fired me.

April 27, 2003