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Events Leading up to Falun Dafa Practitioner Li Junchen's Death

April 30, 2003 |  


Mr. Li Junchen, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Zhoukou City, Henan Province was tortured to death by those people working for Zhoukou City "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems], the Political Security Section of the Public Security Department of Zhoukou City, and some of the staff members from the Shucai Township government.

Mr. Li Junchen, male, age 46, was a resident of the Sixth Unit in West Yangzhuang Village, Shucai Town in Zhoukou City, Henan Province. Before Mr. Li started practicing Falun Gong, he suffered from liver cancer and the doctors said that he could only live for a maximum period of three months. In March 1999, he happily came to learn Falun Dafa. After a few months of practice, a miracle happened -- his liver cancer had disappeared. Deep down he knew that this was due to Dafa and from then on knew its preciousness. Since July 20, 1999, even though Jiang's political gang had been brutally persecuting Falun Dafa from this time period, he strongly believed in Falun Dafa and practiced diligently at home.

On January 24, 2000, while studying the teachings of Falun Dafa with five other practitioners in a practitioner's home in Zhoukou City Sand Factory, some vicious people reported them to the police. On the same day, He Wei, the chief of Zhoukou Sand Factory Police Substation, and a few other policemen arrested the practitioners and took them to the Zhoukou City Police Department. The police are so inhumane that even a practitioner who was in his 70s was sent to a detention center. Mr. Li Junchen and the others were detained in Zhoukou City Detention Center and Shangshui Detention Center. In the detention center, they were not allowed to have a full meal and were forced to carry out physical labor for over ten hours. They also had to be on duty for two hours each night, and were often beaten and cursed by the other prisoners. Not until his family members spent over 2,000 Yuan [An urban employee's monthly salary is about 500 Yuan] was Mr. Li able to go home.

On January 24, 2001, the party secretary An Shoucheng and Li Yulai abducted Mr. Li Junchen from his home without any legal procedures or legal documents. They then detained him in the village office and guarded him around the clock. After three months detention, under the order from Li Yuzheng, the head of the city's Political and Security Section, Liu Yingdong, Gao Feng and Huang Jinqi, the Shucai Township Communist Party Secretary (last name Hai) forcibly sent Mr. Li to the brainwashing center organized by the Zhoukou City "610 Office" and continued to persecute him. The people in charge of the brainwashing centers included the Communist Party Political and Legislation Secretary Wang Jianguo, the cities "610 Office" head Chang Yaping, and the political and legislation task force head Huang Jinqi. They ordered the president and lecturers from the Party School to conduct brainwashing sessions every day. They forced practitioners to watch videotapes and books that slandered Falun Dafa and Teacher Li. They also forced them to write statements and stories that were against Dafa. Thirteen practitioners who were illegally detained together spread the principles of Falun Gong and clarified the true facts to those who tried to brainwash them. At the end, those people said, "Every Falun Gong practitioner talks so reasonably and convincingly, we don't dare to try to 'reform' you anymore." A vicious person named Huang Jinqi heard that before Mr. Li practiced Falun Gong he suffered from liver disease. However, Mr. Li looked ruddy healthy. Huang clamored, "Li Junchen, I will send you to forced labor camp by any possible means." At this time Mr. Li was in very good health but Wang Jianguo and Huang Jinqi insisted that Mr. Li had a problem with his health. One day they drove Mr. Li to a hospital to undergo some so called "examinations" and later spread a rumor saying, "You all said that practicing Falun Gong would result in the curing of diseases. Then why can one see black spots on Li Junchen's liver?" But when the practitioners asked to see the X-ray photo of Mr. Li, they just refused to show it to them. Their effort to brainwash the practitioners ended with failure within two months.

Mr. Li Junchen was illegally detained in the cities detention center for holding on to his belief in the principles of Falun Gong. The living condition in the detention center was very bad, yet he still went on a hunger strike fro eight days to protest against the illegal persecution. The food there was poorly sanitized and wasn't even thoroughly cooked. He had to sleep on the floor [usually concrete which is both hard and cold] for a long period of time and was kept in the dark without any natural light all day. After over 20 days of being illegally detained, he started to suffer from diarrhea. More than a month later, he gradually became thinner and thinner and his health was steadily deteriorating. However, the public security guards Gao Fen and Huang Jingqi and the chief of detention center Dou Yankui, turned a blind eye to Li's suffering. Finally, Li's family members spent more than 700 Yuan and Li went back on September 20, 2001. However, due to the long term threats, harassment, several periods of been illegally detained and the financial burden, on November 20, this healthy man lost his precious life due to Jiang's brutal persecution against Falun Gong and Falun Gong practitioners.