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In the Face of Brutal Beatings and Cruel Tortures, Overcoming Difficult Obstacles with Righteous Thoughts and Actions

April 20, 2003 |  


These are the experiences of a Falun Dafa practitioner from Sichuan Province during Fa-rectification. This practitioner has been arrested many times. Although she has suffered from all kinds of tortures, she has been determined to refute all the arrangements of the old forces. For example, she kept on doing Falun Dafa exercises and studying the Fa. She escaped from handcuffs many times with righteous thoughts. She denied all forms of propaganda that defamed Falun Dafa. Together with other practitioners, she tried to improve the environment with righteous thoughts. To protest the illegal detention she went on a hunger strike for 89 days.

Since the persecution began, I have been detained and tortured many times for defending Falun Dafa.

In November 1999, I was arrested for going to Beijing to appeal. The police officers hit my nose and cheeks with a wooden stick until my face became swollen and purple. Later I was taken to the Beijing liaison office of Sichuan Province. The police beat us again for reciting "Lunyu" [preface of Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Gong] in unison. I stood up many times and was beaten down to the ground each time. My neck was injured, and I still have difficulty moving my head or turning over in bed.

When I went again to Beijing to defend Falun Dafa in January 2000, I was arrested in Tiananmen Square. The police bureau of Jianyang City illegally detained me and sentenced me to one year in a labor camp. On March 1, 2000, I was taken to the Nanmusi Female Labor Camp, Zizhong City, Sichuan Province. In the 3rd squadron, a leader with a last name that sounds like "Zhan" prohibited us from practicing Falun Dafa exercises or studying the Fa. Every morning, other practitioners in the squadron and I would go to the exercise field to do Falun Dafa exercises together. The police officers and the drug addicts from the Civilian Affairs Committee would beat us with their fists and boots. Everyday we would do the exercises and everyday they would beat us. Sometimes, they would pour a barrel of cold water on us. Sometimes, they would take us to the bathroom and force us to sit on the bathroom floor, which was flooded with urine. Oftentimes after beating us brutally, they would drag us by our hair or by the foot down the stone stairs of the exercise field and then drag us all the way upstairs to lock us in our bedrooms. Sometimes, after all the staff of the labor camp had reported to work in the morning, people from the Civilian Affairs Committee would come to our bedrooms to brutally beat us. Several people took turns slapping me on my cheeks and ears and kicking my legs. After knocking me to floor they would stand on my legs and jump up and down. They trampled on me as hard as they could. In addition, they tied me up to the metal bed with a thin string. Once, when a person from the Civilian Affairs Committee forgot to lock the bedroom door, I quickly ran down to the exercise field and sat down to do the Falun Gong sitting meditation. They found me shortly afterwards and pushed me down the stone steps. The calf of my right leg was crushed.

One day they asked me to come downstairs. At the metal gate of the building, I saw the thugs from the Civilian Affairs Committee beating a practitioner with their fists and boots. The practitioner was beaten so brutally she couldn't even sit up. Then it was my turn. They asked me to stand there for a photo. I immediately sat with my legs crossed. They jumped on me and beat me with their fists and boots. After a brutal beating, they dragged me up to the bedroom and locked me in. One day, a prison guard saw a practitioner reading Zhuan Falun. The guard confiscated the book. To protest the prison guard's evil act, we went on a hunger strike for 9 days. We defended Falun Dafa with our lives. In April the labor camp used broadcasts to defame Falun Dafa. To protest, we stopped eating any food from the labor camp. I only ate 7 peanuts brought in by a practitioner. We continued the hunger strike for 27 days. The evils were frightened and stopped the broadcasts. One night I heard loud noises downstairs. I did not know which practitioner was being tortured, so I dashed out of the bedroom. I saw several people encircling a practitioner and beating her. The drug users who were guarding the building's gate dragged me up to the bedroom. Because I did not cooperate with them, they beat me with their fists and boots. In all the months of my detention in the 3rd squadron, my body was never free from bruises.

On June 20, 2000, the labor camp tightened its control over Falun Gong practitioners. Every morning, the male police in red armbands (I can't remember how many were there) from the prison guard squad watched us fiercely, with electric batons, needle sticks, and cuffs hanging on their belts. Because I did not cooperate by handing in the Falun Dafa books and allowing them to search me, they beat me down to the ground, cuffed my hands, and dragged me for more than a dozen meters. The cuffs cut into my flesh, and it was as painful as having something stab into my heart. The skin on my buttocks was scraped off, the torn flesh was exposed, and my body was bleeding profusely. Then they cuffed me with my back against a tree trunk. For over 20 minutes they shocked my bare arms. Later, they detained me in the newly-established 7th squadron, formed specifically to persecute Falun Gong. As I entered the courtyard of the 7th squadron, a female police officer came up and slapped me. Then they hung me in a room downstairs until late at night. The next morning, I saw squadron leader Li Kunrong beating a practitioner. Practitioner Yang Xu and I shouted loudly to protest. Consequently, all the people in our room were dragged down and beaten. Li Xiaoling kicked us in the face with her hard leather boots. Because there were 80 practitioners in the squadron who participated in group Falun Gong exercises, over 30 people, including representatives from the prison guard division, the squadron office, and the civil affairs committee, beat us. They shocked us with electric batons, whipped us with the needle sticks, beat us with their fists, and kicked us with their leather boots. The wounds on my buttocks started to become infected, and the pain caused by the kicking was intolerable. Sometimes, when they caught me practicing Falun Gong with a searchlight, they would break in the room and whip me with the needle sticks. During the daytime, they would force me to sit in the sun from 6:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. If I sat slightly slanted, they would kick me. Prison guards lined up to watch me. The thugs from the civil affairs committee and the police from the squadron walked around to check on us.

It was very hot in July, but they did not allow us to bathe. My clothes, pants, and hair remained wet with sweat. Everyday, my buttocks would start to ache after I had been sitting for less than an hour. A moment later, the pain became severe, but I sat there, one second after another, while sweat glued my clothes to my flesh. The skin of my buttocks had been rubbed raw and oozed blood and pus. I could only sit army style, on half of my buttocks. Sweat dripped into my eyes and down my arms.

Later, they changed torture tactics. Whoever was found practicing Falun Gong exercises would be forced to do squats. One night, after I had barely finished the hand movements in the sitting exercise, I was seen and reported by a collaborator [former practitioner who has gone astray due to torture and brainwashing] in the bed opposite me. The thug in the civil affairs committee dragged me outside and forced to do twenty or thirty squats until I could no longer stand up. My legs were so painful that I couldn't even go to the bathroom, and I had to hold onto the rail when I went downstairs.

I remember one day a vicious officer from Masanjia [a female labor camp in Liaoning Province notorious for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners] came to conduct brainwashing classes. Because we had been practicing the Falun Gong exercises, all the people in our room were forced to do squats. I was forced to squat 600 times. Later, I was forced to attend the brainwashing class. Because I stood up many times to expose the evil doings of that officer from Masanjia, I was expelled from the class before it finished. In the afternoon, I was forced to go the class again. When she saw me, she announced that whoever was unwilling to listen her lecture could leave the class. I stood up and left. Several other practitioners also left with me. We were brought back to the squadron. The ferocious Li Shenrong asked the thugs from the civil affairs committee to force us to do squats. Sweat ran down my cheeks and hair like a waterfall. Although the temperature was in the 90's, the sweat kept the ground damp. Finally, placing my hands on the tops of my feet, I was no longer able to stand up, even though I struggled with all my remaining strength. That day I had been forced to squat at least 1000 times. At that time I had not realized that I should resist the evils completely and steadfastly.

Because the majority of the practitioners had been forced to give up their cultivation, they turned around and assisted the evils to persecute me. They monitored me and did not allow me to speak. I could not even look at other practitioners or they would accuse us of encouraging each other. For this, they punished me even more. They would stand beside me even when I went to the bathroom. Everyday they forced me to listen to them read materials that defamed our Teacher and Dafa. Later, when over a dozen practitioners still remained determined and unshakable, they put us individually into small rooms, which served as our place to eat and drink, and as our bathroom. Two people guarded each small room. Nobody was allowed to exit the small rooms. We sat in the dark and were forced to listen to the brainwashing of the collaborators. There were days that 7 separate groups of collaborators came to harass us. We were detained in the small rooms for over 50 days. The so-called "big class," to which I was referred by the squadron leader, was where I was forced to stand and listen to vicious personal insults and attacks. Even during assembly or in front of many people, they still indirectly called me names when they were talking about other matters. I cannot remember how many times they treated me this way. When the collaborators were conducting "discussion meetings" (actually "criticizing meetings"), everyone called me names, and I was forced to listen. Later, I was determined not to listen to those slanders that defamed Teacher and Dafa. I was again punished by being forced to sit army style, this time from 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. It was very cold in January. They did not allow me to wear long sleeves or gloves. I sat on the exercise field with my body so swollen that I could not even put on my shoes.

On the morning on January 13, 2001, banners slandering Dafa were hanging on the rails of the second floor of the building. Thugs wanted to hold another meeting to slander Dafa. When I refused to go, the head of the guard team Yang, the head of the squadron Zhang Xiaofang, and warder Liao kicked me fiercely, tore my cotton jacket, and handcuffed me. They ordered the collaborators to force me to sit on the bench to listen to their slanders.

In March, the evil people were collecting signatures in the labor camp. A practitioner stood up to oppose it. The evil thugs dragged this practitioner to the office and shocked her with an electric baton for over twenty minutes. I felt very sad and protested. They released the practitioner. Zhang Xiaofang then started to abuse and shock me. I stood in front of her and started to recite the Fa. The electric baton no longer worked when it touched my face and hands. Zhang angrily threw the electric baton down and shouted for me to go away.

In August, the labor camp added more squadrons specifically for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. I was re-assigned to the 9th squadron. Because I refused to do the broadcast physical exercises required by the labor camp, a warder from Deyang City ordered

the drug criminals in the jail to punish me. They pinned me to the ground, but I broke loose from them and sat down to do meditation. They surrounded, kicked, and beat me. Then they dragged me to the office, pulled my four limbs out straight, and stepped on me. On August 30, although my prison term was fulfilled, they illegally extended it by 7 months.

On October 14, 2001, when three other practitioners and I went to Tianfu Square in Chengdu City to spread Dafa, we were arrested. We refused to cooperate with the evils, and I was sent to Longquan Detention Center by force at noon. They pulled me out of the police vehicle. When we started to recite the formula for Fa rectification, they put handcuffs and shackles on us. In the prison I recited the Fa loudly and firmly and refused to comply with the prison regulations, such as "Dafa practitioners must study criminal law together with other criminals" and "Dafa practitioners are forbidden to do meditation." I took off the handcuffs and threw them away. The evil police persecuted me fiercely. Several policemen dragged me out of the cell, kicked me to the ground, and stepped on my head. They kicked me, grabbed my hair, and hit my face, then poured cold water on me. My face turned blue

My body was blue everywhere. Then they put the "Long Bao Zhu" [a torture instrument] on us, locking our hands and the feet together. I persisted in reciting the Fa and the Fa rectification formula loudly. In the morning when the police checked the prison, they beat me again. Three fellow practitioners in the same room held onto me and prevented the police from pulling me away. Then they put shackles and handcuffs on all three of us. We sat together and sent righteous thoughts. The second day they cuffed us together, hand-to-hand and foot-to-foot. After a few days, the three practitioners who had gone to Tianfu Square with me were put into my cell. We started to remove the handcuffs and practice Falun Gong exercises, but the cuffs only got tighter and tighter, finally disappearing almost completely into our flesh. Later these handcuffs were changed to the wider plate cuffs and our lightweight shackles were exchanged for heavy ones with a few blows from a heavy hammer. We still insisted on sending forth righteous thoughts and removing the cuffs. Because our hands were so swollen, sometimes when we removed them, pieces of flesh also pulled away. We removed the handcuffs everyday and were beaten everyday. The evils used all means to torture us. Sometimes they put the "Long Bao Zhu" [a torture instrument] on us. After 34 days of tortures and beatings, we finally succeeded in being allowed to study the Fa and practice the exercises freely in the jail.

In January 2002 when I was reciting Teacher's article Path, I enlightened suddenly that we should break the persecution of the evil and step out of prison to validate Dafa, so I started to go on a hunger strike. On the fourth day, they started to force-feed me, so I bit the tube and refused to cooperate. They pulled the tube out forcefully and broke my septum; my nose and my mouth were full of blood. Later they called several criminals to pry my teeth apart using sharp bamboo sticks. They tried to feed me thin porridge and split my gums in the process. I still refused to cooperate, and they poured the porridge on my head.

On February 4, I was sent to a labor camp for another year, this time to Nanmusi Female Labor Camp in Zizhong City, Sichuan Province. As soon as I entered the jail they detained me in the guardhouse. Two people watched me for 24 hours. I continued my hunger strike. The squadron sent me to the hospital in the labor camp to force-feed me. When the soft tube did not work they used a hard tube. The nurse gouged my septum and stomach; I started to vomit blood. After vomiting blood for two days, they sent me to the labor camp hospital where they put me in restraints so they could do a transfusion. I sent righteous thoughts to ask Teacher to strengthen me and break the evil's persecution. My whole body and face became swollen and deformed, and I did not recover in spite of all their efforts. On February 16, they sent me home.

On September 2, 2002, I was arrested for distributing truth-clarifying VCDs. As soon as I entered the detention center I started to go on a hunger strike and to send forth righteous thoughts to break the persecution of the evil. In the morning the doctor came to give me a physical examination. They found that my heart rate was 136 beats per minutes. After four days, they sent me to the medical office to give me a transfusion against my will. On the ninth day, they sent me to Qingyang Hospital in Chengdu City to give me another transfusion by force. Several policemen watched me from the doorway. During the daytime they locked me to the bed frame with a pair of shackles and a pair of handcuffs. At night they added another pair of handcuffs and hung my hand on the bed frame. After 19 days Chengzhong Police Station in Jianyang City took me back and sent me to a detention center for another transfusion. My heart rate was over 100, and I vomited blood. The thugs from the Jiangyang "610 Office" and policemen from Chengzhong's Police Station sent me to a hospital to continue to persecute me. Everyday a team of five people, two police, two government staff, and a person from the "610 Office," watched me for 24 hours a day. They gave me transfusions by force. After a few days, the hospital announced that my life was in danger. My persecutors not only refused to release me but also sentenced me to two years of labor camp. I was sent back to Nanmusi Female Labor Camp on September 29, 2002.

I maintained my hunger strike in the labor camp. My heart rate started to fluctuate alarmingly, from 40 to 150 beats per minute. On October 29 the labor camp issued a notice to release me. Neither the Jiangyang "610 Office" nor the police station came to get me, so the labor camp sent me to the "610 Office." The staff in the "610 Office" continued to persecute me and sent me to a hospital. I kept on with my hunger strike. The city government sent 50 police officers and some government staff people, 60-70 in all. They divided into four shifts and watched me continuously. They deemed me a confidential case, forbidding the disclosure of any information about me to the outside and forbidding my family members from seeing me. When the doctor said that my stomach had atrophied and my muscles had shrunk, I asked why the labor camp did not release me. They answered consistently: because I refused to give up my belief in Falun Dafa.

Finally, the hospital tied me tightly and gave me a transfusion against my will. A few days later, a doctor checked my blood and discovered that my white cell count had dropped to a very low 1000 and was continuing to decline. Sometimes the doctor took two samples a day. Finally the doctor said they thought that I had cancer, and they would need to do a marrow puncture. I asked Teacher to strengthen me and to stop this persecution. On November 29, under Teacher's compassionate protection, I was released. By this time I had been on a hunger strike for 89 days.

On December 8, 2002, my house was ransacked, and I was arrested again, because the authorities followed a homeless fellow practitioner, who was staying with me at the time, to my house. The police put adhesive tape over my mouth, covered my head with a black bag, and sent me to Baifurong Hotel in Chengdu City. They chained me to a chair and stripped off my leather coat, leaving me with only a thin sweater. Then they poured cold water over my head. They refused to let me close my eyes or sleep, squeezing a wet towel over my head or using it to whip my face. A male policeman punched my right leg and shoulder again and again. A female police officer slapped my face, and an old policeman stabbed my forehead with a ballpoint pen. The skin on my forehead split open and so did the plastic barrel of the pen. They tortured me for five days, trying to force me to tell them the sources of the truth materials and VCD's. I refused to cooperate and insisted on a hunger strike. Later Chengdu Guangrong Police Station detained me illegally. When Jianyang's "610 Office" thugs and police arrived and learned that I still would not take any food or drink they released me.

[Note: This practitioner is now homeless to avoid further persecution. After studying the Fa and practicing the exercises, her health has quickly recovered. Now she is assisting Teacher in the Fa rectification and saving the world's people together with us.]