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A Nine Year-Old Top Student in China: "I Was Forced to Quit School and Leave Home"

March 21, 2003 |   Narrated by the child and written down by his mother

(Clearwisdom.net) I am a nine-year-old boy from northern China. I should be in school now, but because Dad, Mom and I insisted on practicing Falun Dafa, we became homeless. I believe you all have had a childhood worth remembering, but my childhood is full of sadness.

Before July 20th, 1999, I had a family filled with joy, with Dad, Mom, Sis and me.

Sis was in middle school and I was an elementary school student. Both Dad and Mom were senior engineers. After that horrible day, the peace and harmony in our home was replaced by never ending outside harassment.

Dad and Mom never agreed in giving up their birthright to practice Falun Dafa. They had to endure constant pressure from work, such as being asked to write statements agreeing never to practice Falun Dafa again and to go on television to declare their position publicly. They were under strict observation at work. Out-of-town traveling was out of the question; even after work, they were checked on with phone calls, especially on certain sensitive dates; weekend outings had to be reported ahead of time, so their whereabouts could be traced by phone. They were not allowed to visit my grandparents, even during holidays.

One night in June 2001, a group of policemen tried to arrest my Dad illegally. They forced their way into our house and seized about thirty thousand dollars worth of our personal possessions for no reason. They took Mom to the police station and left my 13-year-old Sister and me home alone. Since that day, Dad did not dare to come home. They gathered about 200 policemen to guard every possible route that connected our house to other cities; they also drove overnight to my aunt's home, where my aunt's family and my grandparents live. They climbed over the fence and got into the house, but still could not find my Dad. Everyone who lived in that household was very disturbed. Then, they drove several hundred miles to my mom's parents' home and tried to force my grandparents (both were close to eighty years old) to turn in their son-in-law, but to no avail. Knowing their only daughter's family was in such deep trouble, they have been worrying about us every day since then. They have not heard from us for over a year now.

Ever since my Dad left home, policemen watched my mom day and night. Once, when she was accompanying me on my way to school, mom made a phone call that was questioned and examined over and over again. Policemen put all kinds of pressure on my mom, came to her office as often as they wanted and frightened her with all kinds of methods. She had no personal freedom at all. Finally, she could not bear it anymore and left my sister at home by herself and took me with her to leave home to avoid the persecution.

Dad, Mom and me have become homeless for more than a year now. I was forced to separate from my sister, teacher, classmates and buddies. My sister is home alone, constantly looking forward to our return every day.

We do not have any dependable place to stay. Many nights, the three of us slept on the cement floor, hugging each other; I always curled up from the shivering cold.

Our close relatives: my aunts, uncles and grandma, who all benefited from practicing Falun Gong, didn't dare to even mention Falun Gong since the vicious and cruel suppression. My third aunt was detained and put in a forced labor camp and was later sentenced to three years in prison. One of my cousins was put in a forced labor camp to undergo brainwashing. My old aunt and grandma were forced to abandon their home and move from place to place to avoid persecution and arbitrary arrest. My poor old feeble grandma could not stand the homeless life and the sadness of not being able to be with her family. She passed away, far away from home, alone with such deep regrets. None of her 30 descendents could be with her when she left this world.

How I wish to be able to go back to school again! When I left school, my teacher told me in private that a present was already being brought for me since I got the highest scores in my final exam. I want to go to school! I want to finish my education! I miss my sister and want to be reunited with her! I want to go home! I want the police station return all our belongings! I miss all my relatives, my teacher, my classmates, and my buddies! When can I return home? When can I see my relatives?

In China, I am not the only one being forced to quit school, leave home, and lose my loved ones. Millions of families in China are in the same boat as us! Please extend a helping hand; help to rescue these people whose only wish is to be a good person! This is a cry for help from my heart!

* * *

My son, not even nine years old now, has practiced Falun Gong with us since 1999. During these few years that we were still living at home, he was using the computer to produce all kinds of materials related to telling the truth about Falun Dafa. The things that were made through Jimmy's little hands were countless. While Jimmy was producing all these things, he always wanted to listen to Teacher's lectures about the Fa. Whenever we were less busy, he always asked us to read Zhuan Falun or Teacher's other lectures for him. He has only had one year's education of elementary school, yet he can read all of Teacher's books by himself now. He can really calm his mind and learn the law of the universe. He can recite teacher's poems and other lectures. He often eagerly joined us to do all kinds of work for Falun Dafa.

When we were being pressured and suppressed, little Jimmy persistently refused to cooperate with the vicious suppressor; while we were wandering about, his whole mind and spirit were focused in telling the truth about Falun Dafa. He got up a little past five each morning and went to bed at about nine or ten. Some days, he'd work silently in front of a computer for over ten hours; Other days, he'd walk ten miles with us to the countryside to do all kinds of work for Falun Dafa, such as using self-made stamps to stamp signs everywhere, or hang up banners. In these past four months, because we have had no steady places to stay, Jimmy has talked to me many times in private about how he wished to have a computer in order to read teacher's new articles and other articles on the web. He said: "I can also make some literature, VCDs, and brochures about Dafa. Oh, how I want everyone to know the truth about Falun Dafa!"

Footnote: In the struggle to suppress Falun Dafa, the police eventually captured the three members of the family in this article. Their whereabouts are still unknown.