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Righteous Thoughts and Actions Are In Harmony and Have No Omissions

January 22, 2003 |   By Along

(Clearwisdom.net) After reading the experiences of many practitioners regarding the effect of righteous thoughts during the Fa-rectification, I was inspired. I realized that a Dafa practitioner's righteous thoughts should be a kind of benevolence and a great wisdom that can tolerate anything. A righteous thought should be able to understand an issue comprehensively and without any omissions. Therefore, I would like to share my understandings from a different angle.

I think that righteous thoughts and actions should be in harmony and without any omissions.

1. The practice of sending forth righteous thoughts is well known to all Dafa practitioners. However I think the key is one's firm belief -- we should firmly believe the effect of righteous thoughts and firmly send forth righteous thoughts. Teacher has told us that sending forth righteous thoughts is using the divine powers of the Buddha Fa. Therefore I think that sending forth righteous thoughts is utilizing Dafa's power to harmonize the Fa-rectification. However, putting this into action somewhat involves "enlightenment". For example, in Zhuan Falun Teacher said,

"When she treated the patient, she might have removed a lot of bad things from this patient's body. Although she healed this patient to such an extent, there might not have been any obvious changes at that time." "With these problems, she was undergoing psychological tribulations in this environment."

Righteous thoughts are effective. I firmly believe the effectiveness of righteous thoughts since this principle is what Teacher has taught us. I firmly believe in Teacher. However I think that the effectiveness of righteous thoughts may not be immediately apparent among ordinary people or produce obvious results that our naked eyes can see. Therefore, there exists the question of firmly sending forth righteous thoughts.

When I was illegally detained at the forced labor camp, I firmly believed the that righteous thoughts had an effect and firmly sent forth righteous thoughts regardless of whether they had an obvious effect in changing the environment. However, when some practitioners didn't see any obvious effects during their practice, they could not persist or even wanted to give up sending forth righteous thoughts. Actually, I realized that sending forth righteous thoughts is the same as self-cultivation, since the Fa-rectification and cultivation should essentially depend on firm belief.

2. Dafa is in harmony. The Fa-rectification includes all different dimensions from the top to the bottom without omission. As far as we individuals are concerned, sending forth righteous thoughts is directly using our divine powers to rectify the Fa in other dimensions. It should manifest in this human world as our righteous thoughts and actions in dealing with any person or matter. I think that righteous thoughts and actions are in harmony and are assisting each other. Should any of the two have an omission, we will not be able to reach the state of being indestructible, the power of Fa-rectification may be compromised, and the evil could even find our loopholes and persecute us.

3. Each Dafa practitioner's path is different. Practitioners sharing experiences can help us advance in our cultivation and inspire our wisdom. I also realized that since the Fa-rectification disciple's missions are different, the heavier responsibilities one has, the higher the level of old forces one needs to eliminate, and the resistance and persecution arranged by the old forces might be bigger. That is to say, such Dafa disciples need to strictly discipline themselves. Should they have even a tiny loophole, the evil can take advantage of it and therefore cause relatively bigger losses. Even if one can maintain one's righteous thoughts and Xinxing [heart and mind nature], if not enough consideration is given to the way of doing work at the human level, there is still a loophole that the evil can take advantage of. On the other hand, all practitioners should pay attention to their actions besides sending forth righteous thought and not have any thought about "being lucky."

In conclusion, righteous thoughts and actions are in harmony without any omission. Firmly believing righteous thoughts can definitely deny the old force's arrangements and eliminate the evil. In the meantime, our form of action in rectifying the Fa must also become more and more mature and move towards no omission. Our actions should be in harmony with our righteous thoughts and sufficiently achieve the effect of being Fa-rectification disciples.