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New Years Fa-Study and Experience Sharing in Queensland, Australia

January 13, 2003 |   By Australian Dafa practitioner Qingxin

(Clearwisdom.net) In order to gain a deeper understanding of our cultivation in Falun Dafa and the requirement of practitioners during the current Fa-rectification period, both Chinese and Western practitioners from Queensland, Australia held a Fa-study and experience sharing conference on New Years Day of 2003. We believed that this would enable us to improve as a whole body, realize our opportunity to cultivate in the Fa-rectification period, to not let down Teacher's benevolent salvation and all sentient beings' expectations and to do well in the last period of Fa-rectification. It helped improve our understanding from different aspects such as cultivation in the Fa-rectification period from the perspective of the Fa, looking inward when coming across problems, upgrading as a whole body, rejecting and breaking the old forces' arrangements, etc.

In the conference, practitioners first studied Teacher's Fa Lecture in Florida and the recent Fa Lecture at the Philadelphia Fa Conference together. They then held discussions about several particular issues:

1. What are the differences of cultivation in the Fa rectification period and that of ordinary cultivation and how do these differences manifest?

2. How to correctly position the issues of looking inward, been responsible for Dafa, and been responsible for fellow practitioners?

3. What is the meaning of upgrading as a whole body? As practitioners, how can every one of us make an effort so that we can upgrade as a whole body more effectively?

4. What are the arrangements of the old forces? How can we keep a clear mind while cultivating during the Fa rectification period and how do we recognize, reject and break through the old forces' arrangements?

5. How do we understand Teacher's "stepping out of humanness" and how do we cultivate according to this principle?

Many practitioners shared their experiences about what they had enlightened to within the Fa and their understanding of the Fa rectification courses. Our experiences enabled us to enlighten and improve with each other. Some practitioners also discussed some conflicts that had arose amongst practitioners and talked about their personal understanding, they then compassionately brought forward some suggestions about how these situations could be improved. The whole conference was very serene, understanding and tolerant.

Through experience sharing, practitioners came to further understand that rejecting the old forces' arrangement definitely could not just rest on words. Instead, we should truly understand what the old forces' arrangements are and thus we will be able to reject them with Dafa and righteous thoughts.

Practitioners also realized that the way that divine beings deal with things, which Teacher talked about in the Philadelphia Fa Conference is actually the requirement for our Dafa practitioners. We should treat our fellow practitioners and other beings with great compassion and do our best to unconditionally and silently make up for any shortages that we come across while we carry out our Fa rectification activities. We should just do what we should as Falun Dafa practitioners.

This was a successful Fa study and experience sharing conference and helped the improvement of Dafa practitioners as a whole body.