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Cases of Abuse of Practitioners in the Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp, Zizhong County, Sichuan Province

September 05, 2002 |  

August 23, 2002


1. The abuse of an elderly practitioner, Miao Sufang

Miao Sufang, a 65 year old female from Chengdu city, went to Beijing to appeal for fair treatment for Falun Gong in January 2001. She was arrested and tortured by policemen in Beijing and was forced to stand out in the snow wearing only underwear.

After Miao was escorted back to Chengdu, The Bureau of Reeducation through Forced Labor in Chengdu illegally sentenced her to one year in a forced labor camp. During the 2001 Chinese New Year period, she developed a fever while jailed in the transition station in Chengdu, and ate very little. She was then sent to the Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp in February 2001. As soon as she arrived at the fifth group, the guards instigated drug addicts to torture her, and forced her to stand facing a wall from morning to midnight, sometimes until 2am or 3 am the following day. During the standing period, no movement or talking were allowed, even going to the bathroom should be reported to the drug addicts who were assigned to watch Dafa practitioners. Police would often come by in order to see if she was standing upright, otherwise they would punish the drug addicts, and the drug addicts would then take out their grievances on Dafa practitioners. In this way, they would torture Dafa practitioners by forcing them to stand in a painful posture--with one's back against the wall, head dropped forward, and both hands pulled up from behind.

Miao's feet and knees became swollen. She could not wear shoes, and her legs frequently trembled.Walking became difficult for her. When climbing or going down stairs, she required a great deal of assistance. However, even in this state, guard Zhou Junhui asked her to fetch hot water by herself from the dining room. Facing all the torture, lies and brainwashing, Miao said: "I'll never deviate from the belief of Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance."

After four months' torture in the fifth group, she was transferred to the ninth group, and then to the seventh group in August. In the seventh group, she was detained in a second floor room and forced to sit in a "army corps" posture all day long for five months, no moving or talking were allowed, and she was never allowed to go downstairs even once. Police frequently threatened her: "If you are not transformed, you will never be allowed to leave the door of the Nanmusi camp"

The long-term physical and mental abuse made Miao very weak, and her blood pressure was also very high. Afraid of her death and the possible responsibilities, the labor camp allowed her to leave the camp, but only under house surveillance. She was tortured for a total of 11 months for going to Beijing to appeal according to the right bestowed to her by the Chinese constitution.

2. Abuse against Female Dafa practitioner Lin Lisha

Lin Lisha, female, 43 years old, from Jiao-chang-ba, Leshan city, Sichuan province was illegally sent to the Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp, Zizhong County in February 2001 to serve a three-year term.

In the fifth group, Lin was forced to stand pressed against a wall with both hands raised up high over her head. For the entire day, she had to remain in this position and was neither allowed to wash herself or to speak to anyone. Under this type of abuse she was also constantly brainwashed. If she refused the brainwashing, she would be forced to stand in a half-squat position. Because she was forced into this type of posture, on several occasions, both of her legs became swollen, and the blood vessels on her legs became a purple color and were in a necrotic state.

The camp made the so-called "five prohibitions" and other rules for Dafa practitioners. No talking was allowed between Dafa practitioners, even glances at each other were prohibited unless one would denounce their belief in Dafa. All Dafa practitioners heard all day long was slander of Dafa, and all discussion and brainwashing were intended to force them to quit practicing Dafa.

After a few months' mental and physical torture in the fifth group, Lin was transferred to the 9th group, where she and others were forced to do military drills under the hot sun. Lin refused the drill and was handcuffed in a bathroom.

Except for the military drill, the other major daily torture was to listen to propaganda slandering Dafa all day long. One day, Lin refused to listen and a police officer dragged her downstairs and said: "Since you like to practice, now just do it, but you are not allowed to stop, do not uncross your legs from the double crossed [Lotus] position." While Lin was sitting with legs crossed in the Lotus position, police directed the "criminal-monitors" to walk on her legs and feet, and to sit on her double crossed legs with force. Her painful cries could be heard even upstairs!

3. Abuse against Female Dafa practitioner Wu Houyu

Wu houyu, a female Dafa practitioner around 30 years old from Luzhou, Sichuan province was illegally sent to the Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp, Zizhong County in March 2001.

When she first came to the fifth group, she was forced to stand in the courtyard even before she entered a room. Since then, she was forced to stand from dawn to midnight every day. Only after all others had gone to sleep was she allowed to drink some water and go to bed. Rain or shine, she could be seen standing in front of the blackboard in the courtyard. The guard Zhou Junhui forced her to stand for more than one month in this way, causing both her legs to swell horribly. Because she remained in this standing position for such a long period of time, her upper body atrophied to the point where even with clothes on, both shoulder bones protruded terribly. So appalling was the sight that even the "criminal monitors" couldn't bear to look.

However, while in the fifth group, Wu kept silent when forced to stand for long periods of time. Whenever someone talked to her, she would smile. Her behavior changed many of criminal-monitor's attitudes towards Dafa practitioners. They began to realize the cruelty of some of the police guards. And to their benefit, started to understand that Dafa and Dafa practitioners are truly righteous.

Wu was transferred to the 7th group in August 2001. The second day she was there, police asked Dafa practitioners to do the military drill, Wu and other practitioners refused the mistreatment without hesitation. Police then forced Dafa practitioners to stay under the hot sun. Police guard Huang, also used an electric baton to strike and beat Dafa practitioners. At the sight of this, Wu fainted.

We hope all good-hearted people in the world pay attention to the brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in China. Please help those Falun Gong practitioners by voicing your support against their ongoing torture.