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Dafa Practitioners Kidnapped Without Restraint by Police in Guan County, Shangdong Province

September 24, 2002 |  

September 4th, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999, nearly 100 Dafa practitioners from Guan County have been illegally sentenced to forced labor camps, at least four illegally sentenced to prison terms, and several dozen forced to leave home to avoid further persecution. From July 2002 to the present, of the more than 20 Dafa practitioners kidnapped in the county, 18 were from Caizhuangji Village.

Following is the list of names of Dafa practitioners who have been kidnapped.

From Oct. to Nov. 2000, approximately 42 people were kidnapped. We know some of their names: Xu Caiyun, Du Yunzhu, Zhang Dailing, Xu Jiling, Guo Jinming, Lu Yuezhen, Li Fengjun, Ma Junfeng, Tang Junshan, Xing Tongping, Yang Zhaoling, Han Junying, Zhang Guangbao, Liang Jie, Chen Tingxiang, Fu Yanfang, Ji Zhonghua, Li Lizhu, Dong Xinhai, Ji Zhonglian, Xu Yuping, Xu Haidong, Gao Xiuhua, Zhang Qiaohua, Chen Xiaohua, Duan Yukui, Du Xuexiang, Chen Bolin, Xing Tongsheng, Xing Tongguan, Zhang Yudong, Zhang Wendong, Wang Qingju, Han Sanjun, etc.

In the year 2001, about 25 people were kidnapped. These are some whose names we know: Guo Zhenhai, Wang Lanmei, Lu Xiufeng, Xi Xiang, He Xiujuan, Mother of He Xiu(juan?), Zhang Weiling, Xing Tongfu, Zhang Xiansheng, Zhang Xuedong, Jiang Songxing, Song Huimin, Yang Zhaoling, Wang Guoping, Zhao Gaizhen etc.

In 2002 up to now, about 37 people have been kidnapped. The ones whose names we know are: Shen Lianghua, Shen Xiulian, He Xiuli, Meng Bin, Yang Zibo, Yin Fengqiang, Wang Kezeng, Xu Hengkui, Xu Sanhong, Yin Zijiang, Zhang Huiqin, Zhao Kedian, Zhao Yunzhi, Hao Xiuyun etc.

The four practitioners from Guan County who are under illegal labor "re-education" are: Wang Lilian, Du Shumei, Guo Tinglou, Yao Huaxing. He Xiuhuan, together with elder sister He Xiuli, younger sister He Xiujuan and their mother are all under illegal labor "re-education." In 2000, on the wedding day of He Xiuhuan, police officers from Xinji Township Police Station went to her home to demand a "deposit" of 5,000 Yuan. He Xiuhuan was sent to a detention center by Guan County Police Department authorities after she went to Tiananmen Square to display a banner on Oct. 2nd, 2001. In protest, she went on a hunger strike for 35 days. In December she was sent to the Jinan City Women's Labor Camp, then sent back to the Guan County "610 Office." She was locked up in a small room and only allowed to open the door for a short while during mealtime. It was even difficult for her to call the door guard for restroom needs. Later He Xiuhuan broke out of the "610 Office" with righteous thoughts. She rented a place in Linqing City, Shandong Province, but was again arrested by the police who spotted her in Linqing. Right now we have lost contact with her. [Note: The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute powers over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems]

Since July 20,1999, the police of Guan County have used all means such as entrapping, ransacking of homes, huge "fines," torture, and kidnapping to labor camps. They have destroyed many happy families. In July of this year, the police engaged in full-scale arrests of Dafa practitioners. Many people were arrested, and many others were forced to leave home to avoid persecution. The police also used subterfuge, such as kidnapping, surveillance by plainclothes officers, fake phone calls to Dafa practitioners and threatening neighbors to severely persecute Dafa practitioners. Here we solemnly warn those who persecute Dafa: we hope you learn the facts about Dafa and will treat Dafa practitioners well. That way you will be truly responsible to your future.

We hope Dafa practitioners who read this information strengthen their righteous thoughts on the hour to eliminate the evil forces persecuting Dafa practitioners in other dimensions. This and other means will aid practitioners suffering imprisonment to break out of the demon's den with righteous thoughts.

List of Criminals in Guan County:

Head of Party Committee: Song Wenming, 86-139-69535056 (cell)

Head of County Government: Liu Qiang, 86-138-06352022 (cell)

Head of "610 Office": Ren Guangmin, 86-133-26356777 (cell)

Officer from the Liangtang Town Police Station: Liang Mingyu, 86-635-5451166, 86-635-5450943

Collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture]

Song Zhanjun, 86-130-61514569 (cell)

Song Guangtian, 86-635-5266057 (home)

Wang Yuhe

Wang Ruiqing