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Police from Daqing, Heilongjiang Province Torture Practitioners during Interrogations

August 18, 2002 |  


Since April 2002, the Daqing police of Heilongjiang Province have conducted another mass persecution of Dafa practitioners. Just in mid-April alone, over one hundred Dafa practitioners were unlawfully arrested, including many from other areas as well.

Most of the practitioners illegally arrested were detained in Daqing Detention Center. As was expected, the police blocked all the channels of communication with the public. However, news of their inhuman activities was still brought out by some practitioners who left the center.

Zhang Xinye was arrested on April 18 or 19. He was beaten so badly he could hardly walk. Zhang's wife, Chen Xiuli, was arrested earlier, on April 12. To find out Zhang's whereabouts, the police officers put her through a cruel torture by hammering bamboo spikes into her fingernails to make her talk. She is now at the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center experiencing further persecution.

Zhang Zhong and Dai Zhidong were arrested on April 18 and 19, respectively. Both of them went on a hunger strike in protest of their illegal arrest. The police beat Zhang Zhong so badly that he passed out and then left him lying in the cell without any attention. Dai Zhidong was also tortured so badly that police had to send him to a hospital for treatment. As Dai's family could not afford the medical fees, he was sent back to the Saqu Detention Center. Presently, they are in a very critical condition. During the day, the hospital puts them on intravenous drip, and at night, they are taken back to the detention center. Despite their present condition, the police still will not let them go. During July, police arrested and detained the following people: Zhang Zhong and Dai Zhidong, Zhang Xinye and Li Hai (illegally arrested on April 18, present condition unknown), Liu Shufen (illegally arrested in mid-May, has been on a hunger strike to protest since then), Wang Juyan (arrested while distributing Dafa materials on a public transportation vehicle in April), and Yu (arrested at the same time as Liu). The police are now illegally charging them.

We hope Dafa practitioners who hear this news will send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements and stop these people from going any further, and to help practitioners get out of imprisonment early.

The following are contact numbers of the people responsible for the persecution:

Zhang Haiyan (working at Political and Judiciary Committee of Heilongjiang Province)
Home: 0451-2662148 Work: 0451-3609794
Hu Xuezhong (Director of Huoju Police Station in Daqing City) Home: 0459-6298769
Tang Xiyou (A senior party cadre) Home: 0459-6377836
Zhang Yuanqing (Party Secretary of Shabei Wuying Company in Daqing City)
Home: 0459-6377836
Gu Qinglong (Party Secretary of Jixiao Kanghong Company in Daqing City)Work: 0459-5872982
Fan Yaqing (Principal of No. 40 Middle School in Daqing City) Home: 0459-5101738
Xiang Jingmin (Assistant Principal of No. 40 Middle School in Daqing City)
Home: 0459-5871177
Shi Hongmin (Assistant Principal of No. 40 Middle School in Daqing City)
Home: 0459-5873660
Dou Aifang (Chinese Language Teacher of No. 40 Middle School in Daqing City)
Home: 0459-5872686
Zhang Qinqi (Fire Protection division of Rang District in Daqing)
Home: 0459-6351689
Dong Fenglin (Director of Political Security Division, Sa District in Daqing)
Work: 0459-4686029
Sun Shouzhi
Home: 0459- 8226888