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Falun Dafa Practitioner Zhang Aijiao from Hebei Province Died After Being Tortured for 40 Days

July 26, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Aijiao, female, 39 years old, was a resident of the fourth group of Xiaonan village, Ganhe branch, Xiantao city, Hubei Province. She was severely tortured by the Xiantao city's "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] because she remained firm in her cultivation of Falun Dafa. She died on May 24, 2002 because her wounds were too severe to recover. This is another bloody crime that Jiang's regime committed.

Zhang Aijiao had a late-stage rheumatic heart disease before obtaining Falun Dafa. She visited many hospitals and doctors in the country attempting to cure her disease. She underwent surgery at Xiantao First People's Hospital. The surgery did not cure her, but it did bring her family many debts. Zhang Aijiao suffered the disease for a long time and finally lost hope and confidence. She could not sleep at night or sit calmly. Her personality changed dramatically, becoming short-tempered. Her family was in deep sorrow.

Zhang Aijiao then began to practice Falun Gong, in 1996. She treated herself as a practitioner, and was strict with herself but tolerant of others. Her short temper was gone and her heart disease was cured miraculously. She was in much better health condition. Her husband stopped worrying about her health and established a small factory, doing a very good business. Her neighbors witnessed her changes and praise Falun Dafa. Her miraculous experience helped direct some other predestined people to practice Falun Gong.

On July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime started to persecute Falun Gong for the fear of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance". Zhang Aijiao was in tragedy because of the persecution. She was detained many times. She was forced to pay more than 10,000 Yuan in fines [average monthly pay of an urban worker is 500 Yuan]. Her family was harassed by the local "610 Office" and local police. In May 2001, Zhang Aijiao was detained unjustly for the third time, this time for 136 days, and forced to pay several thousand Yuan in fines. Less than one month after her release, "610 Office" planned to send her to a brain washing class to further persecute her. In order to escape from the persecution, she had to leave her home to work in other cities. But the evil authority did not stop. They wrote a "guarantee" that they "just wanted her to be at her home rather than sending her to brain-washing class" and cheated her husband to convince her to come back home. Several months after Zhang Aijiao returned home, around 5:00 pm on October 24, 2001 when Zhang Aijiao was cooking at home, more than 20 evil gangsters suddenly broke in into her home. They forced Zhang Aijiao to go with them without showing any identification or warrant. Her husband asked, "How could you kidnap a person like this?" An officer claimed that they just wanted to ask Zhang Aijiao to go to his office for a talk. Her husband replied, "What is it that can not be discussed here and has to be in the office?" People around her also said that it was unfair to arrest her. But these evil gangsters refused to explain anything but forcefully arrest Zhang Aijiao and took her to the police car. Her husband went to the office of the officer right after she was taken away, but could not see anybody in the office.

Around 7 pm, Zhang Aijiao was arrested by police from the Xilirenkou police station - 10 more km away from Xiantao city, where the base of Xiantao city "610 Office" is located. Dozens of Dafa practitioners have been tortured there. They followed the scoundrels' ways to persecute the benevolent Falun Gong practitioners by "defaming the practitioners' reputation, destroying the practitioners' economic status, and torturing the practitioners to death." They covered their crimes by lying to the outside that it was a Legal Education Class. The whole building was remodeled to strengthen the wall and two cells were built to torture the Dafa practitioners. Zhang Aijiao was detained in one of the cells immediately after she was forced into the building. More than 10 thugs rushed in and beat Zhang Aijiao. Two of the evil men, Xu Bo and Du Xiaohua used a bamboo strip to whip Zhang Aijiao's face and head. Zhang Aijiao was in so much pain that she used her clothes to wrap her head and rolled on the ground. After this evil group was tired out, they handcuffed her on a high window. They didn't give her water and food and didn't allow her to sleep or use the restroom. The second day a kind person took her down. Just after she came down, the vicious Xu Bo suddenly came in and kicked Zhang Aijiao's face several times. Zhang Aijiao lost her consciousness and could not get up. Her menstruation stopped after only one day.

In order to protest the persecution, Zhang Aijiao began a hunger strike. The "610 Office" manager, He Guohua (the vice director of the city "610 Office," cruel-hearted, directly responsible for the persecution of Zhang Aijiao), asked more than 10 people to force-feed Zhang Aijiao. Zhang Aijiao refused to conform to the force-feeding and her lips were torn. Sometimes the evil people handcuffed her to inject her intravenously. After the injections, Zhang Aijiao felt weak in her hands and legs and suffocated around her chest. She was extremely weak. But the evil people did not let her go. Some days they put her on the outdoor cement floor, and three people forced her to run laps. If she could not run, they dragged her until her very thick jeans were torn from her being dragged.

On the second day of Zhang Aijiao's detention, her husband found out that she was detained in a brainwashing class. When he requested to see her, his request was rejected, and the evil man Xu Bo threatened him, "If you keep asking, I will take you inside and beat you too." Her husband was waiting outside worrying about her. After about 2 weeks, a kind staff member let him in during the absence of He Guohua. Her husband could not believe his eyes. The used-to-be-healthy Zhang Aijiao had become terribly skinny. When he helped her to take a shower, he found that bruises all over her body. The lower parts and thighs had dozens of blue bruises. The bruises on her face and arms were inflamed and swollen. Her stomach and back had clear footprints from kicking. All these took place in just 15 days! Her husband felt that this is a hell on earth! The next day, her husband found the local village administrators to show evidence of the case and asked He Guohua to release Zhang for a hospital treatment, but his request was refused.

After more than 40 days torture and beating, Zhang Aijiao had many internal wounds. She was released because she was in a critical condition and the city's "610 Office" was afraid of the responsibility in case she died. But they did not stop harassing her until her death. Zhang Aijiao left this world on May 24th, 2002. She was outlived by two teenage children. This is a bloody debt owed by Xiantao city's "610 Office." We solemnly warn the evil scoundrels who persecute Falun Dafa practitioners: Your crime is condemned by heaven and earth alike. Retribution will soon come if you don't stop and wake up!


(1) A list of Falun Gong practitioners sentenced by the Xiantao city's "610 Office" to the Shayang labor camp (11 based on a incomplete count):

Liu Xong, male, employee of Xiantao city seafood department, sentenced to 2 years labor camp.

Hu Jianguo, male, employee of Xiantao city college recruiting office branch manager, sentenced to 2 years labor camp.

Huang Qiaoyun, female, sentenced to 2 years labor camp.

Tong Dongxiang, female, employee of Xiantao Cotton Textile factory, sentenced to 2 years labor camp twice, executed outside.

Guo Huilan, female, Xiantao city Shiyan kindergarten teacher, sentenced to 2 years labor camp, executed outside.

Liu Hongxiu, female, sentenced to 2 years labor camp, executed outside.

Zhu Fengzhi, female, 60 years old, sentenced to 2 years labor camp, executed outside.

Chen Ye, female, sentenced to 1-year labor camp, is currently detained extension term.

Xian Yanrong, female, sentenced to 2 years labor camp.

Zhao Shuizhen, female, no detailed detention term information.

Lao Xong, female, resident of Xiliuhe Town, more than 60 years old, no detailed detention term information, executed outside.

(2) The main persons in the Xiantao city's "610 Office" who are responsible for the torture:

Zheng Zhangguo, the director, 86-0728-3250413 (o), 86-0728-3278169 (h), 86-013807229578 (cell).

He Guohua, the vice director, 86-0728-3231736(h), 86-0728-8891993(o).

Xu Bo, staff of "610 Office,", 86-0728-8882985.

"610 office," 86-0728-3250415.

(3) zip code of Xiantao City, 433000