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Maintain Righteous Thoughts at All Times to Understand Everything that Happens During the Fa-Rectification Period from the Standpoint of the Fa

April 05, 2002 |   By "Thousands of Millions," A Falun Dafa Practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net) The evil is currently very rampant in its efforts to undermine the Fa. All of us need to be clear-headed. We need to maintain righteous thoughts at all times to understand everything that happens during this Fa-rectification period from the standpoint of the Fa. This is because many of the different kinds of interference we encounter were arranged by the old forces for the express purpose of disrupting our Fa-rectification.

When dealing with any sudden occurrences, we should not make judgments using ordinary humans' subjective logic or guesswork. If we do so, we unintentionally accept the old forces' arrangements. Dafa practitioners all have supernormal abilities. "... good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought ..." (From Zhuan Falun Lecture Four, "Upgrading Xinxing"). If that spontaneous thought is righteous, we are able to break through the old forces' arrangements and thus create a bright future. However, if that spontaneous thought is impure or unrighteous, the old forces' arrangements are in effect recognized and substantiated, and a bad outcome might be created. We need to clear-headedly pay special attention to this issue since many things were arranged by the old forces for the purpose of interfering with Fa-rectification.

A fellow practitioner once told me a story. At a certain practice site, there was a practitioner who had a strong attachment of fear. He was very afraid of people coming to his home to arrest him. The lock on his door failed to work in a few days. Whatever we are attached to will become the very thing that will be used to interfere with us. Another example is that when we study the Fa, many thoughts or other distractions will come into our minds to disturb us. This situation is easy to recognize. When we realize it, we should get rid of it. As long as we are determined to focus on our Fa-study and not be affected by anything or any extraneous thoughts, we will then be able to eliminate those bad things that disrupt our study of the Fa.

I had the following experience before I was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution. I went to the home of a practitioner who had just been released from the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. He had realized that he had "enlightened" along an evil path and just managed to come out of it. I helped him send his solemn statement [a public statement on the Chinese Falun Dafa website stating that any betrayal of Dafa was committed under extreme physical and mental duress and is therefore null and void]. Right after that, some vicious police started to monitor and harass me. Using ordinary human logic, I suspected that this practitioner was a spy. Another practitioner had the same doubts, which strengthened my suspicion. So I told other fellow practitioners to watch out and be careful of him. However, after a couple of days, the police tried to arrest that practitioner. He ran away and currently is forced to move from place to place [to avoid further arrest and persecution]. Later I found out that the police came after me because of other reasons. Only then did I realize that all of the human logic that I had used to judge that practitioner was wrong. I came to see that if we don't have strong righteous thoughts or if we are not determined enough to use righteous thoughts to understand everything that happens during the Fa-rectification period from the standpoint of the Fa, then the evil will take advantage of us. The evil will try to exploit our loopholes to make us mistrust each other, creating distance between each other. This situation can negatively affect our individual cultivation, and it can even interfere with the whole progress of Fa-rectification. At the same time, our impure thoughts give the evil a chance to take further advantage of us.

There was fellow practitioner who was sent to a hospital after he was tortured by policemen. He wanted to get out of the hospital and several practitioners decided to pick him up. After talking to his family, his family agreed to the plan. Two practitioners took a taxi in order to get there and leave there fast. The other two took the bus. After they arrived at the designated meeting place, one practitioner who was good at computers was asked to stay to teach some other practitioners how to use the computers. Another practitioner was asked to do something else. So only two of them went to the hospital. On their way to the hospital, one of them realized that the evil had divided the practitioners' strength. The evil had undermined the righteous field. He immediately started to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in the hospital ward. But it was too late. That practitioner's family members changed their minds and refused to let him go. These two practitioners had no other choice but to leave. The next day, the police took that practitioner back to the prison. His family was overcome with regret. Through this matter, these practitioners realized how important it is to deal with things with righteous thoughts. They had been trying to shatter the evil's arrangements; however, the evil still took advantage of them. It was correct to pick up that practitioner, but when things began to change, they didn't see through the old forces' arrangements in time. Thus they unintentionally followed the evil's arrangements.

Teacher said in his Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, "Even each Dafa disciple's every move, every action, every word, and even the questions you ponder, none of it is that simple. In the future you'll see that everything was very carefully arranged. But it's not me who arranged this, it's the old forces who did." We need to distinguish between the thoughts imposed by the old forces from the hints given to us by Teacher. Teacher told us, "Most fundamentally, you all still need to establish your great mighty virtue in the process of shattering the old forces' persecution..." ("Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples"). "What history has bestowed upon Dafa disciples are all the most magnificent things. At present, all that you are doing is the most sacred, all that you are doing is for the sentient beings, and all that you are doing is creating the future" (From "Teacher's Congratulatory Statement to the New York Fa Conference").

We should understand everything that happens during the Fa-rectification period from the basis of the Fa, by keeping righteous thoughts all the time. We need to be responsible to the Fa, to our fellow practitioners, and to ourselves. We need to leave no chance for the evil to take advantage of us.