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Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp Authorities Instigate "Transformed" People to Torture Dafa Practitioners

April 16, 2002 |  


1. One day in April 2000, after he came to realize his mistake, Mr. Liu Jiankai went to the forced labor camp officials to clarify the truth and demand the return of the "Regret Letter"[renouncing Falun Gong] that he wrote in the past due to the persecution and brainwashing. When deputy division chief Yue Qingquan from the No. 3 Division learned about it, he became exasperated and rushed to the fourth squad with Mr. Liu Jiankai's "Regret Letter" in his hand and fiercely tried to push him to the ground. Mr. Liu was filled with righteous power and he stood strong against the attack. Yue then instigated the collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] in the squad, Jin Haoyou, Zhang Haiyan, and others to forcedly throw Mr. Liu Jiankai to the ground. Some stepped on him and others pushed him, which almost suffocated Mr. Liu. Deputy division chief Yue even sat on Liu Jiankai's body and loudly read the "Regret Letter" to the entire squad.

2. On April 28, 2000, police officer Zhao Jiang in the No. 3 Division asked everyone to go out to perform an exercise to "straighten out the energy channels." Dafa practitioner Deng Huaying refused. Zhao Jiang instigated the collaborators and a common prisoner to forcefully drag Deng Huaying out, but he still didn't cooperate. The prisoner came over and hit him twice with his fists right in front of officer Zhao Jiang and another police officer. Deng Huaying questioned the evil scoundrel why they were beating him? Zhao Jiang instigated the collaborators to fabricate a report saying that Deng Huaying violated camp regulations, so they sent Deng Huaying to the "strict discipline team" by force and brutally tortured him for a month.

3. Deng Jinghua, a collaborator in the fifth squad of the No. 3 Division, joined other "transformed" people to brutally torture Dafa practitioner Mr. Wu Jun. Because Mr. Wu Jun was firm in his belief he refused to give in. Deng Jinghua continually slapped his face and hit his arm. Seeing that the practitioner remained unmoved, he brutally kicked Mr. Wu Jun's face, arms and all over his body. As a result, the practitioner's eyes and most of his face became swollen and covered with bruises. His arms were red and swollen, too horrifying to look at. The vicious police officers were afraid that the evil they instigated might be exposed to the public. To cover up their crimes, they had a collaborator accompany Wu Jun on a daily walk every evening. Their real motive was to have this collaborator monitor Wu Jun, to threaten and torture him and ruin his body and mind, so as to destroy a Dafa practitioner's righteous faith and will.

4. A collaborator from the 6th squad, Yao Feng, was extremely vicious and cruel. He showed up in every squad, using all kinds of means to torture Dafa practitioners. The method he often used was forcing them to guzzle huge amounts of ice-cold water. One day, he went to the 4th squad, trying to force Mr. Liu Jiankai to drink the cold water. Mr. Liu Jiankai, however, was full of righteous power and looked right into the evil's eyes. Thus, Yao Feng's evil scheme failed.

5. Mo Haitao, a collaborator from the 4th squad, appears to be friendly. However, this is to cover up the fact that he is actually extremely fierce, cruel and vicious. He is directly responsible for driving Dafa practitioner Jiang Yongjun to mental collapse. Evil police officers manipulated Mo Haitao secretly. Under the instigation of the evil, they strictly controlled steadfast practitioners Jiang Yongjun, Liu Jiankai, and others. During the day, they punished the practitioners by ordering them stand continuously or do the "military squat;" and also organized a group of collaborators to attack them. They were timed and watched while going to the restroom. At night, they were pressured to write the "Regret Letter" while being physically punished and refused sleep. They were also forced into a "line formation" and had to jog during the daytime; they tried all possible means to destroy the practitioners' wills. When all of these methods didn't work, the labor camp instructed Mo Haitao increased the intensity of punishments on them.

Under Mo Haitao's instigation, the collaborators held the two practitioners under the bed, to "examine themselves" and didn't allow them to sleep. They assigned people in turn to watch the two. Whenever they resisted, did not comply or even fell to the ground when their feet went numb and could not support their bodies, Mo Haitao would hit Jiang Yongjun's face and head, twist his arms, kick him and continually spread evil propaganda to him. Before Mo Haitao left the camp, he had specifically compiled a set of evil rumors to further poison Dafa practitioners. Because of his "contribution" to the persecution of practitioners, he was released before his term had expired. He had even "transformed" his own wife. After he was released, he even went to the labor camp where his wife stayed to further persecute Dafa practitioners there.

Zhao Fugui and Cai Jincheng forced Mr. Liu Jiankai to do the "military squat" in the reading room of the No. 3 Division, which caused Mr. Liu Jiankai to break out in a torturous sweat. Then, Zhao Fugui forced Mr. Liu Jiankai to gulp a large amount of ice-cold water. If practitioner Liu Jiankai did not comply, then Zhao would pour the water over his body.

One night, the collaborators from the 4th squad continued torturing practitioners Mr. Liu Jiankai and Jiang Yongjun, forcing them to squat under the bed. The two did not cooperate with them. Collaborator Pang Li from the 5th squad, a person who often beat and cursed Dafa practitioners inhumanly, came over and furiously kicked and cursed them for a while.

Since Jiang Yongjun did not cooperate with the evil, the collaborators led by Jin Haoyou brutally beat him, also attempting to use the method called "cold water shower" to force him to give up Dafa. The ruffians tied him to the bed, forbade him from using the bathroom and deprived him of sleep. The next morning, they discovered that Jiang Yongjun had relieved himself on the bed. The evils saw that Jiang Yongjun did not give up and was still firm in his faith in Dafa. Infuriated, Jin Haoyou attacked Jiang Yongjun even more viciously. The practitioner was nearly tortured to death, and completely lost control of his bowels and bladder. During next day's roll call, the cruel policemen instructed He Jinghong to follow Jiang Yongjun from the behind to force him to run laps around the grounds, continuing the physical and mental tortures. These inhuman physical and mental tortures caused Jiang Yongjun to suffer a mental collapse.

In order to cover up the crimes instigated by the labor camp, the camp authorities blamed Mr. Jiang Yongjun's mental state on the practice of Falun Gong.

Inside the evil "assistant group for education," the vicious policemen paraded Mr. Jiang Yongjun around, misleading the masses who did not know the truth, and they proclaimed, "Here is the result of refusing to become transformed." They tried to cover up their forced brainwashing with a mantle of legality. Behind the "legal" cover, the evil persons also used the "transformation" opportunities to recklessly pursue their own gains. For example, the reward for "transforming" one practitioner was a trip worth 5,500 Yuan for the person responsible plus another 5,500 Yuan for a companion. The police used this as a great opportunity to waste money for their own pleasure.

In addition, in order to hide the truth from outside investigations about Falun Gong practitioners' human rights violations, the labor camp videotaped a frequently asked question and answer list that was full of lies, and had everyone memorize them and answer questions based on the list whenever it might be needed.

6. The labor camp also forced practitioners to perform heavy manual labor, such as digging trenches, which was very difficult and exhausting. The evils forced practitioners Zhao Ming [a graduate student in Ireland, now released due to great efforts from kind-hearted people around the world], Qin Wei, Liu Jiankai and Deng Huaiying to clean up the pipes and bathrooms at night, and dig trenches starting at 5 a.m. The guards gave them the toughest, the most exhausting and the filthiest work. During the day, these practitioners were doing the same heavy work as everyone else; at night, while others were resting, they were forced to sit on benches in a reading room and listen to the collaborator Jiang Tiejun read anti-Falun Gong propaganda. The forced brainwashing would last until midnight.

April 2, 2002