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A Horrible Incident at the No.1 Detention Center of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

April 15, 2002 |   By a Dafa practitioner in Hebei Province

(Clearwisdom.net) This February, because of reading Falun Gong books in public places, I was arrested on fabricated charges by the law-breaking police and thrown into the No.1 Detention Center of Shijiazhuang City. In the cell, other practitioners told me a very horrible and yet touching story.

More than one month before, the environment there had been different. At that time, the practitioners could practice freely and the cell trustee would not interfere. Later, in order to prove their innocence, the practitioners demanded unconditional release and refused to respond during roll-call. They first raised the issue with the guard in charge of their cell, Yan. Upon hearing their request, Yan became very angry. He first put shackles of the type used for condemned criminals on Dafa practitioner Wei Tianchen. However, no practitioners were intimidated by his action. Then, Guard Yan instigated the cell trustee and other criminals to "help educate" the Dafa practitioners. They first ejected the practitioners from their beds and forced them to sleep on the cement floor for one month. Then, they searched out and confiscated all Dafa articles and forbade the practitioners from practicing and sending forth righteous thoughts. If they caught practitioners doing these things, they would beat up the practitioners. As soon as they saw the practitioners erect their hands before their chests, they would rush over and start kicking and beating. Once, the cell trustee instructed each inmate to pour three basins of icy water on the body of Wei Tianchen. Wei's clothes, including her cotton coat, were fully soaked with water, dripping continuously. Since she was wearing shackles, she could not take her clothes off. In the frigid winter air, she had to dry her clothes with the heat of her body.

Despite the harsh measures, no Dafa practitioners gave in, which made Guard Yan more anxious. He threatened to "seal the cell." All the inmates in the cell were scared at the news, because that meant they would be totally isolated from the outside world: except three meals being supplied each day, they would have nothing else. If they got sick, they could not see a doctor; the trash would not be removed and would keep accumulating; no daily necessities such as toilet tissue or sanitary napkins would be available. Upon hearing the news, the inmates panicked. They first dragged Dafa practitioner Liu Runling into the lavatory, stripped her and beat her up badly. Seeing that it was to no avail, they resorted to the most vicious things one could do to a woman. They pinched the most sensitive parts of her body, inserted dirty stuff such as hair and used tissues into her vagina, and pierced her with needles. With every puncture, they would ask: "Roll call or not?" Ms. Liu's continuous screams came out of the lavatory and made even some criminal inmates sympathetic. A woman in her 50's made several attempts to break into the lavatory, but received a hard kick on her chest from one of the evil inmates guarding the door. She lost consciousness right on spot and had breathing difficulties for the next few days. This inhuman performance continued for a total of 40 minutes before the inmates came out of the lavatory and triumphantly declared: "One is done!" By then, the gentle and kind-hearted Dafa practitioner Liu Runling was on the brink of collapse.

Liu Runling realized that she had given in to the evil and had not behaved well enough. So she decided to expose the evil. Think what kind of courage it took to do so in such an evil environment! Nevertheless, she believed the evil must be stopped from committing crimes against other Dafa practitioners. When she felt such compassion in her heart, Master arranged an opportunity for her: Guard Yan, who rarely visited the cell, suddenly came to the cell one day. It happened that the cell trustee was out at the time. So Liu Runling used the opportunity to tell of her experience and show her wounds to Guard Yan. After the guard left, the evil inmates went up to her and started beating and kicking her from one end of the cell to the other. Later, Guard Yan called her into the office and examined her wounds in detail: Almost her whole body was covered with wounds; both her breasts had turned black and needle holes could be found all over her body.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of Dafa practitioners are still illegally detained in Chinese detention centers and labor camps, and such brutal incidents are constantly happening. Dafa practitioners are under protracted abuse and torture, and their lives and safety are in great danger. Therefore, we call on all international human rights organizations and all kind-hearted people around the world to take immediate action to stop the brutal persecution, reinstate Dafa's legal status, and restore people's right to practice "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance."

Note: Wei Tianchen and Liu Runling are the two practitioners' real names. Here are some details about them:

(1) Wei Tianchen, female, around 45 years old, was a cadre at Hebei Provincial Decoration Corp. and holds a bachelor's degree. In May 2000, she went to Beijing to validate Dafa but was illegally sentenced to a two year labor term in Squad 4 of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp. In November the same year, she was illegally transferred to Squad 5. She started a hunger strike around December, which lasted for a total of 30 days, and was finally released when she was on the brink of losing her life. In July 2001, she was abducted by the criminal police officials while she was clarifying the truth to the public, and has been detained in No.1 Detention Center for nine months.

(2) Liu Runling, female, around 38 years old, was a clerk at a cosmetics store and holds a two-year college degree. On the evening of September 28, 2001, she was abducted at Kaida residential district in Shijiazhuang and beaten up harshly. She was brought to Penghoujie Police Station and then transferred to No.1 Detention Center and has been detained there for six months. Her husband, Yang Xiaojie, was also abducted at the same time and was forced to sit on an iron chair for seven days and nights consecutively. He was later transferred to No.1 Detention Center and then to Xinle City Detention Center, and is now being detained in Dongfeng Road Detention Center of Shijiazhuang City. It's not known what kind of conspiracy the conscienceless and corrupt officials will concoct to further abuse the couple.

No.1 Detention Center of Shijiazhuang City:

Tel: 86-311-778-3741 Address: 31 Beijiao Street

Director: Wang Shuting Tel: 86-311-778-3741

Deputy Director: Nie Shuzhen Tel: 86-311-778-3740

Du Zhenjie Tel: 86-311-778-4074

Administrative Director: Wang Li Tel: 86-311-778-3486

Director of Division II: Qiu Guojian

Policeman: Yan Zhenjun

Director of Division III: Wang Fusheng Tel: 86-311-778-2894