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The Severe Torture of Practitioners at Tumuji Female Labor Camp

April 15, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The unlawful acts of the police at Tumuji Female Labor Camp are another example of the inhumane and cruel persecution of Dafa practitioners.

Nearly one hundred practitioners are in detention at Tumuji Female Labor Camp. Every day practitioners are under 24-hour supervision, and are repeatedly abused and beaten. If a practitioner is a little careless, she will be punched and kicked. In worse situations, the guards remove practitioners' clothing and shock them with high-voltage electric batons for one or two hours. Because of the abuse, many practitioners have been seriously injured, or crippled, and have lost the ability to take care of themselves. The internal organs of many practitioners have been severely damaged. Some are in danger of losing their lives. In order to cover these crimes, the officials at Tumuji female labor camp try their best to block the news of how the practitioners are tortured and abused. They block all attempts to conduct an investigation.

Below are some facts about the persecution of Dafa practitioners:

Yin Guijuan, female, is the chief of Team One, and a known murderer. In order to stop practitioners from doing the exercises, she has kicked practitioners Yang Chunxiang, Li Yumei, and Lu Hongwei in their private parts, chest, and breast. She even inserted an electric baton into their mouths to shock them. Four to five policewomen surrounded and beat the practitioners, stepped on their bodies, and shouted without any feeling of humanity, "What fun! What fun!" This is the actual description of how Tumuji female labor camp has entirely lost any semblance of humanity. The vice chief of the Team, Zhou Guoling, female, and policewoman Wu Hongxia, female, beat practitioners many times. Last autumn practitioners Wang Yin, and Zhang Liyuan could not bear the abuse, and escaped from their cell. They were caught and brought back by these two policewomen. To punish them, the policewomen shocked and beat them for a few hours. Wang Yin's head was swollen and bruised, and she lapsed into a coma for several days. She could not take care of herself for four months after the beating.

Because practitioner Jia Haiying did not fold her quilt, policewoman Su Hong slapped her face continuously 24 times, which caused Jia's teeth to be loosened and her facial skin to crack severely. She finally fainted and fell to the ground. Since then, Jia Haiying has not been able to get out of bed. Policewoman Wang Guirong kicked practitioner Ji Yunzhi until she fell to the ground because she said, "Falun Dafa is good. My teacher is good." Several of her ribs broke from being kicked so brutally. Then two male guards dragged Ji to the office and shocked her for two hours using a high voltage electric baton. Because of this torture, Ji has become incontinent, and her legs are paralyzed. Practitioner Fan Xiaoli refused to sing the prisoners' song, so the director of Team Two, Luo Jinyun, shocked her until she started having convulsions. Now she is unable to walk. Practitioner Wang Chunyan could not walk after she was shocked with an electric baton. Policewomen Na Renhua, Liu Xiuhua and Yang Jie still cursed her and yelled, "If you cannot walk, then crawl!"

Practitioners Guo Xiuyin, Yang Chunxiang, Wang Xiujie, Wang Chunyan, Zhao Guicun, Zhang Xiuxia, Li Yumei, Wang Shuqin, Zhou Caixia, Wang Xiuyun, Zhai Cuixia, Zhao Jiqin, Zhang Fenglan, and Wang Liqin were shocked with electric batons because they practiced the exercises. Three or four policemen surrounded and beat one practitioner. They kicked and punched them, ripped off their clothes, and attacked their necks with electric batons. Fu Guiying's face was full of red marks; her face swelled, and was disfigured. Zhao Guicun, and Zhang Xiuxia's legs were pinched until the skin got blotchy and discolored. Li Yumei's hair was pulled out in two large clumps. Four large guards grabbed Wang Xiujie and threw her to the ground. Wang Chunyan was shocked with an electric baton until her legs were paralyzed. Because Liang Liang remained steadfast in her belief in Falun Gong, a guard tortured her by hanging a heavy bucket full of water from her neck and slapping her. Because Lu Xiumei recited "Hong Yin," she was shocked with an electric baton, and beaten. Then the guards pinched her breasts, hips, and private parts. She was hurt so badly that she could no longer walk. Liu Huirong, Guo Junxiu, Liu Chunyan, Li Chunxia, Liu Zhun, and Liu Xiaoxin were hung up to the air and forbidden to sleep. Guards removed Liu Chunyan's pants in order to humiliate her. Peng Huiyi refused to repeat the prison's slogan, so the guards punched her so hard that her teeth fell out. She did not complete an "assignment," and was beaten again. Wang Yin could not bear the torture and attempted to escape, but was caught, brought back, and beaten. The severity of the beating caused her to lose her hearing, and there was bleeding in her brain.

Kindhearted and righteous people! Let us condemn the atrocities of Jiang Zemin. Let us stop this cruel persecution. We call for justice. We call for compassion. Release our sisters in jail! Release all Dafa practitioners who are in jail!

A Dafa practitioner who has been detained in Tumuji Labor Camp