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The Fundamental Value of the Law is to Uphold Justice

March 30, 2002 |   By Yan Shan

(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I heard some unfounded accusations concerning the actions of some practitioners. For instance, some people tried to find out whether Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong did indeed commit one or two actions such as pushing or biting, and try to make their judgments on this basis. Regarding the event involving Changchun Falun Gong practitioners playing the video about the truth of Falun Gong on TV, many people admire their courage very much. However quite a few people also thought that although it may have been good, it is nevertheless not quite right, since the Changcun Falun Gong practitioners have violated some rules, so "naturally" they would be persecuted.

In fact, this is not "natural" at all. We must understand that the initial intention for human beings to make a law is to protect and uphold justice in the human world. Therefore, the fundamental value of the law is also to uphold justice.

When human beings are able to discipline themselves according to the human moral standards set by Heaven, there is no need to make laws in human society; when the human moral standards descend to such a level that some people dare to harm others for their own interests or even bring calamity to the country and the people, then as an external tool, a law is formed and takes effect. With the continual descent of human moral standards, today even the law itself is not based on morality. A good part of it has degenerated and has lost its foundation of justice. It has become the tool through which killers or criminal groups escape from their crimes, or even a weapon for feudalist dictators to oppress and cruelly persecute the people. Such degenerate laws and rules can only help a tyrant do evil and further suffocate justice in the human world. It must therefore be rectified or eliminated.

Recently, the Hong Kong police, acting as Jiang's thugs, openly bullied and oppressed Falun Gong practitioners who were peacefully appealing. They even resorted to the typical tactic of the Communist regime to conjure up a countercharge of "violating the law" against the victims. Such a phenomenon directly exposes the dark side of the judicial system and should be denounced in public by those who have righteous thoughts and want to protect social morality. As for the "Changchun TV event," in situations where believers of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" are persecuted with the orders of "Discredit (Falun Gong practitioners) politically, strangle (them) financially and eliminate (them) physically"; "beating (Falun Gong practitioners) to death accounts for nothing and such death is counted as suicide," where just by saying a sincere word, one can be sent to a forced labor camp, be beaten to death and be cremated secretly, where there is no place to complain when an innocent family member was beaten to death, and where even the Constitution itself cannot discipline a corrupt government that violates its own Constitution, then the relevant rules of law can only serve as killing swords and beating clubs of the dictator. How can such corrupt laws serve as a foundation of justice in this human world? Is the law meant to help a tyrant do evil? What would the consequences be to the public and the society if such situations were allowed to continue?

Only when it is able to uphold justice, can law truly deserve to be called law; otherwise it is just a domestic discipline tool in the hands of thugs. Only when men of law enforcement can stand up for justice, do they deserve to be called law enforcement officers. Otherwise they are just gangsters or bandits in police clothing. A healthy and peaceful society must respect justice, or everyone in society will feel unsafe and the country will not be able to function as a true country.