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My Experience of Breaking Away From a Forced Labor Camp with Righteous Thoughts

December 17, 2002 |  

November 5, 2002


I was distributing truth clarification materials in March 2002 when I was illegally arrested and sentenced to a forced labor camp without trial.

I conducted a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The prison guards tried to shake my determination. They sent collaborators (former Dafa practitioners who have gone astray under pressure and torture) to talk to me, but I did not pay any attention to their words. I refused to comply with any order. The prison guards tortured me using various techniques. I was brutally force fed. Two guards twisted and held my arms behind my back, another one grabbed my hair, and others used a crowbar to open my mouth. They pinched my nose and poured the stuff directly into my mouth. Later they threw me aside without regard of whether I was dead or alive. When I was about to lose consciousness, they sent me to the hospital and forcefully injected an intravenous drip. During this time, the police guards tortured me again. One criminal took off her shoe and beat my head with it. I was on hunger strike for 19 days with only one thought in my mind, "I am doing the most righteous thing; how can I cooperate with the evil? The police asked Falun Dafa practitioners to attend a brainwashing class. I used my righteous thoughts to resist them. Afterwards, they never asked me to "study" again. Later on, I recited the Fa with another practitioner. We shared experiences and encouraged each other to break through the evil's persecution. Two people who had been forcefully brainwashed became clear minded again. After that the police never troubled me. As long as your mind is on the Fa and you confront the evil directly, there is no obstacle that cannot be broken through.

Later the police moved me to the third floor. I firmly resisted the evil and firmly believed in Master Li and the Fa. I refused to perform any forced labor so the police captain cuffed me to a chair for 8 days. Criminals were instigated to continuously bombard me with slander and beat my head. This time I went on a hunger strike for nine days. Since my righteous thought was very pure, my body reflected the divine side. I did not feel any pain. I felt as if "sitting comfortably in an eggshell." (the optimal state for sitting in meditation). Though I did not eat or drink, I did not feel hungry. I felt wonderful.

The third floor was more evil than the first floor. I was watched all the time. There was no personal freedom, not even to use the washroom. I refused to perform the prison exercises. The police saw that my heart did not move and they let it go. They did not ask any of us to do morning exercises or sing again. One day when I was talking to a practitioner, the cell leader stopped us from talking and hit us with her shoe. After hitting us, she passed out on the floor on her way to the bathroom. She had to be carried back.

During the hunger strike, in order for any relatives to visit, each one had to purchase a book that slandered Dafa. Each book cost 10 Yuan. Without purchasing the book, visits were not allowed.

After the illegal sentence was up, Falun Dafa practitioners were not allowed to go home. Therefore I went on a hunger strike again. The criminal that was on duty hit my head, causing internal bleeding. The corner of my eye, temple, and other places were swollen, I was bleeding, and my body was covered with bruises. I was bedridden, and I conducted another hunger strike for 10 days. My mouth tasted sweet and it felt like syrup from heaven. Such a wonderful condition cannot be described by ordinary words; only by experiencing it can you realize the profundity of Dafa. Only when the heart is on the Fa, letting go of all attachments and desires, and getting rid of humanness, can the most sacred and profound side of Dafa be shown. This is the magnificence of a Dafa practitioner. Over the past few years, I went on hunger strike six times. Every time I broke through the arrangements of the evil.

Later on the police took my blood pressure. It had reached a very high level. They were afraid that I might die, so to avoid responsibility for my death, they sent me to the hospital.

Later, in order to shirk their responsibility, the labor camp sent me home. My body recovered very soon, and I regained my health.

The evil sentenced me for three years; it took me five months to break away from the labor camp with dignity.