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Editorial: Global Activity of Intensively Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Concludes

Nov. 2, 2002

(Minghui.org, 11/1/02) This global activity of intensively sending forth righteous thoughts can now conclude, so in regards to sending forth righteous thoughts on a daily basis please revert back to the way it was done before October. Dafa disciples in and out of China will continue to make good use of this time to do well in the three matters of studying the Fa well, clarifying the truth, and sending forth righteous thoughts. The overseas practitioners' daily activities of sending forth righteous thoughts around the various Chinese Consulates and clarifying the truth will still continue in an orderly manner until the persecution is ended.

In mid to late October of 2002, the head of the evil Jiang left China, concentrating and bringing along the evil that normally hides scattered in various places to the United States and Mexico. Faced with this great opportunity that comes so rarely, Falun Gong cultivators all over the world on their own initiative began the activity of sending forth righteous thoughts intensively, using Dafa cultivators' pure, righteous mind intent to purge the evil substances and elements that specialize in directing wicked people in the world to do evil deeds from other dimensions. Practitioners have maintained their determined belief -- upholding Truth, exposing the persecution and being responsible to society, and used their abilities obtained through cultivating in Dafa. As one body, they have culminated the strongest effort of collectively eliminating the evil with righteous thoughts in the history of our Fa-rectification cultivation, and the result has been very good.

It has been verified that due to the participation of Dafa disciples all over the world, especially the determined participation of the general population of Mainland Chinese Dafa disciples, the universe's few remaining old forces, as well as the evil that they had planned to leave behind as reserves, have been destroyed in large quantities. This will serve a very important function in lessening the evil beings' persecution of Dafa, Dafa disciples and the world's people before the force of Fa-rectification arrives, and reducing losses. At the same time, in the course of clarifying the truth, Dafa disciples in and out of China have already begun to experience that people's hearts are turning more compassionate, and that more people are willing to find out about the truth. Many people who were originally poisoned have reestablished for themselves the foundation for entering the future through looking at the truth of the matter righteously, and it is already very difficult for the persecution in many regions of Mainland China to be sustained like the evil desires. (There have already been a few reports of specific events that have been provided with the help of fellow practitioners in various locations.) Even though the evil is still fabricating different illusions and attempting to continue to intensify the persecution, more of the truth has not been clearly reflected in this dimension of human society for the time being, or this has been partially reflected but not reported in a timely manner -- in the near future, many heartening major changes will inevitably become known to the world's people more and more, and the evil's localized persecution will completely disintegrate amidst the Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts that are becoming purer and more determined.

Over the last three years, that head of the evil in China has used the entire nation's financial resources, television, print media, radio, diplomatic means, spies -- every tool that can be mobilized, to slander and defame Falun Dafa and Dafa cultivators, misleading and poisoning billions of people, including the media and the general public in and out of Mainland China for a long period of time, destroying the futures of countless beings in the universe. So the will of heaven has decided on how it will formally end in the human world, and it must be a form that will leave an indelible impression on everyone that witnesses the episode. Only then can the evildoer be fully punished in the human world based on heavenly principles, allowing people to understand just how sad and despicable a being is that has committed sins of cosmic proportions.

Fa-rectification is still ongoing. "Dafa disciples are now sentient beings' only, sole hope for salvation." ("Righteous Thoughts") This activity of globally sending forth righteous thoughts intensively has been entered into the annals of Fa-rectification. Everyone has worked very hard, but we will not slack off or become complacent. Instead, before the mighty force of Fa-rectification arrives, in the environment that we have created we will continue to utilize Dafa disciples' powerful righteous thoughts and make good use of our time to clarify the truth, purge the evil, and offer salvation to the world's people!