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Reflections after Studying Master's New Article, "Righteous Thoughts"

October 28, 2002 |   By a Dafa Practitioner in the U.S.

(Clearwisdom.net) Two days ago, late at night, I received "Righteous Thoughts" -- the new article from Master.

When I read that "Dafa disciples are now sentient beings' only, sole hope for salvation," my heart was so strongly moved that my tears flowed freely.

A clear dream I had three years ago came back to my mind: sunshine, blue sky, white clouds, and clear waters. People lay on the beach in swimming suits. Suddenly an ear-pounding roar came from afar. I raised my head, and saw huge waves heading toward the people like waterfalls being pushed horizontally at high speed. Before I could react, I was lifted by a thin thread attached to my waist. I shouted as loud as I could at the people on the beach to tell them to run away. However, the roaring had become so loud that no one could hear my shouting at all. Even if they could, it would have been too late.

I had taken this as a hint that time is pressing, and therefore I have done all that I can to help save others in a hurry. Indeed, I have been spreading the Fa and telling others the facts about Falun Gong. Later on I realized that this was the arrangement of the old forces, an experiment of which had been conducted in a remote prehistoric era. The old forces wanted to destroy almost everything in 1999 except for the few who had acquired the Fa. Yet our Master of great compassion, forbearing what no one could forbear, has eradicated their arrangement and has gotten rid of "the peril in 1999 from the cycle of formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction of Heaven and Earth," ("The Blessings from Dafa") and rearranged the timeline for us to help save sentient beings.

When I read the last paragraph in Master's new article, "Righteous Thoughts" -- "To reduce the losses, and to save sentient beings, put your Dafa disciples' powerful righteous thoughts to full use! Show your Mighty Virtue!" -- my heart was once again greatly shaken. In the final battle between the righteous and the evil, to thwart the arrangement by the old forces, Master has pushed us to the highest realm, so high that even we ourselves cannot imagine. Our divine powers which are assimilated to the Fa in other dimensions have been unlocked so that we can send forth strong righteous thoughts to save sentient beings with the mighty virtue of Dafa disciples.

In the section "Qigong is Cultivation Practice" of the first lecture in Zhuan Falun, Master has told us, "as a person sits there, without moving his hands or feet, he is able to do what others cannot do even with their hands and feet...." In the past, when I read this sentence during Fa study, I always felt that it would take me forever to get to this stage of cultivation. However, during the Fa-rectification cultivation, under the frenzied persecution, Master has pushed us to this stage in one single step. Having been placed at this stage of cultivation, we have to keep in mind what Master has mentioned when teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference, "...you are, after all, magnificent cultivators and are different from everyday people. But if you use this for something a cultivator shouldn't, it won't work; as soon as the thought arises, retribution will follow or your level will drop. Remember this!"

Currently those wicked devils and rotten demons (manipulating people in this world to commit evil deeds from other dimensions) are no longer able to accomplish what they want to do. To protect Jiang during his visit to the U.S., they will definitely assemble each and every one of them. These evils insist on giving us the opportunity to eradicate them, and we will then make good use of the opportunity. The free land of the U.S. is the best place for sending forth righteous thoughts (that is, pure and righteous intentions) in close proximity. The opportunity that Dafa practitioners in Mainland China did not get, at the cost of their lives, has come to us. What else could we not let go of that prevents us from stepping forward?

Many practitioners may have a hard time visualizing the arrangements that have been made in Houston by the old forces. Below are some things that have surfaced, and they may give us some insights.

October 16, 2002