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Promoting the Fa in Front of the Education Division of the Chinese Embassy in France

January 19, 2002 |   By French Practitioners

January 18, 2002

French Dafa practitioners realize that clarifying the truth to Chinese students overseas is an important hongfa activity.

For several years, the Education Division of the Chinese Embassy in France is open to Chinese students every Saturday afternoon, and many students come to attend various activities. Dafa practitioners decided to take this good opportunity to hongfa to the Chinese students.

Passers-by pay attention to Falun GongDafa BannersClarifying the truth

The practitioners selected a site some distance from the Education Division so that the students could accept Dafa literature without being monitored. This site was located at the intersection and along the only route from the subway to the Education Division. There are many passers-by, making it an excellent site for promoting the Fa.

The practitioners prepared the booklet, The Journey of Returning the Truth in Chinese, truth-clarifying VCDs in Chinese and SOS hongfa materials in French. We were pleased to notice that the majority of the students were glad to accept our hongfa literature with a smile. As Teacher said in the Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, "you've found that when you explain the truth about the persecution to people again, they're not as indifferent as before and they're happy to accept it." Many of the students stopped by, looked the posters carefully, and talked to the practitioners to learn the truth. Some asked where to buy Falun Gong books and the location of a practice site.

Many passers-by stopped by, talked with the practitioners and inquired about how to help to stop the persecution.