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Pingdu City Mental Hospital Forcefully Administers Dangerous Drugs to Healthy Dafa Practitioners (Part 1)

September 01, 2001 |  


The Victim's Background:

Name: Zhang Yonghong

Gender: Female

Age: 39

Education: Junior College

Occupation: Former enterprise accountant; was forced to quit due to having appealed for Falun Gong to higher authorities.

Mental illness history: None

The course of events leading to being kidnapped to a mental hospital:

Because I firmly practiced Falun Dafa and pedaled 900 kilometers to Beijing to appeal with two other Dafa practitioners by bicycle, the police and my former work unit's staff members sent me back to my former work unit. When a hospital vehicle came, I knew that the people in it were from a mental hospital. As the male doctor, whose last name was Liu, approached, I said to him, "You are doctors. You must observe medical ethics. I'm very normal and clear-headed. I absolutely have no illness. I don't need you." At that time, Doctor Liu said, "Your work unit's leaders and the police are all very concerned about you and want us to take you to the hospital for a check up. If you have no illness, you will be sent back." This was an obvious deception. I said, "It should be voluntary even for a check-up. No hospital should force people to see a doctor. I don't have any illnesses. I don't need a check-up." Doctor Liu then started dragging me. I struggled and resisted with all my strength. Later, the driver and Nurse Li came and pulled my hair, pushed me onto the floor, and then forced me into their vehicle and hauled me directly to the hospital.

Hospitalization date: June 6, 2000

Location: Pingdu City, Sixth People's Hospital (mental hospital)

Chief Instigator: Pingdu City Police Department

Victim's standpoint: practice Dafa firmly and object to being hospitalized

Signature for agreement: none

The person who signed the hospitalization document: unknown

Terms for not being hospitalized: No terms could be negotiated; everything was forced

The situation after being hospitalized:

Doctor in charge: Doctor Jin (name is unknown), female, age: 40s

Diagnostic procedures: none

Diagnostic results: none

Treatment: Treatments mainly consisted of administering medicines, injections and electric shocks. The hospital dean, the doctor in charge and the police talked to the victim and asked her to give up practicing Falun Gong. She was ordered not to read Dafa books or practice; otherwise, she would be tied to the bed, with arms and legs separated.


Was the victim informed about diagnostic results? No.

Were the medicines used explained to the victim? No.

Symptom to be treated: the victim understood from their conversation that they wanted to make her lose her memory of Falun Gong through the use of drugs.

Were the side effects of the treatments and drugs explained to the victim? No.

Dosage: three times a day a small bunch of pills were administered, which included about five different kinds of medicine; in addition, an injection was given in the evening.

The punishment for refusing to take medicines: They would call on male psychopaths, or doctors and nurses working together to force the victim down, pinch her nose and force the medicines into her mouth and down her throat, or they would increase the dosage and give her electric shocks. The names of the medicines forced upon the victim were unknown.

The reaction and symptoms after taking medicines: slow cerebral response, partial memory loss, stiff eyes, yellowish complexion, slowed movements and constant tearing.

The situation after been discharged:

Number of days hospitalized: 16

Diagnostic documents upon discharge: none

Follow up treatment: none

The situation after being discharged: The victim suffered greatly, but through practicing and Fa study, she returned to her previous good health three months later.

The persecution against other Dafa practitioners:

The vicious people forced 9 Dafa practitioners into the mental hospital for inhuman torture. Dafa practitioner Zhang Fuzheng was tortured to death.

Practitioners who have been illegally forced into labor camp: Han Shenglong, Wan Baoying, Zhang Shuying, Wang Xiuge, Liu Suqin, Sun Jinlang, Jin Fujiu, Gao Lianying, Wang Xien, Wei Shuping, Guan Shujuan and Wang Hongmin.

Practitioners illegally detained: Most practitioners have been detained and fined. Some even have been fined 18 thousand RMB (1 US dollar = 8.33 RMB).

List of criminals and ruffians:

Perpetrators: the work unit: Pingdu City Committee and City Political and Judiciary Committee

Shi Weibin, chief of Pingdu City Police Department Political and Security Section

Hatchetmen: Yu Bin, Sun Yuhai