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A Family's Persecution by the Mudanjiang Normal University of Heilongjiang Province

August 27, 2001 |  

Mr. Wang is an employee of Mudanjiang Normal University in Mudanjiang City of Heilongjiang Province. He was arrested after appealing to the central government while with his wife and child. After being picked up by Yang Dajun, a middle-level manager from his work, Mr. Wang was thrown into a detention center. His 5-year-old son was also kept in the detention center with his mother for the night. Later on Mr. Wang was sentenced to 3 years in prison without legal procedures.

In August, Mr. Wang was in critical condition and was diagnosed as having cirrhosis of the liver, ascites caused by cirrhosis of the liver and hepatorenal synthesized symptom (liver-kidney disease) while in the labor camp. Shi Hongtao and others from the Propaganda Unit of the Normal University tried to obstruct Mr. Wang's release on bail for medical treatment in every possible way. Later they very reluctantly allowed Wang's family members to guarantee his release for medical treatment, only after seeing Wang's life was in danger.

Since September, Mr. Wang was resting at home. In early December, in order to avoid any responsibility for causing Mr. Wang's illness, Shi Hongtao and Yang Dajun colluded with the prison authorities and deceived Mr. Wang into going back to prison, despite the fact that Mr. Wang was urinating blood and almost lost eyesight in both eyes. He also has 80-year old parents, an unemployed wife, and a young child whom nobody is available to take care of.

His family members have not been able to see him, or heard anything from him since April 2001.

List of Criminals Responsible:

Party Secretary of the university: Li Zhixue: 011-86-13904535288 (cell), 011-86-453-6225288 (home), 011-86-453-6511002 (office)

Propaganda Unit: Shi Hongtao: 011-86-453-6696263 (home), 126-2489777 (pager), 011-86-453-6511343, 6511367 (office)

Provision Unit: 011-86-453-6511345 (office), 126-5501888 (pager)

Prison Head: Zhao Guanying: 011-86-13904835091 (cell)