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1,000 Held Captive at the Heizuizi Female Labor Camp

February 01, 2001 |  

[Clearwisdom.net] More than 1,000 Falun Dafa practitioners are currently being held at the Heizuizi Female Labor Camp, Jilin Province. Like the infamous Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp, the Heizuizi Camp is also notorious for it's vicious treatment of Falun Dafa practitioners. The guards there use all kinds of cruel methods in their attempts to force us to give up our belief in Falun Dafa. Here are several incidents that I observed while I was there. Guards here have been torturing Dafa practitioners since Oct 1999 when the first practitioners arrived. Not only the guards torture Falun Dafa practitioners. Other prisoners are required to beat up practitioners as well. As soon as practitioners begin to practice their exercises, other prisoners begin to beat them up. Guards come with their electric batons to shock them. The torture continues until the persecutors tire of it. At night, 6 or 7 people take turns watching practitioners, keeping instruments of torture such as electric batons, handcuffs, ropes, and leather belts at hand. Officer Ma and a prisoner took turns in torturing practitioner Yang Shumei in Unit 2 with electric batons, all because she persisted in her practice of Falun Dafa. The torture completely disfigured her. Her facial features were all distorted. She could not eat for several days. Seeing that the officers were so brutal and fierce, several of us went on a hunger strike and refused to work. However, this only led the guards to step up their torture. They forced tubes through the hunger-strikers' noses, pumping them full of liquid, making them look and feel very weak. They forced the other practitioners to work beyond their limits: 15, 16, even 20 hours a day (from 4 Am to midnight). Because she continued to practice Falun Dafa, Weng Yuejie was beaten, tied up with rope and shocked with electric batons. She did not give in, and she talked with the officers who tortured her. Yet the guards did not relent and confined her for a long time. They also tied her on "the death bed" with another practitioner, Han Cuiyan. They were left outside for days with nothing to keep them warm. Their arms and legs tied down so that they were unable to move. Someone fed them occasionally, but they were not allowed up even to use the restroom. They suffered terribly both mentally and physically from this treatment. Practitioner Wang Xiulan in Unit 4 was subjected to electrical torture for a long time. 220 volt electrical wires were connected to her and the current was switched on. She could not walk after the torture and two people had to help her back to her cell. She did not give in and continued her hunger strike. Medical staff in the labor camp attempted to force feed her by putting food in her mouth. In doing so, they loosened all her teeth. Once, after a group of people was caught practicing together, guards gathered them in a room and made them sit motionless on benches, for 4 days and 4 nights. The practitioners were not allowed to move or to close their eyes. Practitioner Li Shuying, Huang Shufen, Lan Lili, and Chen Yingchun were completely stripped of their clothes and shocked with electric batons, leaving scars all over their bodies. Zhu E, Guo Zhiyan, Jin Min, and Wu Xiuqin were shocked so badly that their faces and necks were all covered with blisters. Later on, fearing that their crimes be disclosed, the officers started to shock practitioners in the buttocks and the inner side of their thighs. After a "talk" with the unit officer, Wang Yan and Li Yongjun came back with blisters and red burns covering their buttocks and the inner side of their thighs. Their persecutors also tied up Zhao Lijuan and Wu Xiuqin on "the death bed" for more than 10 days, covering their mouths with tape. Jin Min refused to write the pledge (not to practice) so she was not allowed to sleep for more than 2 weeks. Officers gathered all the practitioners who would not write the pledge and made them cross their legs in the lotus position for 8 hours, not allowing them to eat, use the restroom, or to get up from the bed. This went on for two days. Incidents like this are numerous. The cases presented here are but a few examples. Countless Dafa practitioners have been and continue to be mercilessly tortured and beaten for continuing their practice. There are no human rights in China today. Some practitioners were not willing to talk about the torture they endured. Some thought that their sufferings were the result of their own Karma, and thus they should just bear them. Some thought that their suffering was not worth talking about. After reading the new scriptures of Teacher, I think that the wrongdoings should be revealed. Although we can bear the pain, our sufferings are for truth and justice in this world, not only for our own cultivation. All of the wrongdoers are afraid of being disclosed. By disclosing them, we can expose their crimes to the public and post their names. When Fa rectifies the human world, these bad people will all be put to justice. Recently, the Beijing Police Department has used all kinds of brutal methods on Falun Dafa practitioners that go to appeal in Beijing. For example, they strip practitioners of all their clothes and make them stand naked outside in the winter cold, pouring icy water on their bodies. They handcuff practitioners with one hand coming down from their shoulders and the other hand going up from between their legs. As if this extremely painful way of handcuffing was not enough, one policeofficer will pull on the handcuffs while others pulled all four limbs in different directions, etc. Dafa practitioner Zhang Yujie (Yushu City, Jilin Province) was brutally tortured in a police station in Tianjin City, after which his whereabouts remain unknown. Dafa practitioners in China