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Exposing those Responsible for Beating Yantai Dafa Practitioner Wu Haiyou to Death

December 04, 2001 |  


Since the beginning of November 2001, police from the "610" Office, Public Security Bureau, and the Police Bureau (especially the Police Subbureau of Zhifu District) of Yantai City, Shandong Province, have been indiscriminately arresting Dafa practitioners. More than 10 practitioners have been detained. Practitioner Wu Haiyou was arrested by six policemen of Xipaotai Police Station. At Huangwu Police Station he was pushed, dragged, and brutally beaten from the fourth floor to the ground floor by the six policemen, until he lost consciousness. Five days later, Wu Haiyou's family received a notice from Huangwu Police Station asking them to claim his corpse. Obviously, Wu Haiyou had been beaten to death.

Zhifu police are notorious for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Please see related reports:

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Here we release the phone numbers of the responsible parties and individuals:

China code, 86; Yantai code, 535.

  1. Xipaotai Police Station: 86 --535-653-0284
  2. Huangwu Police Station: 86-535- 673-021
  3. Wang Jian, Yantai City Political and Judiciary Committee
  4. Telephone: 86-535-628-0265

    Beeper: 86-535-198-2721-7799

  5. Yantai City Police Bureau

90 Daoshi Road, Yantai

Shandong Province 26400


86-535-629-9114 (Switchboard)

Telephone: 86-535-629-7100-1153

  1. Zhang Jian, Yantai "610" office
  2. Telephone: 86-535-689-1355

    beeper: 86-535-95950-632-2023

  3. Zhifu Police Subbureau

76 Shifu Street

Zhifu District, Yantai

Shandong Province 26400

Telephone: (Switch board) 86- 535-622-4391

Lijaoqiao Police Station of Zhifu Police Subbureau, Yantai.

in charge of persecuting Falun Gong

Office telephone 86-535-621-9944, or 86-535-622-4391 (to extension First Section)

(Home) 86-535-662-829.

Office telephone 86-535-622-4391 (to extension First Section)

Office telephone 86-535-622-4391 (to extension First Section)

  1. Fushan Police Subbureau
  2. 123 Xian Fu Street

    Fushan District, Yantai

    Shandong, 265500

    Telephone: 86-535-362-758

  3. Police Subbureau of the Economic and Technological Development District
  4. 6 Taishan Road, Kaifaqu, Yantai

    Shandong, 265500

    Telephone: 86-535-371-340,

  5. Identification Card Administration office
  6. 16 Yuhuangding Road

    Central District, Yantai

    Shandong, 264000

    Telephone: 86-535-242-725

  7. Zhifu District Government:
  8. 76 Shifu Street, Yantai

    Shandong Province 264000

    Telephone 86-535-622-2959

    Fax 86-535-621-6784

  9. Huangwu Township Government, Zhifu District: Telephone 86-535-673-0222
  10. Sihuiyao Township Government, Zhifu District: Telephone 86-535-601-4541
  11. Criminal Department of Yantai Police Bureau: 86-535-6297031
  12. Forensic Office of Yantai Police Bureau: 86-535-6297038
  13. Forensic Office of Zhaoyuan County: 86-535-8212364
  14. Zhangxing Township Police Station: 86-535-8332011
  15. Community Committee of Zhaojia Village: 86-535- 8332085