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Zhang Sufang, Where Are You?

December 26, 2001 |  

(Clearwisdom.Net) (From editor: A Falun Dafa practitioner provided the following information before learning that Practitioner Zhang died two or three days after returning home.)

[Chongqing Female Labour Camp, Sichuan Province] On January 11, 2001, female police officer Yan Liping brutally tortured Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Sufang, former Qingfeng Village Party Committee Secretary and Director of the Women's Department of Changshou County, Gelan Town, Chongqing City, Sichuan Province, for practicing Falun Gong. Practitioner Zhang was handcuffed and hung up on a window. Both her hands went numb and her whole body trembled. The guard in charge of monitoring her couldn't bear to watch her suffering, so he put a bench under her feet to lessen the pain. Officer Yan immediately saw this and ordered the guard not to sympathize with practitioner Zhang, threatening punishment for whoever did so. On the fifth night of this hanging, practitioner Zhang suddenly had extreme pain all over her body, her face turned pale and her body started to convulse. The policeman on duty took her handcuffs off realizing the seriousness of the situation.

Every time evil slandered Dafa and Master Li, practitioner Zhang would firmly step forward to validate Dafa. All the instruments of torture -- stinky socks stuffed in her mouth, tape, rope and handcuffs -- were all stained with her blood.

On the Chinese Labor Day of this year (May 1st), practitioner Zhang was again handcuffed behind her back and hung on a window; her cries touched everybody who witnessed the scene. She said, "Because I spoke the truth, I was tortured inhumanely and my family was greatly harmed. My husband has been seriously sick, and my son is in school and needs money. Nobody is taking care of them. I'm the only one in the family who is able to work. In order to see me, my husband had to sell all our grain to get enough fare. However, the police stopped him outside and wouldn't let him in to see me ..." An illegal order destroyed a happy family; for speaking the truth, she had all this suffering at the hands of the police. Who is really destroying families?

Practitioner Zhang suffered all forms of torture in the labor camp. Because of the torture she began to have mental problems and was unable to take care of herself. The police and prisoners in the labor camp thought she was pretending and tortured her even more severely. They tried to force her to write "Three Statements" [A letter repenting practicing Falun Gong, a letter guaranteeing that she would not practice again, and a letter stating that she would not go to appeal in Beijing], but she still did not yield under the pressure. As a consequence her torturers insulted and belittled her and expressed all their anger and grievances on her weak and tiny body. As long as they were not satisfied, they beat her, kicked her, and handcuffed her behind her back and hung her up by the handcuffs. Her whole body was full of wounds and bruises, and she often couldn't sleep during the night. She was thoroughly tortured, but she showed great compassion as a Falun Dafa practitioner. She often smiled through the tremendous suffering. Long-term mental and physical torture gradually made her cloudy and absentminded. But the Fa had deeply penetrated to the microscopic layer of her being. Whenever she had the chance, she would conjoin her hands (jieyin) and sit in the full lotus position and recite, "Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa!" over and over again. She was not able to remember the complete set of exercises, so she often pressed her hands together (heshi) when she stood or sat. She would continuously be beat and cursed by the prisoners monitoring her. The practitioners in the same room used their bodies to protect her. The scene was very solemn and stirring. This situation had been reported to the guards, but the prisoners never changed their inhumane behavior, nor were they punished. One time, prisoners pulled her to the ground from her bed and beat, kicked and insulted her in extremely despicable ways.

Before her old wounds would have a chance to heal, she would receive new ones. Because the police handcuffed her to the bed all day and all night, practitioner Zhang's whole body was black and blue and covered with abrasions. At first she could eat 50 grams to 25 grams of rice every day, but later, she was only able to eat one or two bites at most. She didn't drink any water or eat any vegetables for two weeks. The state of her body was indescribable.

The labor camp saw that her life was in great danger, so her family was asked to take her home. When she got out of the labor camp her breath was feeble. Her family saw her condition and said to police with great grief in their heart, "It is only after you've tortured someone to such an extent that you will release them."

In just half a year, practitioner Zhang went from being wise and healthy to an absentminded person who was unable to take care of herself. Who perpetrated all this torture and pain? On the one hand, the police said she pretended to have mental problems, on the other hand they justified their crimes against Dafa and practitioners by saying that practitioner Zhang had mental problems because she practiced Falun Gong.

Practitioner Zhang, you suffered all these tortures, where are you? Are you still alive? Have you ever heard our cry?