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Latest News from China - 10/25/2001

November 04, 2001 |  


[Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province] Famous "Tian Tang" Brand Umbrellas Are Made in Hangzhou Prison

According to Chinese law, while a suspect is detained during the investigation period, a distinction is nevertheless made between suspects and criminals. Criminals may be forced to work, but the law does not allow suspects to be sentenced to "labor re-education." However, many practitioners from Hangzhou were forced to do labor for the detention centers while illegally detained. The work is heavy and lasts a long time.

The detained practitioners were forced to make the "Tian Tang" umbrella. The "Tian Tang" umbrella is a popular umbrella in China because, being made by prisoners, it has strict quality control. In the detention centers where the practitioners were forced to make umbrellas, if one pin is missed, then the worker is punished by being made to make an additional 70 umbrellas. One can make a maximum of 60 umbrellas per day. In the view of the vicious policemen, human labor is the cheapest resource. Any other materials, such as a thread or a needle, are more precious than human beings. The illegally detained practitioners said that it was like hell on earth.

Some practitioners had not distributed truth-clarifying materials but were detained as suspects. Half a month later, the police found someone else was distributing the materials but they still didn't release the illegally detained practitioners until the 30-day term came to an end. Before they set the practitioners free, the director of the Political Security Section even shamelessly said, "You at least shall confess something. Otherwise we can't explain why we detained you so long." Even after they released the practitioners, they still withheld the practitioners' money, identity cards, communication equipment and private letters. They want practitioners to write "repentance letters" as a condition for the return of personal property.

Another practitioner is self-employed and has a small business, but the authorities withheld his business license so that he couldn't work. Some practitioners found jobs but the police went to the companies and threatened the employer into dismissing them. Some practitioners were thought of highly in their work units. Nevertheless, the police department forced the work units to dismiss them.

[Changping District, Beijing] Evil Brainwashing Classes Defeated

Changping district of Beijing City planned a series of brainwashing classes to "reform" the practitioners. But the classes were dismissed recently after the practitioners' strong resistance. One class kidnapped only one old lady into it.

Vicious persons of Changping District:

Wang Zhenhua, Vice General Secretary of Changping District, female, about 40 years old. She is responsible for all brainwashing classes in Changping district. She used the deprivation of sleep to force practitioners to sign prepared repentance letters while they were incapable of making conscious decisions.

Han Pingping, female, is one of the main responsible people of the "610 Office". (Her criminal actions will be reported later.)

Zhao Haiying, General Secretary of Changping Town, has ordered other people many times to persecute practitioners and also went himself to the practitioners' homes and took them by force to brainwashing classes.

Gao Zhenyu, former vice director of Police Station of Changping Town. Now he is transferred to Criminal Investigation Brigade. He often curses the Teacher, the Dafa and the practitioners.

Wang Junfeng, policeman of substation in No. 6 Factory of Changping Town. Since July 20, 1999, he has arrested many practitioners and also harassed the practitioners often.

Guo Shuqiang, director of the Military Department of Changping Town, male, is about 38 years old. He is a major criminal in the persecution of practitioners. He has participated many times in the arrest of practitioners. He personally monitored the practitioners and threatened their family members. (He claimed that he would confiscate the practitioners' houses and detain the practitioners' family members in order to force the practitioners to show up.) In September 2000, he took a practitioner from home in such a traumatic way that the practitioner's 8-year-old granddaughter actually died upon witnessing this terrifying scene. Telephone: (86) (10) 6974-1019 (office), pager (86) (10) 6834 -8899 call 43864.

Zheng Xiuqing, electrician and security guard of Xiguan Subdivision Changping District. He went to practitioners' homes or harassed them by phone many times. He often assigns other people to watch outside the practitioners' houses and helps to arrest practitioners who distribute materials for clarifying the truth.


[Tangshan City, Hebei Province] Over 70 Year Old Practitioner on Hunger Strike For 14 Days, Life in Critical Condition

October 11, 2001, four practitioners from Fengrun County Tangshan City including Liu Baozhi, Zhao Liping and Wang Xianling, were kidnapped by police while distributing truth-clarifying materials. They are now illegally detained in Fengrun County Detention Center. Starting from the first day of being detained, the four female practitioners have been on a hunger and water strike for 14 days. One practitioner is over 70 years old and her life is in critical condition. Insiders say the vicious policemen plan to force-feed them.

We hope the people of world with the desire for justice will pay attention to this case and help stop Jiang Zemin's brutal persecution.

Phone of Fengrun County Detention Center: (86) (315) 512-2820


[Northeast China] Fa Conference Held Successfully in Northeast China

October 21 2001, practitioners in a place in Northeast China successfully held a Fa conference. Practitioners studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts together. Practitioners encouraged each other. This Fa conference had a strong effect in helping practitioners understand how to speak out the truth in a deeper, wider and more complete scope.


[South China] Dafa Materials Appear in City and Counties on National Day and During the Mid-Autumn Festival

After Teacher's new article "Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples" was published, the practitioners of a city in Guangdong Province studied the article and improved their understandings of Fa-Rectification. Many practitioners stepped forth to clarify the Fa. Mid-September, the Dafa materials appeared in all towns and counties over the city. The evil force was mad and rampantly arrested many practitioners. Their methods were so wicked that they even arrested a child of kindergarten age. After this, the evil force thought the practitioners dared not to do anything anymore. But the practitioners had strong righteous thoughts and weren't deterred by the brutal suppression. On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival Day (lunar calendar mid-August, Gregory calendar October 1), tens of Dafa banners of large and small sizes appeared again on every main highway and major intersection. The banners were glittering under the sunshine on October 2nd. They scared those who had been persecuting Dafa and greatly encouraged the practitioners both free and being detained.


[Dalian City, Liaoning Province] Young University Teacher Wang Renjun Kidnapped

Practitioner Wang Renjun, a young University Teacher of a university in Dalian City Liaoning Province, was taken away from his work unit by a man who claimed to be a "policeman from the Development Zone." We don't know Wang's whereabouts and the reason why he was kidnapped. If anyone knows anything about him, please notify us.

Another young teacher from the same university was driven out of his home after the vicious policemen from Xigang Police Station ransacked his house in mid-September. (Policemen from the same station tortured practitioner Zeng Xianmei to death in August.)

We call on the good-hearted people of the world to resist this persecution of the kind practitioners and to strive to return to them freedom and a normal life.


[Dalian City, Liaoning Province] Dalian Labor Camp Conspires With Guanshan Labor Camp to Suppress Practitioners

Ever since the Dalian Labor Camp started to detain practitioners, the practitioners used all kind of methods to resist the suppression and validate the Great Law. The evil people in charge of Dalian Labor Camp were under great pressure and were scared in their hearts. This August, they secretly conspired with Changtu County Guanshan Labor Camp and made deals to transfer the practitioners who resisted the persecution to the Guanshan Labor Camp for extended detention. They paid Guanshan Labor Camp a certain amount of money and five color TV sets for transferring steadfast practitioners there.

During their illegal detention, the practitioners went on hunger strike to protest. The Guanshan Labor Camp again transferred the practitioners on hunger strike to a place with even crueler conditions, such as Madaohe No. 3 Brigade, which mines rocks in the quarry.

We hope the practitioners who see this message will send forth righteous thoughts together to help the detained practitioners and to eliminate the evil force that persecutes them.

Guanshan Labor Camp: (86) (410) 570-0803 (office), 570-0093 (security section), 570-0681 (education section)

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] The Persecution of a Female Dafa Practitioner

In order to eliminate the evil and validate Dafa, a practitioner in Changchun had been to Shandong, Inner Mongolia and many other places to clarify the truth and spread the Fa. Unfortunately she was arrested by the police in Linjiang City of Inner Mongolia. For seven days straight, she was brutally beaten, and not allowed to use a restroom or allowed to sleep. They put heavy handcuffs and shackles on her, with her hands and feet locked together so that she was unable to sit, stand, or lie down. Also, her 3,000 Yuan RMB in cash (equivalent to 6 months of income for an average Chinese worker), cell phone, and pager were all seized. Then she was sent to No. 2 Division of the Changchun City Police Department where she endured brutal beatings. She was then sent to the Tiebei Jail. In the prison, she was forced to wear a special shackle that weighed 19kg (about 42lb) because of practicing the Falun Gong exercises and because she spread the Fa. Three days later, she started a hunger strike to protest this inhuman treatment. After that, she was allowed to practice the exercises in the jail. In September, she was transferred to the Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp.

[China] Awakening People

A practitioner in a village of Chaoyang City in Liaoning Province was spreading flyers that contained the truth about Dafa. A villager read the flyer and thought for a long time. Then he said to himself, "Oh, now I know what Falun Gong is." He then caught up with the practitioner and said, "Do you have more flyers? Let me help you spread them."

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] The Viciousness in the Heizuizi Labor Camp

The Heizuizi Labor Camp of Changchun City utilized extremely inhuman and vicious methods to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their belief; Team No. 6 was especially active in doing this.

Every one of the practitioners newly sent to the labor camp had to go through Team No. 6, where they were pressured to give up Falun Dafa. After that, they were divided into other teams. If a practitioner refused to sign the "Five Pledges" (statements denouncing Falun Gong and guaranteeing that one will stop practicing), he/she would be taken to the "Discipline Room" on the second floor. There, all the police in Team No. 6 would surround the practitioner and beat him/her with all kinds of cruel methods, including hitting with fists and police batons, shocking with electric batons, kicking, hitting the practitioner's head against the wall, etc. Because of this torture, practitioners had black bruises all over their bodies and their necks were burned from the electric batons. Only when a practitioner was beaten so badly that he/she was no longer able to stand up, would he/she be dragged back to the team. At that time, a bunch of those people who enlightened along an evil path would come up like flies to "educate" the practitioner. Moreover, they also tortured the Dafa practitioners by forcing them to stand still for a long period of time, humiliating them in public meetings, and depriving them of their right to sleep. If a practitioner still refused to give up his/her belief, the guard would forbid all the over forty people in the team from going to bed, thus encouraging those people who enlightened along an evil path to further torture and attack that practitioner. An even more vicious method was to put those practitioners with firm belief in Dafa into a small solitary compartment where they were tied to the "Bed of Death" [Note: a torture device used on death row prisoners whereby an inmate's hands and feet are tied to a long wooden board] and endlessly tortured. Those are the facts of how the Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun inhumanly persecuted Dafa practitioners.

The above is what I personally witnessed or heard. I hope everybody in the world pays attention to the atrocious crimes Jiang Zemin's regime has committed against Dafa practitioners.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] The Disingenuous "Work and Rest Schedule" of the Heizuizi Labor Camp

Here is a page of the "Work and Rest Schedule for People Being Educated Through Labor" on the wall of each cell in the Heizuizi Labor Camp of Changchun City. It clearly states:

5:00am: Get up
5:20am - 5:40am: Clean and wash
9:00am -- 9:40am: Break and exercise in between the work
11:30am -- 1:00pm: Lunch Break
6:00pm: Watch TV
8:30pm: Go to bed
Sunday: Rest

But the actual schedule is:

4:00 am: Get up

After 9:00pm: Go to bed

Often times, people detained there have to get up at 3:00am and can not go to bed until 11:00pm or midnight. There has never been a Sunday off or noon break. Every day practitioners have one toilet break for every three hours between the time of getting up and going to bed, and it is limited to 5 minutes with no exceptions. The meal time lasts twenty minutes, which includes forming a line of about two hundred people, having the prisoners' numbers called, walking from the work site to the eating place, washing the dishes, and mopping the floor. So the actual time for eating is only about five minutes. In the morning, the personal wash time is ten minutes, including toilet time. If there were a shortage of water or heavy workload, the personal wash time would be eliminated. There was no "Break and exercises in between the work" at all.

The "Work and Rest Schedule" in that labor camp is only a facade, used to show inspectors or visitors from the outside. That way people from the outside never know about the real situation in the labor camp. This trick is often used by Jiang Zemin and his followers in order to manufacture and spread lies.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] The Vicious Behavior of the Nanhu Police Substation

The Nanhu Police Substation in Changchun City told the neighborhood committees in its district that: whoever gives information about Dafa practitioners' activities of clarifying the truth or spreading flyers would be rewarded with 200 RMB Yuan. People said, is this 200 RMB really that easy to earn?

One vicious neighborhood committee head reported a Dafa practitioner for the 200 RMB, committing a permanent crime against his life.

[Xiang County Subdivision, Hunan Province] Dafa Practitioner Tan Zhiyang Is Arrested

Dafa practitioner Tan Zhiyang is from Xiang County Subdivision, Hunan Province. He was illegally detained for ten days in 1999 because he was firmly practicing Dafa. In March 2000, he went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing to clarify the truth and was illegally detained for 45 days. In the same year, on his way to visit Beijing a second time, he was arrested again and illegally detained for another 45 days. In April 2001, he was arrested in Yisuhe, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province.

[Chongqing City] Vicious Person Liu Changlu: the Commissar of Dajiang Factory Branch of Banan District Police Department

Since July 20 1999, Liu Changlu has actively followed the vicious gang of Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan and arrested nearly fifty Dafa practitioners from the Dajing Factory. One of the practitioners was sentenced to three years on no legal grounds; she was sentenced just because she joined the group exercises outdoors on December 31, 1999. Six other practitioners were sent to one year of forced labor education after they went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. One of those practitioners' terms has been prolonged for seven months with no proper legal procedures having been conducted, and he has not been released to this day because he refuses to sign the "Three Pledges" (statements about giving up the practice of Falun Gong). February 2000, Liu tried to force a practitioner to give up practicing Falun Gong, but the practitioner told him, "Dafa is my life." Liu was so angry that he shouted, "I'll detain you just for that sentence." As a result, this practitioner was illegally detained for a month. That shows how vicious Liu is. He not only attacked Dafa and Teacher but also often searched Dafa practitioners' homes. He ordered people to tail after practitioners and wiretap practitioners' telephones. The most malicious thing he did was arresting over a dozen practitioners this July through ambushing and searching the arrested practitioners' communication tools This caused a site of Dafa materials to be exposed, after which time many items were seized, including two notebook computers, photocopiers, printers, CD recorders, CDs, and thousands of truth-clarifying materials as well as other items. The direct economic loss reached over one hundred thousand Yuan RMB and some practitioners who accessed the Internet were arrested.

In August this year, a practitioner was forced to leave home and become homeless due to the persecution of Liu and his followers. The practitioner's mother is over sixty years old and also a practitioner. Liu forcibly handcuffed the old lady and detained her for over a month without any reason or legal procedures. Afterwards, he said the old lady was too stubborn and wanted to send her to labor camp. As long as he suspected someone, he would have people search his/her home with no legitimate reason and take practitioners away from their homes and put them in a detention center. Before this year's National Day (10/1), many practitioners from the Dajiang Factory were illegally detained under his order and have yet to be released. The dozens of practitioners illegally detained in the Banan District Detention Center are all very firm in their belief. They have been resisting the evil and safeguarding the Fa with all kinds of means.

Liu has malicious thoughts. Although practitioners told the Fa to him many times, he still hasn't changed his mind and continues his wrongdoing.

Dajiang Factory Branch of Banan District Police Department

Telephone: 011-86-23-66290624

Address: Dajiang Factory Branch of Banan District Police Department, Chongqing City, Zip code: 401321


October 25, 2001