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Latest News from China - 11/16/2001

November 23, 2001 |  

November 16, 2001


1. [Liaoning Province] Inside information from the Police Department: Persecuting Falun Gong Practitioners is Currently Their Only Duty

Insiders from the Liaoning Province Police Department stated that persecuting Falun Gong practitioners is currently their main duty and police officers are forced to put aside all other matters. Many administrative officers are starting to realize that Falun Gong practitioners are good people, therefore much of the time they turn a blind eye toward Falun Gong practitioners' activities.

Due to orders issued from Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan and their criminal associates, those who let the truth-clarifying Falun Gong practitioners go free will be personally affected in their jobs and other benefits.

2. [Hebei Province] Cruel Torture of Falun Dafa Practitioners in the Female Middle Team at Taixing Prison

The Female Middle Team at Taixing Prison in Hebei Province, notorious for persecuting practitioners such as Ding Yan, has recently commenced a new type of persecution of the illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners in order to gain favor from the government. They learned the euphemistically called "advanced experience" of administering cruel physical and mental torture from Baoding Labor Camp. They called in a few secret agents from Baoding Labor Camp to divide the practitioners. While preventing the practitioners from sleeping, the agents took turns using fake Dafa articles, evil enlightenment theories, and electric batons to weaken the resolve of those determined practitioners.

The steely resolve and determination of practitioners such as Wang Liping towards Falun Dafa has terrified the evil forces.

3. [Dalian, Liaoning Province] Exposing Home Raids by Evil Police

Recently, a Dalian couple, both of whom are practitioners, were unlawfully arrested so, the grandmother came over to their home to look after their young child. One day, the grandmother went shopping for groceries. When she returned she discovered that all Dafa related books and the portrait of Teacher had been taken. However, the front door was locked and there were no traces of a break-in. According to information from insiders at the police department, police officers do have universal keys. She could not believe that police would actually break-in when there was no one home. Only Jiang's criminal government could do something as underhanded as stealing Dafa books and Teacher's portrait.

4. [Chongqing, Sichuan Province] Contact List for Those Responsible for the Death of Practitioner Mo Shuijin

Mo Shuijin from Chongqing Province had been vomiting blood for over seventy days while he was being illegally detained by police. The police refused to release him until he was dying. Unable to speak or open his eyes, he was diagnosed in the hospital with lung cancer. The police then immediately released him for fear that he would die in their custody. Two weeks later, Mo Shuijin died at home.

(Chongqing city area code: 23. From outside China, please dial 86- first.)

Chongqing Political and Legal Commission: 23-6384-1194

The Office of the Director of Chongqing Political and Legal Commission: 23-6375-8149

"610" Office at Chongqing City: 23-6375-8501

Chongqing Police Station: 23-6384-6756. Address: Chongqing City, Linjiang Road

Department responsible for dealing with Falun Gong issues: 23-6375-8400 (it may be the 610 Office)

Chongqing Police Complaining Hotline: 23-6871-1964

Criminal Squad: 23-6886-2951

Police Subdivision #1: 23-6886-7583

Chongqing Xishanping Labor Camps: 23-6827-2131, 23-6827-1290 (for operator assistance, press 0)

Chongqing Xishanping Labor Farm: 23-6827-1290 (2025)

Department of Operational Guidelines, Chongqing Management Bureau of Labour Camps, (24 hours), 23-6787-1831

Chongqing Management Bureau of Labor Camps, 23-6787-1831, 23-6775-3908

The People's Procuratorate of Chongqing City, 23-6774-5132

Address: Chongqing, Yubei District, Jiazhou Garden

Policeman responsible: Du Yi

Chongqing Xishanping Labor Farm: 23-6827-1290. Ask for Du Yi.


Chongqing mayor's email address: cqgove@cq.gov.cn

Information on Chongqing People's Congress Standing Members' Committee

Leave your comments at http://cq.gov.cn/text/lyb/guestbook.htm, information service managed by the Chongqing municipal government

Chongqing People's Congress Standing Members' Committee: 23-6385-2918

Chongqing Municipal Government: 23-6385-2701

Address: Chongqing City, Yuzhong District, Renmin Road, 4300013

The Communist Party Committee of Chongqing Municipal Government: 23-6385-4491 Address: Chongqing City, Yuzhong District, Zhongsi Road

The Justice Department of Chongqing Municipal Government: 23-6785-6982

Address: Chongqing City, Jiangbei District, Qiaobei Village

Control Department of Chongqing Municipal Government: 23-6385-2776

Address: Chongqing City, Yuzhong District, Zhongshansi Road

Higher People's Court of Chongqing City: 23-6774-9204, 6774-6039

Address: Chongqing City, Yubei District, Jiazhou Garden

The People's Procuratorate of Chongqing City: 23-6774-5132,

Address: Chongqing City, Yubei District, Jiazhou Garden

Chongqing City Xishanping Labour Camp: 23-6827-2131-2009

Address: Chongqing City, Beipei, postal code: 40070

Department of Legal Education (Registry for Tribunal)

Department Head: Zheng Jian

Phone Number: 23-67761152

Address: Jiangbei District, Huaxin Street, Qiaobei Village, No. 274

Department of Judicial Expert Testimony

Department Head: He Kaifu

Phone Number: 23-67761279

Address: Jiangbei District, Huaxin Street, Qiaobei Village, No. 274

Department of Legal Aid

Department Head: Wang Danli

Phone Number: 23-67761154

Address: Jiangbei District, Huaxin Street, Qiaobei Village, No. 274

Operational Guidelines, Management Bureau of Labour Camps

Address: Jiangbei District, Yangheyi Village, No. 72, 10th floor

Phone Number: 23-6787-1831 (24 hours)

Fax Number: 23-6774-4145

Postal Code: 400020

Drop-in Day to meet with Director of the Management Bureau of Labor Camp:

Last Thursday of the month

Phone Number: day: 23-6775-2378; night: 23-6787-1831

Office: 23-6775-3908

Department of Legal Systems: 23-6775-7050

Department of Supervision and Audit, in association with the Disciplinary Commission: 23-6775-2378

Communist Party Commission of the Management Bureau: 23-6774-2954