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Latest News From China - 11/02/2001

November 14, 2001 |  


  • The "Illegal" Loud Speaker
  • [Pingliang City, Gansu Province] Smearing Dafa Brings Disaster to the Theater
  • [Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province] The Detention Center Continues to Hold Practitioners After Their Terms Are Completed
  • [Handan City, Hebei Province] The People and Organizations Responsible for the Death of Ren Mengjun
  • [Zizhong County, Sichuan Province] "Falun Dafa Is the Righteous Way." Echoes in the Air
  • [Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province] The Evil Conduct of the Police Department
  • [Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Information About Practitioners Being Fined or Persecuted (Continued)
  • Conduct of Literary Perpetrators in Yunnan Province
  • [Gongyi City, Henan Province] The Evil Conduct of the Police Department
  • [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Some Information from Changchun
  • [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Some Practitioners Are Arrested
  • [Dazu County, Sichun Province] A Solemn Warning to the Evil People in the Entertainment Community: Slandering the Great Law of the Cosmos Will Be Punished By Gods

1. The "Illegal" Loud Speaker

In a CCTV news program broadcast on October 31, 2001, there was an item about Falun Gong. It told how the loud speakers practitioners had bought to broadcast the true stories of Falun were confiscated by the police because the practitioners had violated the law. That is ridiculous. The practitioners legally bought the loud speakers from the manufacturer, and they had broadcast what they sincerely felt in their hearts. How had they violated the law? This is a good example of what a head of the 6-10 Office once said, "Jiang Zemin knows nothing about the law."

Isn't Li Yan, who recently spoke on TV, the one who reportedly organized the "Killing in Shenzhen"? (A case fabricated by Jiang Zemin and his group to justify their suppression of Falun Gong, in which it was falsely claimed that practitioners killed someone.) Why has she not been punished by law and is allowed to talk on TV again? Obviously Jiang's government is running out of ways or people to help them in the slanderous campaign against Falun Gong. All they can do is to repeatedly use those few people who have sold their souls to them. They can only make up stories once in a while and ask a few familiar faces to state again and again the lies that they have repeated thousands of times. Nonetheless, their evil intention is not hard to see through.

2. [Pingliang City, Gansu Province] Smearing Dafa Brings Disaster to the Theater

In late March 2001, the People's Theater in Pingliang City, Gansu Province showed a film that smeared Falun Dafa. At around 9:40 p.m. during the first show, a fire broke out. Strange though, when the firefighters finally found water and started their work, the fire was getting bigger and bigger, lighting up the sky. The crowd watching on the sidelines let out screams as the wall surrounding the theater collapsed and the burning wood turned into ashes. The People's Theater, a place bustling with activity, soon turned into a pile of debris.

It is said that the fire started when some people smoking in the theater dressing room accidentally ignited the liquefied gas. But many people know that the fire was not without reason. The fire is a warning from heaven to the evil people who damage Dafa.

We hope that all people in the world will realize that any conduct damaging the principles of Falun Dafa is actually harming oneself as well as others. We should take the Buddha law seriously and act responsibly to our future.

3. [Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province] The Detention Center Continues to Hold Practitioners After Their Terms Are Finished

Practitioner Zhao Dongxia, female, 29 years old, was arrested this May when sharing experiences with other practitioners and has been detained ever since. She has been on a hunger strike for 11 days now, demanding an unconditional release. She is in a devastated physical state and on the verge of death.

4. [Handan City, Hebei Province] The People and Organizations Responsible for the Death of Ren Mengjun

Area Code of Shahe City: 0319

Head of the Politics and Security Section of the Police Department in Shahe City, Jia Qifang, is in charge of the Falun Gong issue: 86-319-8826821(H)

Office of Foreign Relations and Opening-up Policy in Shahe City

Contact: Zhao Fucheng

Ph: 86-319-8835796

Head of the Police Department in Shahe City, Hebei Province: Xi Zhanjun

Police Officer: Hao Jiuzhong

Secretary of Party Committee in the county Li Zongyi is in charge of the Falun Gong issue in Sanhe City.

Cell: 86-13803163969,

Ph: 86-316-3111960 (H)

Director of Beicheng Police Station in Sanhe City: Zhao Yongkang

Vice-director: Li Zhijun

Liqizhuang Police Station in Sanhe City: 86-316-3450110

Gaolou Police Station in Sanhe City: 86-316-3412011

Huangzhuang Town Police Station: 86-316-3512311

Area Code of Handan City: 0310

Office of City Government: 86-310-3012889

The Labor Camp in Handan City: 86-310-4010037

Perpetrators in Quzhou County of Handan City involved in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners:

  1. Li Tongren, head of the County Politics and Security Office in charge of Falun Gong issue, is very rude, cruel, and crafty. He has exhibited extreme hatred towards Falun Dafa and is one of the major perpetrators in the persecution of practitioners.
    Ph: 86-310-8898502 (H)
  2. Ma Jinsheng is a demon in the persecution of practitioners. Every time he interrogates practitioners, he beats them, uses physical tortures, and/or forces them to stand for long hours. Ph: 86-310-8898388 (H)
  3. Zhang Jingshan, the commissar of the County Police Department, is one of the major figures in the persecution of Falun Gong. He is cruel and hypocritical, closely following the higher authorities in the persecution.
    Ph: 86-310-8891663
  4. Zhang Weiping, director of the County Detention Center, doesn't care about the persecution of practitioners and adds fuel to the fire.
    Ph: 86-310-8892689 (O), 86-310-893059 (H)
  5. Qiao Linghuai, director of Anzhai Town Police Station in Quzhou County, is one of the major figures in the persecution of practitioners. He is awarded by his superior for his "excellent work".
    Ph: 86-310-8943133 (O)
  6. Zhang Hongxun, Secretary of Party Committee in Anzhai Town of Quzhou County, uses all kinds of methods to torture practitioners. He appears to be kind but adopts cruel measures stealthily. He was transferred to a new position in the City Construction Bureau. Ph: 86-310-8891931 (H)
  7. Yang Zhongxin, Secretary of Party Committee in Quzhou County
    Ph: 86-310-8891218 (O), 86-310-2521218 (H), Cell: 86-1393104982
  8. Wang Lujun, Director of the Police Department in Quzhou County.
    Ph: 86-310-8896608.
  9. Niu Jinlu, Secretary of Political and Judiciary committee in Quzhou County.
    Ph: 86-310-8896922, 86-310-8895298 (H),
    Cell: 86-1393309689
  10. Lou Qingyun, vice-director of Houcun Town Police Station.
    Ph: 86-310-8798330 (O)

5. [Zizhong County, Sichuan Province] "Falun Dafa Is the Righteous Way." Echoes in the Air

On the Chinese Lunar New Years Day, the Nanmusi Female Labor Camp in Zizhong County, Sichuan Province held a celebration in the conference hall. All of the one thousand inmates attended. There are 7 groups in the labor camp. All Falun Gong practitioners are detained in Group 7. As more and more practitioners are detained, the labor camp has set up Groups 8 and 9 exclusively for the detention of practitioners.

Practitioners in Group 7 performed a dance called "The Dawn Break". When they were answering the curtain call, a practitioner rushed to the front of the stage and sat down with legs crossed in the sitting meditation position to validate Dafa to the audience. At the same time, a practitioner in the audience shouted: "Falun Dafa is the righteous way." Her voice was loud and powerful. A sensation spread across the hall. More than ten practitioners started practicing Falun Gong in the audience. The guards frenziedly beat them. Some policemen covered the mouths of practitioners. The inmates shouted at the police to make them stop the beating, which they did. But one practitioner's face was severely swollen from the beating. The guards immediately put handcuffs on the practitioners who practiced Falun Gong and made them stand in the courtyard. They didn't take off the handcuffs even when the practitioners had meals or used the toilet. It was raining that day. The practitioners stood in the rain until 12 a.m. at which time they were allowed to go to bed.

The action of validating Dafa effectively suffocates the evil, especially the voice calling out "Falun Dafa is the righteous way." It echoed in the conference hall and the sky with dauntless spirit.

6. [Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province] The Evil Conduct of the Police Department

In the persecution of Falun Gong, the Police Department of Qiqihar City in Heilongjiang Province has been using its police force that formerly was assigned to work on criminal cases. They use instruments of torture on practitioners to force them to give up practicing. Nearly every detained practitioner was physically tortured to some extent.

1) The police stations in Jianhua District and Tiefeng District of Qiqihar City are very cruel in their persecution of practitioners. Take the Jianhua District as an example. The police there tie the arms of a practitioner behind his back. Then they hang him up with the ropes tied to the arms, making sure that the feet of the victim cannot touch the ground. They even kick at the practitioner hanging there to make him swing. The policemen also use electric batons to shock the genitals of both male and female practitioners. When some practitioners can't stand the torture, the policemen take advantage and force them to curse the Teacher of Falun Gong. Every real practitioner refuses to curse. The police also create rumors to smear Dafa and persecute practitioners. For example, there were two practitioners detained in Jianhua District Police Station, Wang Weihua (male, 22) and Zheng Weili (female, 40). Because Zheng is steadfast in practicing Falun Gong, she is on the list of the wanted, so she had to leave her home to avoid further persecution. She stays at Wang Weihua's home while Wang stays at someone else's. When they were arrested at the same time, the police in Jianhua District tortured Wang to force him to say that he and Zheng had an affair. They also tortured Zheng with the same instrument they used on Wang and let her hear the screams of Wang in the next room.

2) Wang Zhaoshan, the head of the Politics and Security Section of the Qiqihar City Police Department, Longsha Branch, is a very low person. He has sexually harassed female practitioners many times, touching their breasts and hurting many of them with beatings. He laughs whenever he starts torturing practitioners.

7. [Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Information About Practitioners Being Fined or Persecuted (Continued)

Practitioner Zhang Xiuqi, male, 70 years old, went to Beijing to appeal on December 9, 2000. He was taken to the police department in Shunyi County of Beijing on December 10. The police beat him and took away the 500 Yuan he had. (Yuan is Chinese dollar. The average monthly income of an urban worker is 500 Yuan.) On December 14, the local police took him back to Harbin City and held him up for a month in the Dongli Police Department. His work place asked his family to hand over 1000 Yuan before he would be released. During his detention, the policemen extorted 2000 Yuan from his family. Yang, head of a section in the Dongli Police Department, also extorted 5000 Yuan from Zhang's family.

In order to please the higher authorities, the director of the residential committee tried to force Zhang to write a promise to give up practicing Falun Gong. Otherwise Zhang would not be able to get back the money they extorted under various names. Zhang refused to follow his demand.

Practitioner Zhang Guozhen, female, 73 years old, went to appeal in Beijing on December 28, 2000. She was arrested and taken by the local police to Yazijuan in Harbin City on January 2, 2001. The police took away 30 Yuan, the only money she had. The police officer in Tongxiang Police Station who was on duty in her community extorted 2000 Yuan from her family. She has been held at the custodial center for 16 days. The Dongli Police Department also extorted 5000 Yuan from her and they have not returned the money.

Practitioner Wang Shufeng, female, 63 years old, was arrested for appealing in Beijing. Two policemen, Yu and Zhang, of Tongxiang Police Station took her back on April 29, 2000. When they were in Beijing, they deliberately stayed in an expensive room at the Jingbin Hotel (260 Yuan per night). Wang was forced to pay for their expenses and 5000 Yuan to the Dongli Police Department. Along with other fees, she paid over 13,000 Yuan. Wang went to Beijing again on December 27, 2000. She was taken back to Harbin City by the police on January 2, 2001 and sentenced to one year in a labor camp. Her family paid 18,000 Yuan for bail on June 23, 2001. So altogether she has been robbed of over 31,000 Yuan.

Practitioner Zhang Huifu, female, 53 years old, went to appeal in Beijing on February 3, 2000. She was held in No.2 Detention Center of Harbin City on April 3. After she was released, the Dongli Police Department extorted 5000 Yuan from her but only gave her a receipt for 3000 Yuan. The Human Resource office in her work place asked for 500 Yuan from her. When she and two other practitioners were held at the local government's liaison office in Beijing, four people from their work places and the local police station arrived to take them to their home cities, yet they asked the practitioners to pay for their travel expenses, lodging, and the items the two policemen bought, including a cell phone that cost 1800 Yuan. Zhang had 850 Yuan with her. The local policeman took it away from her. During her detention, her family members visited her several times and gave the police 4000 Yuan to smooth the way for their visit.

Practitioner Li Zhijun, male, 34 years old, was held from April 24, 2000 to May 17, 2000 by the Dongli Police Department in their custodial center. The police department extorted 3000 Yuan from him.

Practitioner Ren Guozhi, male, 49 years old, paid 3000 Yuan on April 26, 2000 to the Dongli Police Department. On November 21, 2000, Zhang in the Harbin Police Department took away Ren's cell phone, pager, and 450 Yuan in cash. Ren is still in custody, which greatly upsets his family members and relatives.

Practitioner Zhang Wei, female, 58 years old, was forced to pay 20,000 Yuan on October 22, 1999. On June 30, 2001, the policemen broke into her home and took 1500 Yuan. She was detained for six and half months, which greatly upset her family members.

Practitioner Wang Shuxian, female, 50 years old, went to appeal in Beijing on October 16, 1999. She was held in No.2 Detention Center of Harbin City on October 20, 1999. While she was being transferred to Harbin, two policemen from Section One of the police department took 1000 Yuan from her. The Dongli Police Department in Harbin extorted 5000 Yuan from her. Her family visited her several times during her detention and was asked by Yang, the head of a section in the police department to give him 3000 Yuan. The policeman in charge of interrogation asked her family to buy 60 Yuan of gas for him. She was held at the No. 2 Detention Center from June 26, 2001 to July 26, 2001 and fined 2000 Yuan by Yang. For four and a half months, her boss has not allowed her to return to work. Yet he takes her salary from the accountant and keeps it for himself.

8. Conduct of Literary People in Yunnan Province

Recently, a notice (file No. 15 of 2001) was jointly issued by the Propaganda Department of Yunan Province, the Civilization Office, the Provincial Office Preventing and Dealing with XX Organizations, the Science Association, the Education Department, and the Anti-XX Society that an exhibition about "Anti-XX, Promoting Civilization" around the cities and counties of Yunnan Province will be held from October to December, 2001. They also promoted reading contests and essay writing contests across the province. As a preparation for the contests, they recommend a reference book compiled by the above organizations called "Anti-superstition and Anti-XX Reader". It is sold at 7 Yuan (Chinese dollar). Every organization is required to buy the book and make sure that each and every one of their employees has a copy. The questions for the reading contest were carried in the late October issues of Yunnan Daily. Every organization and work unit is required to make copies of the contest questions and ask their employees to participate in the contests. Questions for the contests were published in the local newspaper "Yunnan Daily" in late October. The local Offices of Civilization will collect the submissions. The articles for the essay contest are to be mailed to a temporarily established office in Yunnan Daily. This is the work of a dark force in the organizations led by Li Lanqing, which consist of an Anti-Falun Gong Supervision Team and Organization of Education, Science, and Culture. It carries out persecution in literary form, complementing the physical violence represented by 610 Offices and the Political and Judiciary Systems.

A practitioner was notified that he was required to attend such an exhibit in the local Culture Center. He sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil before going to the exhibit. He kept on sending forth righteous thoughts when he arrived there and took the opportunity to clarify the truth to his colleagues and acquaintances. As he entered the exhibition room, he found no guide, only people sent by their supervisors to carry out a "political mission". The supervisors of each organization were waiting at the entrance to ensure that their employees signed a registration, a way to be sure that they showed up. Most people took a quick look and left. Some were there for no more than one minute before leaving. Some people said, "They have been showing it all the time on TV. Now they come up with such an exhibition. Has the Party nothing else to do?"

Here I solemnly warn the literary perpetrators who organized those activities to stop conducting wrong deeds and eliminate the negative effect immediately. Every sentient being needs "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance". To do harm to others is actually to do harm to oneself. If you continue doing evil deeds, all the documents, the articles, and other written materials related to the activities will be good evidence of your crime. First, the practitioners will have a thorough investigation and expose the names and conduct of every person on the Internet. Secondly, if any of you have plans to go abroad, the practitioners overseas will sue you. The Director of the Police Department in Hubei Province, Zhao Zhifei, and the Secretary of Party Committee in Sichuan Province, Zhou Yongkang, are good examples of this. Thirdly, it is wrong for you to believe that if you are not directly involved in the persecution, you are not to be blamed. What you are doing now is helping to create the atmosphere for the persecution and spread lies to deceive people who are savable. You are the ones, like Jesus said, who "hinder people from going to heaven." Nowadays, more and more reports come out about the abnormal phenomena and the disasters taking place across China, and the sudden deaths or car accidents that have happened to the government officials, policemen, and people in the entertainment community who have persecuted Falun Gong. The ex-governor of Yunnan Province, Li Jiating, has been sent to the judicial administration due to corruption and economic problems. The current governor, Linghu An, was also removed from his position. No matter what the superficial reasons are, the real reason is that they took active part in the persecution of Falun Gong. On November 27, 2000, there was an earthquake of 6 on the Richter scale, in Yongding, Yunnan Province, causing one death and 200 injuries. It is a warning from gods. If you don't stop the evil conduct, can you imagine what kind of retribution you are going to receive?

9. [Gongyi City, Henan Province] The Evil Conduct of the Police Department

Jiang Zemin's evil group of scoundrels is exerting a final struggle before its elimination by attempting to stop practitioners from exposing their evil conduct in the persecution of Dafa and its practitioners. On the night before October 1 (China's National Day), the Police Department in Gongyi City sent out a lot of policemen. Eight of them climbed over a wall and entered my younger brother's house, saying that they discovered some flyers (actually the truth-clarifying literature exposing Jiang's persecution of Dafa). They dragged my sister-in-law from her bed and beat her without asking any questions. My brother tried to talk to them. They said, "If you go on talking, we will arrest you too. What reason? The Party is the reason. They can arrest anyone they want to arrest. Who needs a reason? " With these words, they took my sister-in-law away. She was in her pajamas and not wearing any shoes. It's been over 20 days and we have no idea where she is being held or whether she is still alive. She has a mother who is now confined to bed and a child in primary school, both of whom need to be taken care of.

10. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Some Information from Changchun

It is said that the police are taking away many temporary residents on the Political and Judiciary Street in Changchun City, Jilin Province. Among them might be some practitioners. Practitioners wandering about in Changchun, please keep a righteous mind, use the wisdom cultivated in your practice, and don't let the evil force take you away.

11. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Some Practitioners Are Arrested

On the evening of October 26, 2001, practitioners in Changchun City, Wang Tianming and Zhong Guanli, were beaten and arrested by the police while they were working on truth-clarifying materials. According to some eyewitnesses, Wang was knocked to the ground. He didn't follow the orders of the evil policemen and he warned them not to beat people. They didn't listen to him. On the contrary, they beat him with heavier blows. Wang's head and legs were severely injured. His face was severely swollen. The police then searched his house. Wang Tianming is now held in Tiebei Custodial Center. Recently, several practitioners have been arrested while distributing truth-clarifying materials.

The police arrested three practitioners while they were sending out balloons in Culture Square in Changchun City. The police searched their homes, and some policemen stayed at practitioner Yin Yanli's place, waiting to arrest any practitioner that visited her.

According to some insiders, the evil police doubled their efforts to persecute the practitioners arrested this time, trying to implicate more people.

12. [Dazu County, Sichun Province] A Solemn Warning to the Evil People in the Entertainment Community: Slandering the Great Law of the Cosmos Will Be Punished By Gods

In October of 2001, the Arts Theater in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province put on a show smearing Falun Dafa called "Dreams of Heaven". The head of Chuan Opera Troupe in Dazu County Zhang Shangquan wrote the play. They have already shown it in several places in the area of Mianyang City, spreading harm to people. The actors and actresses in the performance are Zhang Junxiang, Wen Qicai, Tang Guandong, Wang Zijuan, Jiang Shumei, and He Xiaohua.

Here we ask practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind the playwright, the directors, and the performers; let the truth prevail and save the people who are savable; let the vile people in the human world who insist on slandering Dafa receive retribution in this life time so as to prevent more innocent people from being harmed.