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New Zealand Foreign Minister Personally Congratulates the SOS Walkers in Wellington

October 10, 2001 |  

On the afternoon of October 1, after 22 days of strenuous walking, we arrived at the Chinese Embassy in Wellington. Almost at the same time, New Zealand TV Channel 3 and a local newspaper came to conduct interviews.

The next day at 10:00 a.m., we went to the congress building and asked security guards to submit a letter to the Prime Minster and Foreign Minister for us.

At 11:45, security guards introduced the Foreign Minster and Foreign Affairs Minister to us. The Foreign Minister said to us, "Congratulations! You are walking from Auckland to Wellington, congratulations!" He then asked us about the walk and the response of the public, and showed support to Falun Gong. At last, he took a picture with the SOS walkers.

The New Zealand SOS walk lasted 22 days and covered a distance of 652 kilometers. During the walk, we distributed about 7,000 pieces of literature on Falun Dafa and accepted interviews from 8 journalists. More than 30 practitioners and supporters participated in the walk, and more than 10 people learned the Falun Gong exercises from us.

Practitioners walking Chinese Embassy in Wellington Group picture of SOS walkers

Four young people who walked with practitioners for a long time

Group picture with the Foreign Minister (Fourth on the left in the front row) and Foreign Affairs Minister