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Latest News from China - 07/05/2000

July 07, 2000 |  

[Shandong Province] The Zibo City, Shandong Province Continues to use psychiatric hospital to persecute Falun Gong practitioner after they persecuted Mr. Gang Su to death.

Tens of practitioners from Linzi, Zhangdian and Zichuan were sent to the psychiatric hospital because of refusing to give up Falun Gong or their appealing effort. Among them, Mr. Gang Su was persecuted to death, some became handicapped from the persecution. Recently, the Mental Illness Section of Kunlun Hospital in Zibo Mineral Department accepted over twenty more practitioners and treated them with over-dosage of medicines and injections along with other methods of persecution.

The number of the director of the Hospital, Cui Xiankun, 011-86-533-5861701; The number of the director of the Mental Illness Section, Dai Mingsheng, 011-86-533-5861725; The address of the hospital is: Kunlun Town, Zichuan District, Zibo Oil

In addition, up to now, some practitioners have been sent to labor camp. An incomplete statistics included Leng Jilin, Du Lihua, Zhou Dongqing, Zhou Guangping, Jiang Kai, Sun Junxia, Zhang Wei, Yang Yurong, Wang Ting, Gao Mingshu and Chen Lili.

In the other day, Sun Junxia from Zhangdian went to deliver some vegetables to her neighbor who is also a practitioner. She met a few other practitioners and had a talk with each then. Later, all of them got arrested. Sun Junxia was sent to labor camp a few days later. All the other practitioners also got detained.

A few days ago, practitioner Wang Zhenxiu got arrested when chatting with people in a park. In order to protest the illegal arresting, she went on hunger strike in the police station for four days. She started to have loose bowels before she was transferred to a detention center. Her whereabouts is unknown after she was transferred to the detention center.

In Zibo City, practitioners have no freedom and no basic rights. They could be arrested or be sent to labor camp at all times.

[China] Detailed situation about navy officers Li Qiuxia and Wang Ning Who Got Detained in psychiatric hospital

Li Qiuxia was the director of the Pharmacy Section in the Headquarter Hospital of Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. She was an officer of associate commander rank. She started to practice Falun Gong in 1995 and got rid of all the illnesses. She worked diligently and had been awarded "Elite Communist Party Member" every year. She was a well-known good person. Since last August, she and Wang Ning were put under surveillance and forced to attend the thoughts transformation class in a army labor camp in the suburban of Beijing for over three months. This February, she and Wang Ning got arrested again when practicing in a park. After their working unit picked them up and then immediately transferred to a military storage house in Jiangxi Province.

After going back to Beijing, Wang Ning was fired and dismissed from the Communist Party.

Li Qiuxia had been very determined about Falun Dafa, regardless the great pressures from the Army, working unit and her family. She was sent to a military psychiatric hospital on June 2. She was forced to take medicines that would affect the central nerve system. Nobody was allowed to visit her. Her whereabouts is unknown.

The operator of the Headquarter Hospital of Navy is 011-86-10-68587733; The Political Section is 011-86-66958044; The Security Section if 011-86-66958048.


At night of July 2, Shenzhen policemen arrested thousands of practitioners and forced them to sign an illegal pledge. Practitioners who refused to sign got detained. Those who signed got released. Some practitioners who signed the pledge found out they made a mistake and went back to the police station to withdraw their signatures.

[Beijing] Beijing police arrested practitioners in the midnight

At 3am of June 30, the police started again to arrest practitioners in mass scale. (Later on, it was known that there was some internal notice that "Master Li has two article on June 16 and June 28, Falun Gong practitioners will all reach completion in the Tiananmen Square on June 30." etc.) When practitioners questioned them that they should at least have some paper work to arrest people, an associate director of a police station in the Xicheng said angrily: "We can arrest you at will at all times without any paper work."

On June 25, when 22 practitioners were exchanging their experience at the home of a practitioner, the police suddenly broke into the house and took 11 of them away. These 11 practitioners included Yi Ning, Zhou Yuling, Zhang Xueqing, Li Qiulian, An Baoshan and Nu Shijie etc. Later, they got detained in the Seventh Section of the City Police Department, and Qinghe Detention Center of Haiding District etc.

[Chengdu, Sichuan Province] The police Cleaned Up the Internet Services

Chengdu Business Newspaper reported on July 4th that the police has started to cleaned up all the Internet Services, require all the Internet Services within 200 meters from the schools or those of less than 200 Square meters to close up before the end of year. Some Internet Services around Sichuan University have been cleaned up and the owners got heavily punished.

[Lanzhou, Gansu Province] About 15 professors, PhD students and instructors from the Northwestern Common University have gone to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.

[Lanzhou City, Gansu Province] Senior Engineer Determined About Falun Dafa, The company's "Environmental Elite" therefore cancelled

Peng Xibin, male, 55 years old. He is an private photographer, veteran. On Dec. 31, he went to Tiananmen Square and got arrested. He got beaten up for three times for not revealing his name and got detained for 15 days after being escorted back to Lanzhou. This April, he went to Beijing again and got detained for another 15 days.

Qiang Shiguang, male, 59 year old. He graduated from the Beijing Petroleum Institute and is a senior engineer in Northwest Geology Institute. He went to Beijing to appeal and got detained for 15 days twice and had gone on hunger strike for twice. The first time was 9 and a half days. The second time was 13 days.

In mid May, Peng and Qiang went to Shangdan County, Gansu Province to visit Qian's aged mother in her 80s. They communicated with local practitioners. On May 24, they got arrested. They were beaten for not turn in Falun Gong books. They were detained for 15 days.

On June 28, Peng received a pone call from the local Wuquan police station in Lanzhou. He was required to pay a visit to the police station. Once he arrived, he got detained and sentenced with one-year forced labor. When Peng's wife questioned the police the reason why Peng got detained. The police replied that Peng got detained because of the matter in Shandan. Peng's wife then questioned the police that Peng had already been detained for 15 days in Shandan, how could Peng be punished again? The police had nothing to say but told Peng's wife, "You go ahead and appeal." On the same day, Qiang got arrested at home and sentenced to one year and half detention in the Pingantai.

Because of Qiang, the Northwest Geology Institute has two awards cancelled, "Environmental Elite" and "Birth Control Elite". In the last arrest, this institution cooperated closely with the police in arresting Qiang.