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Cultivate a Righteous Mind; Suffocate the Evil

December 05, 2000 |  

I arrived in Beijing on the evening of April 22, 2000. We planed to validate Dafa on the 23rd at the Tiananmen Square.

During meditation in the early morning of the 23rd, I enlightened that I should have the mind of giving up everything for Dafa because Dafa created me. How do I give up everything? This means to melt myself into Dafa, and to dissolve into the Fa.

We arrived at the Tiananmen in the morning. I thought as I was walking, "Evil forces, no matter how high your levels are, you should be eliminated as long as you stop Master Li from rectifying the Fa. I am a Dafa disciple. I am here to help my teacher today. I fear nothing and I am high and noble. No one can harm me." We arrived at the Golden Water Bridge and started the Falun Standing Stance (the second exercise of Falun Gong). A policeman came over and smiled at me, "What are you doing?" I smiled back and said, "I am practicing Falun Gong." I thought, "I am here to validate Dafa. I am not here to be detained. I am a cultivator. I will leave if you don't detain me. If you don't detain me tomorrow, I will come back the day after tomorrow." I went back to the hotel happily. I found a place where I could make a banner, and planned to go to Tiananmen again on the 25th.

On the morning of the 25th, I went to Tiananmen with my banner that read "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance". I thought, "I have given up everything for Dafa. What can't I achieve? I am showing this banner with special meaning. Master Li gave us the 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance'. I cannot give the banner to those who are taken advantaged of by demons. I am here with this banner today. No one can take it away from me. No one is able to take it." Eight of us entered the Forbidden City and displayed the banner. We recited New Life and After the Disaster (Master Li's poems) and walked out while holding the banner up. I thought, " In this dimension, we are displaying a banner, while in another dimension we are displaying a righteous spirit capable of destroying the evil." We walked with the banner more than a hundred meters. A large group of police came up from behind us. They beat us and tried to seize the banner. The eight of us held the banner and didn't let go. Some fellow practitioners' eyeglasses, watches, and shoes fell. We were all protecting "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" with our lives. They pried our hands away and dragged us into a nearby room. I rolled up the banner and hid it in my clothes. I had only one thought: "I am with the banner." A policeman yelled, "Where is the banner?" I was happy but my mind was not moved at all. I thought, "You are yelling in vein. 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance' doesn't belong to you. None of you can take it." With this thought, they stopped asking.

They sent me to Beijing Changping county Jail. They have the habit of performing body searches before one enters the prison cell. When we got there, I first took the banner out of my clothes and put it into my bag. Then they started the body search. I thought, "Master Li is protecting me. Master Li only sees my heart." They searched my bag several times but didn't see the banner.

On the third morning of our stay at the jail, they called each of us out . When they called me, I asked the nurses, "What are you doing?" They said, "We are giving you nutrition." I said, "Dafa disciples are not deficient of nutrition." They said, "Then we will tie you onto the bed and force feed it to you!" I enlightened what Master Li had said, "As long as you have the firm mind, he is afraid of you when he sees you." I am a cultivator. I can pass all tribulations and break all obstacles. They started to force feed me. I recited Mighty Virtue (One of Master Li's poems) silently. After the force feeding, they asked me, "Do you want to say something?" I smiled and said, "Thank you." I sincerely thanked them because I felt that they were pitiable. I saw tears running down their cheeks. Later, these nurses said to the police angrily, "What are you doing? They are all good people!" A policeman asked me, "Why do you commit yourself to Falun Gong so irredeemably and resolutely?" I said, "Because I hold on to the truth!" They called Master Li's name and said, "Great. Having such disciples, we have lost." He handed me a roll of toilet paper to clean up with and then left. I felt sad. I thought about Master's words, "As long as you cultivate, I am next to you. As long as you cultivate, I am responsible for you to the end." My tears flowed in streams. Master even knows that I didn't have toilet paper in the prison cell. I have done far too little. ...

They took me out again in the afternoon. They drove the four of us to a remote location. Sitting in the car, I was calm and relaxed. I thought, "How will they torture me now? Today, I will pass no matter what you do to me. I will not bring shame to my Master. I want to defeat the evil and make you admire me from the heart."

The car stopped at a mental hospital. I saw in red characters "First test site" on the wall. I understood that Master Li was telling his disciples with compassion, "You have Master. You have Fa. Don't be afraid." They led me into a room full of m mental patients. They tied me onto an iron bed. The policemen and nurses came over. A nurse pointed to my nose and said ferociously, "I will stick a needle into your Renzhong (an acupuncture point)." I smiled and thought, "I am a Dafa disciple. I am fulfilling the vows of a God. I had sworn when I came down that I would protect the Fa with my life. I am ready to give up my body that is about 90 pounds. I am not rich. I don't have other things to offer sacrifices to Master Li. I have vowed to offer a pure cultivated heart to Master Li. Since I am here today, I will let you do as you please." Then, she laughed as she stuck the needles into me. I watched them and recited Master Li's New Life. They stuck three needles into me (one into the Renzhong point; one into the center of one palm; and one into the center of one foot). Then they connected them with electricity. My mind was not perturbed at all and had only Master Li's words. After more than ten minutes, they asked me, "Will you still practice Falun Gong?" I smiled and said firmly, "Yes!"

I feel that the environment we have had for the past year has been a real cultivation environment. I have become mature in this environment. I feel that cultivation, for the past ten months or more, was to cultivate this mind, the righteous mind!

In the past year, my local police station had wanted to find excuse to sentence me to a labor camp. I persisted with a righteous mind, thinking "I am not afraid. I am a God. I am Master Li's disciple. My Master arranges my cultivation path. No one else counts. They don't have the power or the capability to arrange these things for me. I want to tell the truth, validate the Fa, and help Master in his mission in the human world." The other day, a practitioner carried 1500 copies of fake Jingwen to me. I thought that I am a Dafa particle, and that I should serve as a Dafa particle. I have a field of righteous thoughts. No evil thing can come into my field. They only retreat in front of me. They cannot interfere with me. I should tell the right from the evil and attain the true scripture. I enlightened, "Only when I truly assimilate to the righteous can I discern the evil." I burned the fake Jingwen with this practitioner. I felt that the evil things had all been destroyed.

Master Li said, "Instead of [just] studying the Fa, a veteran Dafa disciple today should truly regard himself as a particle of Dafa ?while studying the Fa, he should at the same time play the role of a Dafa particle. Doing something for Dafa is the same as doing something for himself. This is the true state, at this time, of disciples who have come through this tribulation." I enlightened that since we are already particles of Dafa, we should have a righteous mind. Everyday people cannot restrict us when we do something with a righteous mind. For example, we went to a most evil place to hang up banners and post materials. I had a thought, "We want to suffocate the evil and erase the evil. Tonight none of them can see us or catch us. Stop the evil people at their homes." That night all practitioners acted together and no one was caught.

I am not educated. I just want to write down what I have enlightened to and to share with fellow practitioners. Please help to point out if there is anything wrong.

A Practitioner in Shandong Province

November 2000