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Latest News from China - 11/13/2000

November 18, 2000 |  

[China] All parcels and letters from overseas will be opened and checked at Customs.

According to internal communication within Customs, all parcels and letters from overseas will be opened for checking at customs. All materials related to Falun Gong will be withheld.

[China] Some policemen in a certain city have refused to get involved in persecution of Dafa practitioners.

Some policemen in a certain city in China have begun to refuse getting involved in the persecution of Dafa practitioners. They are refusing to go to Beijing to pick up Dafa practitioners at their local government liaison offices there. The consequence is that the family members or other practitioners have been able to take some practitioners home. Only the officials of the liaison offices in Beijing continue extorting money from practitioners. They charge the practitioners very high lodging expenses of more than 140 Yuan (about $17) a day, which is a large amount for the practitioners who are in poverty.

[Shenyang, Liaoning Province] Cigarette burns covered the face and body of Zong Hengjie, a practitioner who died in custody.

According to some people who know what happened, there were cigarette burns all over the face and the body of Zong Hengjie, a Dafa practitioner in Shenyang who was persecuted to death. Various kinds of internal injuries and external wounds showed that Zong Hengjie had indeed been beaten to death. To block the news, policemen have prohibited Zong's family members from meeting with other people.

Some family members were able to visit the Dafa practitioners detained at Masanjia Labor Education Camp. The practitioners told them that the viciousness of Masanjia Labor Education Camp is beyond imagination.

[Beijing] The consciences of some policemen have come out after reading materials that reveal the truth.

One day at the end of October, many practitioners were arrested at Tiananmen Square. A young policeman heavily slapped the head of a female practitioner and then pushed her into the police van. At that moment, he found some Dafa materials on the ground, so he picked them up and started to read. Another young policeman guarding the door warned him not to read them. However, this young policeman ignored him and continued reading carefully. Since some of the materials were torn apart, he picked up all the pieces and put them together and read through. He later went to the female practitioner that he had slapped and asked regretfully, "Is it still painful? Are you all right?" The practitioner replied, "I'm fine. I don't blame or hate you at all."

Another female practitioner was taken into custody at the Tiananmen police station. A male policeman attempted to harass her. The practitioner warned him loudly, "If you dare to do that, I will expose your behavior on Minghui Net." As a result, the policeman stopped.

[Weifang, Shandong Province] Fangzi Distict of Weifang in Shandong Province hired thugs to beat Dafa practitioners.

On the morning on October 25, 2000, Cheliu Town government officials of Fangzi district, Weifang city, brutally tortured Dafa practitioners in broad daylight, totally disregarding the law. Seventeen practitioners of this town were taken away and sent to the "transformation center" where they are still being illegally detained (November 9). Wang Luocheng, the head of the town and other officials hired thugs for 1,000 Yuan, about US$120, per person, to beat the practitioners to death. They forced the practitioners to squat down and swear at their teacher. These savage acts are really inhuman, and have completely tainted the reputation of the Communist Party and the nation. Among the practitioners was the spouse of Li Tongxiang who was in her 60s. She was beaten to unconsciousness on the spot. For fear that she would die, she was taken to the hospital. Her mouth had clenched so tightly that it could not be opened even with a wrench. She did not regain consciousness until the next day.

[China] Dafa practitioners in a city distribute a great amount of Dafa materials everyday.

In a city in northern China, each practitioner distributes more than 1,000 copies of Dafa materials everyday to reveal the truth. Even when they are sometimes under difficult situations, they are still able to send out at least 500 copies. Thus, this city is very strict and the authorities are searching for Dafa practitioners who distribute materials. Five practitioners have recently been detained. The policemen usually keep watch around residential buildings as well as bicycle parking lots. Some people are also hired to keep watch at newspaper stands, small shops, and public phone booths. Please be cautious.

[Xinjiang Province and Beijing] Beijing policemen severely beat up Xinjiang Dafa practitioners.

On July 1, a female retired worker from Weiwuer District in Xinjiang Province went to Beijing to appeal. She was detained in the detention center of Tongzhou police station. The policemen there were very vicious and brutal. They ordered three of the inmates to strip off this practitioner's pants and beat her buttocks with shoes. They took turns beating her continuously for over an hour. Then they grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the wall. Lastly, a policeman took an electronic baton and shocked the practitioner in her mouth, face, neck and throat and so on until she fainted. Her whole lower body had turned to dark purple, with not a single area left unbruised. She was later taken into custody at Liudaowan Detention Center (it was not clear how long she was detained but she has now been released).

A practitioner from Beijing was detained in the detention center of Tongzhou police station. He was wounded all over his body. His face has been beaten and distorted beyond recognition. He looked horrible. Both of his feet were swollen and covered with bruises. They force-fed him using plastic tubes everyday while he was handcuffed and shackled with his hands and feet tied together. On the day that I left, I saw his miserable condition after he was force-fed. He lay in the hallway with his eyes tightly closed and feet shackled. It seemed he was out of breath. The guards and doctors left him behind without even caring if he was still alive.

[Xinjiang Province] Practitioner from Shihezi in Xinjiang Province sent to labor education camp and the police watched his family.

Dafa practitioner Li Xianzheng, 49 years old, is a taxi driver in Shihezi of Xinjinang Province. He sold his car in late October 1999, and went to Beijing to appeal in November. He was then arrested at Beijing and was taken back to Shihezi. The policemen detained him at first and asked his family for more than 800 Yuan (about two month average wage) to cover the policemen's expenses for traveling, handcuffs and phone calls. He was detained for nearly 50 days. During the detention, the policemen interrogated him many times and asked him if he would continue on practicing Falun Gong. They told him that if he stopped practicing, he could go home; otherwise he would be sent to a labor reeducation camp. He always replied, "I have made up my mind that I will continue to practice my whole life!" Then he was sentenced to one and a half years labor reeducation. Nine other practitioners, including five male and four female, were also sent to labor education camp at the same time.

On December 30, 1999, Li Xianzheng was sent to Wusu Detention Center in Xinjiang Province and he was kept with criminals. He was completely monitored. Whenever he tried to copy down an article of our teacher, recite Lunyu, or do the meditation even at midnight, he would be beaten to the ground. Sometimes they whipped at his head and face using a belt with metal at the end. Blood and wounds covered his face. At one time, his eyes were also bleeding after the beating. They forced him to jump when squatting down. His feet were so swollen that he could not put on his shoes. Moreover, he was forced to do heavy labor in the daytime, while he was punished by having him wake up and stand at different periods throughout the night. Still, he always keeps a smile when facing these inhuman tortures.

In early September 2000, all Dafa practitioners who were sentenced for labor education were taken to Changji Labor Education Camp for so-called "transformation". In this new environment, Li Xianzheng continued to validate the Dafa and clarify the truth with his words and actions.

His daughter, Li Lingjia, was a sophomore in the Department of Chinese Language at Xinjiang University. She and her mother were both arrested when they went for a walk in a park, followed by a detention of 15 days. She was forced to choose between Falun Gong and school. She firmly chose to continue practicing Falun Gong and therefore, the college expelled her.

His wife, Li Yungui, is a middle school teacher at Shihezi in Xinjiang Province. She was detained twice for practicing Falun Gong. Now she is suspended and cannot continue her teaching.

Li Xianzheng's home is under close surveillance by the policemen. His wife and daughter have lost their freedom. They are followed whenever they go out. Their relatives and friends cannot visit them, either. This has hurt them both in body and mind. We call on everyone to give their attention and concern to this situation.

PS: In Xinjiang Province, the following Dafa practitioners were illegally taken into custody with no reason in early October: Ren Shaolan from Shihezi Textile Factory, Li Tongan from Shihezi Textile and Dye Factory, Lu from Shihezi Metal Company, Zhang Xiuyun from Yili, and possibly more.

[Beijing] Experiences of a practitioner from Xinjiang and a practitioner from Henan at Shijingshan Detention Center in Beijing

Niu Yanxia, 34 years old, came from Luoyang of Henan Province. "On October 29, three policemen (with police numbers 043351, 043353 and 043355) beat and harassed me viciously. They grabbed my hair and hit my head against the wall. It even made a big dent in the wall. Their unbelievable, fierce behavior has seriously damaged the image of the officials of the country and the image of the country itself. "

Hu Shenglian, 55 years old, came form Shihezi of Xinjiang Province. At night on October 29, to force her to tell her name, the policemen at Shijingshan Detention Center in Beijing slapped the face of a young practitioner. When they saw that it wasn't working, they began to molest and insult her. They also tried to strip a young practitioner's clothes. When they realized it still could not change her, they beat her to the ground and dragged her into another cell. The policemen at Shijingshan detention center have been torturing Dafa practitioners in the most inhuman ways.

[Langfang, Hebei Province] Ding Kesheng, a practitioner in Langfang, is missing.

Ding Kesheng graduated from Chinese Politics and Law University in July 1999. He was assigned to work in the Langfang Cultural Bureau of Hebei Province. As his Bureau forced him to write a guarantee to give up practicing, he had no choice but to resign. On July 22, 2000, he was caught and sent back to Langfang because he unfurled a banner in Tiananmen Square. Up to now, there is no word from him. We hope kind people will pay close attention to this matter.

[Beijing] Be cautious of strangers who claim to be practitioners.

A practitioner in Beijing was so warm-hearted in trying to do something for Dafa and trying to help practitioners who went to Beijing from other areas. But the evil forces were able to deceive him. Two female plainclothes policewomen pretended to be practitioners from Xinjiang who were going to validate Dafa in Tiananmen Square. Since they had no place to live, they stayed at his place. On October 24, the practitioner put several hundred copies of Dafa materials into his car to deliver. These were found by the two plainclothes policewomen. At 1AM the next day, the police came. They ransacked the place and took away materials. They detained the practitioner as an important criminal. He was detained in Changping County Detention Center. His wife was forced to leave their home.

[Beijing] In order to transform those practitioners who cultivate firmly, some evil policemen from Masanjia Detention Center will set up a reeducation class in Lugou Bridge of Fengtai District in Beijing. It was said that, after completion of the study class, the practitioners who refused to write a pledge of stopping practicing will be sent to labor camps directly.

[Shandong Province] Countless numbers of practitioners have been detained since last month.

From the end of last month (October) till now, countless numbers of practitioners has been detained in some areas of Jinan, Shandong Province. They have been forced to attend transformation classes. The practitioners who cannot be transformed are sent to labor education camps. By November 3, at least 50 practitioners were sent to the labor camp just in one district. Other districts have similar situations. According to people who knew what happened, the number of practitioners from Shandong province who went to Beijing around National Day was the highest in China. So, larger numbers of practitioners were to be sent to labor education camps. In order to fulfill the task on time, police began to escalate the detention and transformation of practitioners from the end of last month. Some "key persons" were sent to labor education camps directly. Ten days of transformation time were given to "ordinary practitioners." Practitioners who would not write guarantees to give up practicing during the 10 days would be sent to labor camps. In some areas, as there was a much greater number of practitioners being assigned to labor education camps, no practitioner was spared -- even those who had never been to Beijing to appeal. For example, Li from Hengtai County was detained on October 17, and sent to the labor education camp on November 3.

Lou Hongmin in Weifang, female, about 30 years old, was detained for appealing in Beijing during the National Holiday. She was recently sent to Jinan Labor Education Camp. There were also many practitioners who were detained at home or on the streets, and sent to labor education camps. In the last month, seven to eight people and two police cars have been waiting in front of one practitioner's home in order to detain the practitioner. In addition, there are also many plainclothes policemen at stations and road intersections to search passengers' parcels and luggage. Practitioners are detained right away if they are found out.

The wicked Cheng Shuping , male, 37, is the director of the Political Security Department of Anqiu city police station. Cheng Shuping acts as an evil underling of Jiang Zeming and continues persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Many practitioners have been detained in Anqiu since the end of last month. Most practitioners had to leave their homes and wander about. The police even handed out the photos of some so-called "key practitioners" to the affiliated police offices. Those who reported the practitioners would get 5,000 RMB (about US$600). Four policemen were assigned to track each of these practitioners.

To date, many officials in charge of suppressing Falun Gong have begun to discern good from evil, and do not want to be the followers of Jiang Zeming. They are tired of the orders from higher government officials. They have no interests in these things and they provide some conveniences for practitioners. Before an officer went to detain one practitioner at home, he told the practitioner, "Get out of your home now. Otherwise I have to go and arrest you." Several days after, he went to see the leader of the village and said, "Maybe we can let the practitioner come back to his home, since Luo Gan (one of the leaders of central government for persecution of Falun Gong) has left here." Most people have come to know the truth. Only a small number of people are still conducting evil deeds on Falun Gong practitioners. All lies and falsified stories will be clarified. Truth will spread on the earth.

[Weifang, Shandong Province] Practitioners in the Fangzi District Electric Power Plant of Weifang are under persecution.

One employee worked very hard and was praised by his leaders and colleagues. But in December 1998, he was suspended from his position for cultivating Falun Dafa. Then at the end of August 1999, he was transferred to another lower position with half his original salary. He was detained in May 2000 for going to appeal in Beijing and he was interrogated, handcuffed, and beaten up. He was handcuffed onto a heater where he could not stand or sit down. The maltreatment caused him severe headaches and distortion of his left thigh muscle. In the afternoon on the next day, he was sent to Fangzi Detention Center for criminal detention of 16 days.

The practitioner was extorted 2,200 Yuan (about US$265) by the Weifang city liaison office in Beijing and 5,000 Yuan (about US$600) by the Fangzi district police station. When he was released on June 7, he was fired, although the position would be kept for one year. His monthly salary was 400 Yuan (about US$48), but he actually only receives 200 Yuan (about US$24) every month, barely enough to maintain daily life.

[Weifang, Shandong Province] Miserable and lamentable authority

Many Falun Gong practitioners in Muchun Town, Fangzi District of Weifang City were rounded up and detained one night several days before National Day. Their family members thought this action was illegal, so they went to appeal. But these family members were seized, beaten up and detained for 15 days. After that, these practitioners were continuously beaten up, forced to pay fines and write guarantees. Otherwise, they would be sent to labor education camps.

One practitioner was so poor that he could not pay the fine. A tricycle and a cow were pawned for the fine. It was said at least 20 practitioners were detained illegally.

According to reports from the government, 459 practitioners from Weifang went to Beijing to validate Dafa and clarify the truth during the National Holiday (October 1 to 7). 200 practitioners were detained in Tiananmen Square. Now over 3,500 practitioners were under attack by the police, 6 were sentenced to prison, 110 were sent to labor camping, 998 were detained, and over 170 were in detention centers.

[Changsha, Hunan Province] Several practitioners were persecuted in Changsha, Hunan Province.

1. Wang Tongxian (pseudonym), male, 24 years old. After appealing in Beijing, he was sent back and detained for 15 days illegally. Then he was punished by his factory and sent back to his hometown. As he continued his cultivation, he was detained for half a month in his hometown. In August, he was fired from his job.

2. Chen Hongyun (pseudonym), female, 41 years old. In February 2000, she went to appeal in Beijing during Spring Festival. She was detained in Tiananmen Square and sent back. On February 15th, she was detained for more than a month for a suspected "appeal in Beijing". Her family was forced to turn in 8,000 Yuan (about US$960) as a guarantee. On July 13th, she was detained again by the Public Security Bureau again with no reason.

3. Liu Honglan (pseudonym), female, retired, 52 years old. In February 2000, she went to appeal in Beijing during Spring Festival and was detained in Tiananmen Square. After being sent back, she was detained for more than a month. Her family was forced to turn in 8,000 Yuan (about US$960) as guarantee.

4. Li Jingmei, male, 63 years old, is a retired leader of a County Food Bureau in Changsha of Hunan province. He went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa with 10 other practitioners in February 2000. He was detained illegally on February 14, and sentenced to criminal detention on February 16. In March, he was sentenced to one and a half years of labor education.

[Nanchang, Jiangxi Province] Partial lists of practitioners from Nanchang who have suffered from the crackdown

Part 1: The partial list of practitioners' names from Nanchang who were arrested and detained for going out and validating Dafa on the anniversary of the brutal crackdown.

Nanchang 1st detention center:

Zeng Jiyun, female, 53, is a cashier of the Research Institute of Jiangxi Traffic Management Bureau.

Zhou Aimei, female, 46, is a retired worker from Nanchang Foreign Trade Bureau.

Cao Yucheng, female, 56, is a retired worker from the Jiangxi Tractor Factory.

Nanchang 2nd detention center:

Huang zhenguo, male, 62, former director and chief engineer of Research Institute of Jiangxi Transportation Department.

Huang He, male, 28, an officer at Research Institute of Jiangxi Transportation Department.

Huang Hao, male, 25, an officer of Research Institute of Jiangxi Traffic Management Bureau.

Mao Yuxian, female, 58, lives in Xihu District at Nanchang.

Nanchang 3rd detention center:

Wen Zhicun, a student of Jiangxi Agricultural University

Zhu Yulian, an accountant of Advanced Specificity College

Li Fenyu, female, 35, a worker from Five-Star Farm

Chen Yingli, female, 60, a retired employee from Jiangxi Sing and Dance Troupe

Xie Shihui, female, lives in the apartment of the Nanchang Forign Trade Bureau

Du Juan, female, a designer from Xiamen branch of Jiangxi Institute of Civil Engineering.

Wu Yunshi, female, an employee of the 2nd division of Jiangxi Institute of Civil Engineering.

Jinxian County Detention Center:

The mother of Zhang Yiping (also being detained), 70, a resident of Jinxian County

Railway Detention Center:

Wang Kangzheng, male, 28, a worker of Nanchang Railway Bureau

(Zhou Fang, his fiancée, was released recently. Zhou lives in Menling and she is still under close surveillance by the police.)

Qingyunpu Detention Center:

Su Ming, male, 40, lives in an apartment of the Nanchang Agricultural College.

Jiang Xiaofei, female, 20, lives at the Xujiafang of Nanchang.

Zhang Yan, female, 28, lives in an apartment of the Nanchang Meat Company.

Jiangxi Woman Education Camp:

Zhang Xiufang, female, 58, a retired worker from Nanchang Electronic Appliance Factory, lives in a resident apartment of the Jiangxi Tractor Factory.

PS: The following practitioners were also detained, but the detention locations are not unknown:

Cheng Mulan, female, lives close to the 8th Middle school of Nanchang.

Chen Xiner, female, 60, a resident of Jiujiang city

Hu Manjiang, female, 55, a worker from the 2nd Towel Factory of Nanchang,

Wan Shaozhen, female, 50, a retired worker from Agriculture Research Institute.

Part 2. Partial list of the practitioners who were detained for sharing experiences with practitioners from neighboring counties or cities

Liang Meihua, female, 52, a retired worker from a Nanchang department store. Liang is detained in the 2nd Detention Center in Nanchang

Wan Qing, female, 36, lives in Xujiafang at Nanchang city, she was detained in Qingyunpu Detention Center

Xu Zhujun, female, 55, former principal of Tangshan Middle School at Nanchang. It is unclear where she is detained.

Part 3. The following practitioners were arrested and detained for distributing materials.

Wang Chahua, female, 40, lives in a resident apartment of Jiangxi 2nd Construction Company in Nanchang. She was released recently.

Zhu Jinghua, female, mailed out over 900 letters containing Dafa materials. After being tracked down and handwriting checking, she was taken away. She has been detained for more than two months.

The following practitioners were detained in the 2nd Detention Center in Nanchang

Gong Meihong, female, 49, was the Party Secretary of Nanchang Bus Factory

Zhou Meixiang, female, 45, a retired worker from Xiangshan Hotel in Nanchang.

Wang Zhaoping, female, 38, was arrested in August.

Part 4. Some of the practitioners were arrested at home without any reason:

Wang Duoyu, male, is retired worker from Nanchang Food Bureau. He is now detained at a detention center in the suburbs.

Part 5. About one hundred practitioners are being detained at the Women's Reeducation Camp for their labor reeducation.

Part 6 . The following practitioners have been detained overtime and haven't been released:

Peng Xiaohua, has been detained for over six months

Hu Qingyun, has been detained for over six months

Chen Jian, has been detained for over 9 months

Part 7. The following practitioners have been sentenced for their validating Dafa in Beijing:

Xiao Yuanguang, male, 36, a teacher from Nanchang Forest College

Xu Wenjun, female, 41

Part 8. The following practitioners have given their lives for Dafa:

Jin Zunyi, Liu Fengchun and Li Yanhua.

[Zhucheng, Shandong Province ] Malicious policeman Cao Jinghui in Zhucheng in Shandong Province

Cao Jinhui, male, about 55, is the associate director of political security section in the Zhucheng police station. He is the principal criminal for the persecution of Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners. His main savage acts are as follow:

He tortures Dafa practitioners and beats them regardless of their gender and age. Whenever he captures practitioners, or whenever he has a chance, he severely beats them. He is so addicted to beating that he can hardly seem to let one day go by without beating. He always gets drunk, and then he beats the practitioners, being a cruel drunken person. He always slaps the practitioners' face, or hits them on the head like a maniac. When he beats practitioners, he lashes at the practitioners madly like a storm. He slaps the faces of the practitioners, first from one side, then the other. Some practitioners are cuffed and he used the practitioner's shoes to slap the practitioners' face or head for a couple of hours. Once he beats the practitioners to the ground, he slashes at their hips, legs and feet with rubber hoses. He trained thugs specifically for persecuting Dafa practitioners. In addition, he forcibly takes practitioners' money and valuables.