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Information Regarding the Criminals Who Beat Chen Zixiu to Death

October 01, 2000 |   Practitioners in Mainland China

[Editorial] The following is information about the murderers who caused the death of Chen Zixiu through their knowing maltreatment. We disclose this information to provide a reference for those kindhearted people overseas that may want, via legal procedures, to help Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted in Mainland China.

We also call upon practitioners in Mainland China and kindhearted people to provide any detailed evidence that can be used for prosecution so that the international society can help innocent practitioners via legal procedures and stop the evil from spreading. The evidence should include as much specific information as possible about those murderers (such as their names, sex, age, job position, family address and telephone number) as well as detailed descriptions of their crimes (such as time, place, what they did and the consequences).

September 22, 2000

* * *

1. Wang Jimei, male, over 50, was the former secretary of Politics and Law of Weicheng District, Weifang City in Shandong Province. In May of this year, Wang was promoted to be the director of the Food Supply Department of Weifang City, because of his so-called "excellent performance". It is well known that Wang looks kind and nice but he is really vicious in his heart. Wang dares to sacrifice practitioners' lives in order to obtain political capital. Four practitioners (Zhou Chunmei and her daughter Sun Xiaobai, Chen Zixiu and Wang Peisheng) were mistreated to death in this small city, which is really rare even in the countryside. Under the command of Wang, the Political and Legal departments abused Falun Gong practitioners without mercy or restraint.

Wang set up seven branches in the Weicheng District in January 2000 in order to persecute practitioners. Among these branches are Building 1 in Zhuangzhongyuan, Chenguan Street (where Chen Zixiu was beaten to death), and in the following towns: Fushan, Yuhe, Wangliu, Daliushu, Junbukou and Xingbu. Wang hired accomplices to beat practitioners inhumanely as well as punished practitioners with huge fines. Whoever did not pay the fines would not be released. Wang also threatened: "I have prepared the rope for you to hang yourselves. My men can show you how to hang yourself if you don't know how to do it. Legal medical experts will be on duty 24 hours a day from now on and all deaths due to beating will be attributed as normal deaths. There is nothing you can do about it and you have nowhere to go to sue me. If you don't pay the fine we will giver you electric shocks each time we have a meal." Wang and his staff used the extorted money for awarding bonuses, shopping for the Spring Festival (in February) and hiring accomplices to carry out their abuse. They also ransacked practitioners' homes and stole everything until they got the money they demanded. Wang even made a trip to the U.S. using the extorted money under the excuse of checking the situation of Falun Gong oversea. Falun Gong practitioners learned of this fact when they went to Wang's home to spread Dafa (the great law). The following are some facts about the brutal persecution at each branch.

The Chenguan street branch used electric stun batons and police clubs to cruelly beat practitioners. Practitioners were not allowed to eat or drink and were forced to stand until midnight. Fifty-nine-year-old Chen Zixiu was beaten to death at this branch and she spit up thick brown sputum when she died because of internal bleeding. Pus came down from one male practitioner's head due to torture with electric shock. His scalp was seriously bruised and his face was swollen. He was black and purple all over his body. Each practitioner was also fined 2,000 RMB (about $240, the average monthly salary is $60).

The Yuhe town branch used wooden sticks to strike practitioners hard and some sticks were even broken. Six men beat up one female practitioner and she was black and purple all over her body. Her flesh was almost separated from the bones due to the beating and she could not walk by herself. One male practitioner in his 40s was beaten to the point of unconsciousness and blood was all over the floor. He was sent to the hospital where he lost his blood pressure for 4 hours. Later he got out of danger after several hours of emergency treatment. Each practitioner was also fined 2,000 RMB.

Hired accomplices in the Wangliu town branch often got drunk at midnight and then they would torture practitioners. They asked practitioners to hold all sorts of physically painful positions. They once asked a female practitioner to stand in the snow barefooted. Each practitioner was also fined 2,000 RMB.

The Junbukou branch hung practitioners on the town government gate after beating them. Each practitioner was also fined 10,000 RMB (about $1,200). A couple was fined 20,000 RMB in total since they both practiced Falun Gong.

The Xingbu town branch splashed water on a female practitioner in her 60s after she fainted from being beaten. They first splashed cold water and then splashed hot water. Later they used an electric heater blowing hot air to dry her in the winter. She was tortured until she was half dead. Later they feared that she might die so they sent her back home and forced her family to pay 5,000 RMB (about $600). She couldn't move and was bedridden for over two months.

The Fushan and Daliushu town branches also tortured practitioners and asked for huge fines from practitioners.

2. Gao Xingong, male, over 40, was appointed to the lowest level secretary of Politics and Law of Chenguan Street, Weicheng District, Weifang City in 1999. Gao is the main principal that beat Chen Zixiu to death. Gao is very cruel and he once proposed to Wang Zimei, secretary of Politics and Law of Weicheng District, ?sup>oBeat the practitioners until dead.í His proposal was accepted by Wang Jimei and was widely popularized.

Gao always laughed when counting the fines paid by practitioners. He also competed with other branches for practitioners because the more practitioners he beat up the more money he would get. He even claimed that he was able to transform any practitioner within one day who could not be transformed at other branches. His so-called transformation trick was simply "beating to death".

It was Gao who ordered the hired men to cruelly beat Chen Zixiu. Gao was once extremely frightened after Chen Zixiu was beaten to death because he was the prime suspect. But later it turned out that he was not given any legal punishment. Instead, he was praised by high-level officials. He was said to have effectively transformed practitioners and he was honored as a model and star in persecuting practitioners. Supported by the high-level officials, Gao resumed his evil deeds without any regret.

Shortly after Gao set up the branch, Gao's only son, who was just promoted to be a government staff member, died suddenly under a bridge around January 1, 2000. People who commit bad deeds will be punished sooner or later.

3. Deng Ping, female, over 40, is the director of Hujiapaifang Street Committee, Chenguan Street. She is one of the prime murderers who beat Chen Zixiu to death. She has a pale face and a hoarse voice. She beat up Chen Zixiu on the second day after Chen got there. During that period of time, one mysterious old man showed up who later claimed he was from the National Security Bureau and presented his ID card. He said he was there to scrutinize the transformation work. Gao Xingong and Deng Ping became nervous after seeing people from the National Security Bureau. They tortured Chen Zixiu even more cruelly in order to give a better performance. When Chen, nearly 60 years old, was forced to run barefoot in the snow, Deng jumped up and slapped Chen in the face. Chen backed up one step each time Deng slapped her and she backed up from the east side to the west side of the yard. Later the hired accomplices continued to beat Chen and the old woman's miserable screams could be heard in the building all night long.

Chen Zixiu never said a single word to complain about the evil deeds after she was beaten. She died four days later. All the hired men got nervous after Chen died, but Deng said, "Chen deserved it. She committed suicide. It's not our fault." At that time, Deng was a probationary member of the Communist Party and now she has already joined the Communist Party.

4. Liu Guanming, male, over 30, was the former captain of the police station in Nanguan town. He was also one of the prime murderers who beat Chen Zixiu to death. He was famous for his extremely brutal beatings and was hired to perform beatings on practitioners at a high salary by the Chengguan Street Committee. He tried to calm himself down by smoking for two days before Chen Zixiu was detained in the street committee and he told other practitioners to persuade Chen Zixiu to stop practicing. He said that he knew practitioners were good people but he had no choice if Chen continued practicing. Since practitioners showed no hatred after being beaten, he was once moved by this and said he would no longer beat practitioners. Generally he was nice to practitioners but he seemed to be possessed by a devil and lost control once he began beating people. After Chen Zixiu died, he regretted his deeds and said, "It's too late, it is too late to do anything." The local police claimed that Chen died of a heart attack but he told his friends without hesitation that he regretted beating people to death. Now his work unit dismissed him and he is unemployed.