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1.2 Other Torture Cases (Continued)

1.2.21 Gu Zhiyi endured 24 types of inhumane torture while in custody

Message received: November 1, 1999

Victim: Gu Zhiyi, female, in her 60s, a teacher in Chongqing Tax School, Chongqing, Sichuan Province

Location of incident: Chongqing, Sichuan Province


Gu was arrested on July 19th. She endured 24 types of inhumane tortures such as the ”Tiger Stool” (thighs lashed to a bench and then legs bent to the opposite direction by adding bricks under the heels), “piercing underneath the finger nails with sharp bamboo sticks”, “electric chair”, “electric shocks by connecting the head and bottom”, and etc. When Gu was asked whether she would continue to practice Falun Gong, she answered “Yes” firmly all the time. At this time Gu was still in custody.

1.2.22 Zhang Yanli was tortured in Sanhe and Huludao

Message received: October 23, 1999

Victim: Zhang Yanli, female; home address: Erfo village, Lanjia section, Nanli district, Huludao, Liaoning.

Location of incident: Sanhe, Hebei; Huludao, Liaoning Province

Description (given by herself):

In the afternoon of September 4, with other practitioners, I went to Beijing to appeal and to present the truth of Falun Dafa to related government departments. As we stopped by Sanhe and prepared to check into a hotel, the police took us to the police station at the Transportation Center for questioning. About half an hour later, four policemen came in. They slapped my face several times without even saying a word; then, asked me if I was a Falun Dafa practitioner. I said “yes”. They started to beat me all together. They pulled my hair and kicked me while beating me. They pulled me up. One police stepped on one of my feet while another police used a chair to crush my other foot; and, then, they continued to beat me. They also pulled my hands up over my back while pushing my head down. They slapped my face and searched my body, and used abusive language to curse me. I asked, “Why do you beat me?” They said,

“Because you are a practitioner of Falun Dafa. We can do whatever we want to against you; we have the right to beat you.” Later I found out they were from the Public Security Bureau of Linghai. They beat me for over two hours, then transferred me to the Public Security Bureau in Sanhe to continue their “questioning”. I was forced to knee down for half an hour right after I arrived at the Public Security Bureau. Then I was escorted to the detention center of the Sanhe Public Security Bureau. At that time, there were 13 practitioners detained there, including me. In the next morning, when the Public Security Bureau of Nanli District of Huludao sent vehicle to take us back, the Detention Center demanded 140 Yuan from each one of us for so-called half a month of detention fee. We were beaten up again upon arriving Nanli District Public Security Bureau, and were scheduled to be detained for 15 days under the accusation of “Disturb Public Order”. On the 10th day, police came and asked us if we would continue our practice. After we said we would, they added 15 more days to our detention, and denounced us as taking part in “Illegal Organization”. After such repetitive beating, my neck became stiff; my face was swollen; bleeding under the skin appeared on the inner side of both thighs and outside of lower legs; and my shoulder had bumpy bruises. The swelling on my neck and face lasted for 7 or 8 days. A month later, the pain from the scars on my legs started to alleviate.

1.2.23 Chen Yajun from Wulumuqi was tortured

Message received: October 23, 1999

Victim: Chen Yajun, female, from Wulumuqi, Xinjiang

Location of incident: Chaoyang police station, Beijing

Description (given by herself):

4:00pm, September 19, 1999, in an apartment in Beijing, I was arrested along with 15 other practitioners from Jilin, Shenyang, Shaanxi, Ningxia etc. We were officially taken into custody by the Chaoyang Police Station in the early morning of September 20th. Before we were taken into prison, they searched all over our bodies, forced us to take off all clothes and bend down, etc. I started hunger strike starting September 20. Since the time I was imprisoned until the afternoon of September 24, my hands were handcuffed to my back all the time. I was forced to stand 13-14 hours without any place to lean on and without a chance to go to the restroom. The prison official verbally and physically abused me. In the afternoon of September 25, three policemen forced me to lie on the ground, pried my mouth open to push food into me, and inserted pipes through my nose into my stomach. My nose bled when I was struggling, and blood spread over my clothes and on the wall. I started to eat on 26th. I was sent home on September 29.

1.2.24 Experience of Jun Li

Message received: October 23, 1999

Victim: Li Jun (gender not indicated); workplace: Changling Group of Changchun, Jilin

Location of incident: Beijing

Description (given by him/herself):

On July 23, we came to Beijing by train to appeal. Beijing Appealing Office did not receive us. The police were arresting practitioners everywhere and also ordered the hotel owners not to take in Falun Gong practitioners. Those arrested Falun Gong practitioners were illegally detained for 15 days or one month. They were also required to write a pledge. If they refused to do that, they would not be released. We were inhumanly mistreated in jail. Many practitioners have been brutally beaten up and shocked by electrical clubs.

1.2.25 Chen Jiafu gave his own experience

Message received: October 23, 1999

Victim: Chen Jiafu (gender not indicated), from Dalian, Liaoning.

Location of incident: Beijing, China

Description (given by him/herself):

July 19 [1999], several main contact persons of Falun Dafa in Dalian were arrested without being given any reason. Then, I heard that the government banned Falun Dafa. On July 20, I went to the Appealing Office with other practitioners, but no one received us. An announcement from loud speakers on a propaganda vehicle denounced us as an illegal gathering. We went to the Office of Appeals again next morning. The police came and beat us for no reason. They pulled our hair, kicked us, and dragged us into police vehicles. I witnessed that all the practitioners had endured all these without complaint. We were transferred to a local police station. I saw the practitioner’s clothes were messed up and they all had bruises on their bodies when they were being taken in the station. Some practitioners were beaten for five to six hours simply because they “spoke loud”, and had hyperemia in their eyes. Many practitioners were beaten. I did not recover from the beating until one week later.

1.2.26 Wang Baogang was threaten and tortured

Message received: October 23, 1999

Victim: Wang Baogang; home address: Ledong village, Lequn street, Changchun, Jilin; workplace: Xinlicheng Credit Cooperative.

Location of incident:

1. Changchun, Jilin Province
2. Beijing

Description (given by himself):

On July 20, the contact persons of Falun Gong in our city were arrested without any reason. On July 22, we went to the provincial government to appeal. The police tried to disperse us. They beat and kicked us. They detained us illegally for 12 hours. There were bruises on my face, and my clothes were torn. My cellular phone and pager were all broken. My belt was broken too. Many policemen encircled me and beat me, kicked me and swore at me. On July 23 when I went back to the workplace, the officials at my workplace came to talk to me one by one. They continuously threatened me and restricted my personal freedom. I was also interrogated by the police. They threatened me that they would detain me in jail or even shoot me to death if I refused to give up Falun Gong. Later my wife and I decided to go to Beijing to appeal. On our way to Beijing, we were investigated, followed, and searched by the police. On August 3, we were detained in the Fengtai Stadium for 8 hours. The police did not allow us to use the restrooms. They beat us and swore at us. Later I was transferred to the Changchun Liaison Office in Beijing. Changchun police officer even threatened me that they would throw me out of the building if I did not obey them. Our personal properties were all confiscated by them.

1.2.27 Xing Shufang was tortured in Beijing

Message received: October 23, 1999

Victim: Xing Shufang, female; home address: Dagang Oil Field, Zuanniu New village 45-1-401, Tianjin

Location of incident: Beijing

Description (given by herself):

On July 22, we came to Beijing to appeal and were arrested the next day. We were detained in the Fengtai Stadium. There were tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners. The police beat and swore at practitioners at their will. They also had us stand in the burning sun. They did not provide us any water or food. They transferred us to our local police stations and had us detained under the accusation of “disturbing social order”.

I was arrested again on September 3rd when I came to Beijing the second time. I was detained in Tiananmen Police Station for 24 hours. At there, a practitioner from Handan, Hebei was beaten up. His face was bruised. He was ordered to “bark like a dog” and he was denied the access to toilets and water. In the end, the police station could not hold any more practitioners. We were then transferred to Changping Detention Center. Our fellow practitioners were robbed, and taken outside and beaten up by four policemen. They were all wounded all over their bodies. We did not have any other choices but to start a hunger strike. After we started a hunger strike, we encouraged each other by reciting Teacher Li’s articles. After the police heard it, they again beat us up. They also had us stand in the sun. Many practitioners were not able to stand up because of the torture. Some lost consciousness. Later I was transferred back to Tianjin Dagang Oil Field police station.

1.2.28 A middle-aged woman was tortured in detention center

Message received: October 21, 1999

Victim: Huang Xiuling, female, 52 years of age, retired worker of the Second Chemical Plant of Beijing

Location of incident: Beijing


In the morning of September 9, on her way to the Central Committee Appealing Office, Huang Xiuling was arrested by policemen, and then was taken to the Tiananmen Police Station. In that evening, she was transferred to the Majuqiao Police Station and was interrogated there. Then she was transferred to Qiaozhuang Detention Center that night.

In the Qiaozhuang Detention Center, the policemen checked her bag and asked her to turn in her Falun Dafa books. But, she refused. Then the officer sent her to No.9 room of cell 2, and ordered the prisoners to beat her up to force her to hand in the books. Prisoners dragged her arms and legs. They punched and kicked her. They even stripped off her clothes. Finally they took the books away. During the night, Ms. Huang was beaten up again because she practiced Falun Gong exercises.

On the second day, the head of the cell reported to the officer that Ms. Huang practiced the exercises at night. They then ordered her to recite the rules in jail. She refused. The officer thus used an electric club to shock her and also asked her whether she would continue to practice Falun Gong. She said yes. Then the officer punched her, asked those prisoners to strip her clothes off and poured cold water on her body.

On the third day, the officer asked Ms. Huang to recite the rules again; but, she still refused. Thus, the officer put handcuffs and shackles on her, and dragged her to every cell, and shocked her with the electric club to warn other prisoners.

After about 15 days, Ms. Huang was released.

1.2.29 Practitioners were tortured in Tiananmen Square police station

Message received: October 20, 1999


1. Li Zengshui, from Zhao county of Hebei
2. Ding Yan, female, from Shijiazhuang, Hebei and others

Location of incident: Police stations around the Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China


On the dawn of October 16, there were about 100 practitioners from all over the country watching flag-raising ceremony on the Tiananmen Square. After that, some policemen came over and asked whether they were Falun Gong practitioners. If they were, they would be taken away. The police took these practitioners to several police stations around the Tiananmen Square. Then they handcuffed the practitioners and beat them up. Many practitioners were tortured half dead. A practitioner from Inner Mongolia was on the edge of dying when the police of Inner Mongolia picked him up. Li Zengshui was beaten unconscious many times. Ding Yan was beaten to lose consciousness.

1.2.30 Practitioners in Zhao Jinhua’s hometown were persecuted brutally (Part 1)

Message received: October 18, 1999


1. Li Wennan, from Shanyujia village of Jinling county
2. Wang Cuiqin, female, from Liujia village of Jinling county
3. Yu Aiyun, female, from Yujia village of Jinling county
4. Yang Tongwu, 78 years years of age, from Dahu Chenjia village
5. Fu Yingxia, female, from Daqinjia county
6. Gao Yan, female, from Gaojialin, Nanyuan county 7. Lu Chunna, female, from Wanjia of Daqinjia county
8. Zhao Jinhua, female, 42 years of age, from Zhangxing county. She was tortured to death
9. Wang Haohong, female, from Zhangxing county
10. Wang Fengnan, female, from Zhangxing county
11. Zhan Keyun, female, from Zhangxing county
12. Wang Shaohua, an employee in the Supplies and Sales Company of Jinling county
13. Cao Zhiying, female, Daqinjia county
14. Cao Zhiying ‘s niece, Daqinjia county and others

Location of incident: Zhaoyuan, Shandong province


Around midnight one O’clock on July 23rd, several people suddenly broke into Li Wennan’s home and took him to the local government building. Five or six people encircled him and beat him madly. He fell down to the ground many times. As soon as he stood up, they would continue the brutal beatings. They beat him until he could not stand up anymore. They then took him to the hospital, where X-ray examination showed that there was internal bleeding inside his chest. For many days he could not work after he went back home from the hospital.

The local government officials detained Wang Cuiqin in a room. Two people stood behind her and beat her with rubber clubs. Two people stood in front of her and beat her. One of them slapped her face with a book, and the other whose last name is Zhuang beat her head forceful-ly. She felt that her head was going to fall down. Her face was swollen because of the forceful beating. After they tortured her like this for about half an hour, they forced her to stand with her leg bent and with a cement road-pile on her shoulders. As soon as she moved, they would beat her madly. They tortured her this way for another half an hour.

On the evening of July 21, Yu Aiyun and the other four Falun Gong practitioners were dragged to the residential area of the local government officials. Local officials and their family members, including the Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhuang Yuelin, came over all together. After verbally abusing practitioners, they ordered practitioners to raise their arms to eyebrow hight. Then they ordered them to bend both legs to 90 degrees and told them not to move. Then they started to punch and kick them. When the Falun Gong practitioners refused to remain in that posture, brutal beatings followed. They tortured them like this for about 20 minutes.

Yang Tongwu (age 78) was forced to stand barefooted on the asphalt road, which was as hot as 103 degrees Fahrenheit, until his two feet were burned.

Fu Yingxia was forced to kneel on the bricks with bricks in her armpits and with a wooden stick at the bend of her legs, until she lost her consciousness.

Gao Yan was hung up with a rope and tortured. During the beatings, she lost consciousness three times. After she lost consciousness, they would pour cold water on her face to make her regain consciousness so that they could continue the torture.

On October 5, Lu Chunna came back from Beijing and was seriously injured from being beaten up by the local government officials. She was then sent to hospital for emergency treatments. She survived by luck.

Zhao Jinhua, Wang Haohong, Wang Fengnan, Zhan Keyun, and others practitioners from Zhangxing county were taken to the local government. Some of them were arrested at home. Zhao Jinhua was arrested while she was working in farm fields. When asked whether they would continue to practice Falun Gong, they all answered “Yes”. Then they were taken to the local police station. The police beat them madly with rubber clubs and electric clubs. The police also took Zhao Jinhua to another room to torture her in the same way until she lost her consciousness. They then gave her a shot. After she regained her consciousness, they continued to torture her. She was wounded all over her body. She also had abnormal-looking urine, etc. At about four o’clock in the afternoon of October 7, Zhao was tortured to death at the age of 42. To cover the truth, the police sent her body to the hospital without informing her family, and also claimed that she died of heart attack. They also threatened her family and forced them to write a statement to claim that she was not died of torture. When fellow practitioners went to hospital to visit Zhao, they were arrested and detained without any reason.

Wang Shaohua was seriously injured from torture in the evening of October 8. Around midnight one o’clock the next day he was sent brought back home half dead and was warned not to disclose what he had suffered to others.

Cao Zhiying and her niece were tortured for the whole night by the local government officials after they were transferred back from Beijing. They almost died of the torture. Those who beat them also confiscated their money of 3,900 Yuan.

1.2.31 Deng Shaosong’s skull was fractured due to torture

Message received: October 15, 1999

Victims: Deng Shaosong

Location of incident: local detention center, Maoming, Guangdong Province


Deng Shaosong was arrested in Beijing when he went there to appeal. He was then transferred back to Maoming Detention Center. He was beaten to lose consciousness by the police, and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatments. The diagnosis was “broken skull and bleeding in outer retina.” His left eye rim was black and swollen. He could not eat any food.

1.2.32 Anshan women were detained and tortured because they were contact persons of Falun Gong

Message received: October 15, 1999


1. Wang Wei, female, from Anshan
2. Hu Shuzhi, female, from Anshan
3. Ning Guiying, female, from Anshan

Location of incident: Yuemingshan detention center, Anshan, Liaoning Province


In Anshan, Wang Wei, Hu Shuzhi and Ning Guiying were arrested at home on September 24 only because they were contact persons of Falun Dafa. They were detained in the local Yuemingshan Detention Center. They were hung up from a heating pipe and were beaten up for the entire night because they all declared their intention to continue practicing Falun Dafa.

1.2.33 Wang Zhihui’s gums were damaged due to brutal beating

Message received: October 15, 1999

Victim: Wang Zhihui, from Jinzhou

Location of incident: local detention center, Jinzhou, Liaoning Province


He was arrested in Beijing in his attempting to appeal to central authorities on September 27 and was then transferred to Jinzhou Detention Center. He was on hunger strike for 7 days there and was beaten up terribly.

His teeth became loose due to the brutal beatings. After he was released, he went to Beijing again on October 5 to appeal. On October 8 he was arrested again, his whereabouts was unknown since then.

1.2.34 Some Jiaozhou practitioners were not allowed to eat and sleep for several days

Message received: October 12, 1999


1. Wei Huayu, (name indicates probably female), working for the Jiaozhou Accounting Firm, Jiaozhou, Shandong
2. Tan Guihua, (name indicates probably female), working for the Third Shoe Factory of Jiaozhou, Shandong and others.

Location of incident: Jiaozhou, Shandong Province


In order to guarantee that no one would go to Beijing to appeal during the National Day (October 1) vacation, about 50 practitioners were detained. While they were in custody, they were tortured. To force them to “confess”, some were not allowed to sleep for five days and not allowed to eat for three days. After they were badly beaten, police threatened them against talking about the treatments they received while in custody.

Some practitioners were transferred to mental hospitals to be locked up with mental patients. Wei Huayu and Tan Guihua were forced to receive tranquilizer injections (sedatives) for more than 20 days in a mental hospital, because they did not give up practicing Falun Gong.

1.2.35 A Ph.D. student was tortured because of practicing Falun Gong in detention center

Message received: October 8, 1999

Victim: Huang Hongqi, male, 29 years of age, Ph.D. student in Dalian University of Science and Technology

Location of incident: local detention center, Dalian, Liaoning Province


According to a report of AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Huang was detained with 10 other practitioners on August 28 [1999] for doing Falun Gong exercises in a park in Dalian. Locked in a cell, they did their exercises at night but the guards retaliated.

“The guards took our trousers down and gave each of us 15 lashes with a leather whip. Our buttocks were covered in blood,” Huang said.

The guards also forced them to take off their shoes and hit them in the face before handcuffing them to a window for hours, he said. Later they were beaten with rubber coshes.

Mr. Huang was released after his university intervened. The university officials asked him to renounce Falun Gong but instead he decided to leave Dalian so as not to “cause difficulties” to the university officials. .

1.2.36 Torture in Qiliqu detention center

Message received: October 7, 1999


1. Zhang Xihong, female
2. Guo Fenren, female
3. Jin Gang, female and others.

Location of incident: Qiliqu detention center in Changping county, Beijing


Qiliqu Detention Center in Changping County, Beijing, detained many Falun Gong practitioners who came to Beijing to appeal to central government and did not want to go back to their hometowns. Some of them were detained for a month. The following are true stories in the Women’s Detention Center from late August to mid September.

The policemen in the detention center call them by numbers instead of their names. In order to ask the police to submit their appeals to higher authorities, sixty detained practitioners began a hunger strike on September 7. Most of them refused to eat for eight or nine days. During the strike, they had to endure two to three hours of interrogation daily. Some were yelled at, beaten up or punished by the police.

On the morning of September 9, the police forced them to stand under the burning sun for three hours even though they had not eaten anything for almost three days. Some practitioners vomited and became dehydrated. But the police did not allow them to drink water or rest. They beat those who could not stand any more.

Zhang Xihong and practitioner “No. 4” had been on strike for 10 days but they were still chained. Zhang’s hands and feet were locked together so that her head almost touched the ground when she walked. There were about 10 practitioners who were handcuffed because they practiced Falun Gong exercises, or their sitting gesture looked like practicing. Normally, the handcuffs were taken off from their hands after three days and nights. It was very inconvenient when they had to go to restroom.

In the evening of September 14, a chief officer returned to the detention center after getting drunk. He yelled at practitioners and beat them madly if they made any sound. He also handcuffed those who did not sit in the “right manner”. The policemen in the Office 5 of Pre-trial Department used whatever was at hand, such as belts, iron wires, and screw drivers, to torture practitioners until they got tired or hungry. Even so, they would still punish them by forcing them to bow 90 degrees with their hands elevated behind them. The policemen tortured them until they got hungry or until those they were torturing almost lost consciousness.

A practitioner named “Gang Jin”, meaning “solid as a diamond” in Chinese, was beaten up twice simply because her name annoyed the policemen. She had not had any food for 7 days and her stomach ached terribly after she was beaten up. She was not able to eat until the next day. Her back was black and blue all over.

Another practitioner, Guo Fenren, was beaten by a policeman with a string of keys and there was blood in her mouth and nose. Her eyes got hyperemia.

Practitioner “No. 10” was beaten by the police with a screwdriver and her eye socket turned black and blue.

There was a little girl (also a practitioner) who was beaten. The inner side of her lower lip was totally broken because of the beating.

1.2.37 A 16-year-old girl was arrested when visiting her mom

Message received: October 2, 1999

Victim: Gao Shanshan, female, 16 years years of age, a student of No. 1 High School of Qiqihaer, Qiqihaer, Heilongjiang Province

Location of incident: Beijing


Zhou Yingjie (a Chinese lady in Tokyo, Japan) went back to China to visit her family. Her daughter, Gao Shanshan, went to Beijing to meet her on September 20 and stayed in a hotel at night. After seeing the Falun Gong book brought along by the daughter, the hotel owner turned the daughter in to the police department. Her daughter was only given a piece of stiff steamed bread after being detained for 7 hours. During that time, a policeman interspersed his talk with curses and added some special stuff to a plate of lamb. Then, he pulled her daughter’s hair and forced the lamb into her mouth.

Other policemen on the side said that the food was very good and roared with laughter. There were also other tortures endured by this young girl ... Since September 24, Gao Shanshan was illegally detained. It was said that if Gao Shanshan was still considered to have “no regret” [for practicing Falun Gong], she would be arrested.

1.2.38 Experience of Wang Renguo in custody

Message received: September 20, 1999

Victim: Wang Renguo, address: 204, No.20 Jianshan street, Shahekou district, Dalian, Liaoning

Location of incident: Yaojia detention center, Dalian, Liaoning Province


Below is a statement by Wang Renguo.

On August 30 [1999], when we, six practitioners, tried to talk to the Director of the Detention Center, he beat us with rubber stick and asked other two detainees to kick and slap us on the face with shoes. Then we were chained to a window for 5 hours. Another practitioner from downstairs was chained for four to five days because of doing Falun Gong exercises in the prison cell. Those practitioners in penal detention were brutally beaten by guards and other criminals. They were interrogated at midnight or in the early morning and not allowed to sleep in the daytime for many consecutive days. They suffered from both physical and mental torture.

1.2.39 Women practitioners were abused in Yaojia detention center

Message received: September 20, 1999


1. Zhang Xiaohong, female, born on October 31, 1961; personal id No. 210204611031072; home address: 36-703 Yangshudong Street, Sa county, Dalian, Liaoning
2. Sun Lanfang, female, born on May 2, 1971; personal ID number 372830710502342, from Dalian
3. Sa Yusong, female, born on October 12, 1963, from Dalian
4. Yin Xingqin, female, born on February 16, 1965, from Dalian
5. Yang Xiujian, female, born on November 3 1968, from Dalian
6. Zhu Hang, female, Associate Professor of Department of Humanity and Social Sciences, Dalian University of Science and Technology, Dalian
7. Zhang Chunqing, female, born in 1941; home address: Nanshan #13, 2-101, Dalian University of Science and Technology, Dalian and others.

Location of incident: Yaojia detention center, Nanguanling, Dalian, Liaoning Province


Around August 30, many practitioners in Dalian practiced the exercises outdoors, and then were arrested and detained in the local Yaojia Detention Center of Nanguanling in Dalian. They have endured all kinds of suffering and tortures. Among them was a young practitioner who was a 16 years old student of a business/accounting school in Dalian and lived in Pulandian. She was arrested while practicing the exercises outdoors. Now she has been released but was expelled from the school. When she was in prison, she was subjected to the same torture suffered by the adult practitioners with no exception.

Sun Lanfang, Zhang Chunqing, Yang Xiujian, Zhu Hang, etc, were locked in a “dungeon” device (an instrument which uses steel chains to connect handcuffs and fetters so that the prisoner cannot move easily) for several tens of hours. Some were even forced to walk fast while wearing that instrument. Since the dungeon devices were rusty and dirty, their feet were cut severely. Many of them had brown and purple scars on their ankles. These practitioners could not go to the restroom or eat on their own because of the instrument. Therefore, they had to rely on others to help them.

Illustration of the so called “Dungeon” or “Di Lao”

While locked in a “dungeon” (or “di lao”) device, Yang Xiujian had her menstrual period, but she was not allowed to change her clothes. And the officer even asked her to walk from room 1 to room 9 carrying the instrument. In order not to making troubles to other detained practitioners, Yang Xiujian and Hang Zhu stopped eating. Yang stopped eating for six days. And Zhu did that for seven days. After the seventh day, the authorities ordered several guards to force Zhu to eat by pricking her mouth with spoons ruthlessly, which caused severe injury in her mouth. Later, they installed a pipe in her nose to feed liquid into her. She finally lost consciousness due to the torture, and was transferred to the People’s No. 2 Hospital in Dalian for recovery.

Many practitioners (including nearly all the victims mentioned above) were handcuffed to the window railings in the hallway, or back-to-back with another practitioner. Some practitioners had to stand while being hand-cuffed, and a practitioner was even handcuffed in such a way that she could not completely stand up nor completely squat down either. They were not allowed to move, to talk, or to go to the restrooms for about one or two days. The handcuffs were a self-tightening kind of handcuffs; if the hands move, the handcuffs would get

Photo of Yin Xingqin, after being released from detention center. Scars on her hands are very obvious.

tighter and tighter. The handcuffs cut into some practitioners’ skin. There were big and bright blisters all over their wrists. The hands of some practitioners were swollen like big French bread. If the practitioners recited Teacher Li’s essays while been handcuffed, the prison guards told other prisoners (prostitutes) to beat the practitioners. One practitioner’s mouth was sealed with many layers of plastic tape.


Zhu Hang, an Associate Professor in the Department of Humanity and Social Sciences, Dalian Polytechnic University, was tortured for practicing Falun Gong.



Ms. Zhang Chunqing was tortured with the “Di Lao” device. All pictures were taken 7 Days after hospital treatment.

At the time when the message was received, Hang Zhu’s left foot was still swollen to almost double the normal size. Her right foot was better but still had many injuries. She could not open her mouth to speak well. Because of the bandages, clear pictures of injuries could not be taken at that moment. Zhang Chunqing’s ankles were also hurt severely. Many places around her ankles discharged pus continuously. She said that it hurt like being poked with needles.
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