An Incomplete list of Falun Gong Practitioners in Zhaoyuan City of Shandong Province who have suffered inhumane tortures: 
  1.  Li Wen-nan, from Shanyujia Village of Jinling Town. At one O'clock on the night of July 23rd, several people suddenly broke into his home and took him to the local government building. 5 or 6 people encircled him and beat him madly. He was beaten to fall down to the ground many times. As soon as he stood up, they would continue the brutal beatings. They beat him until he could not stand up anymore. They then sent him to the hospital, where X-ray examination showed that there was internal bleeding inside his breast.  For many days he could not work after he went back home from hospital. 
  2. Wang Cui-qin, from Liujia Village of Jinling Town. The local government officials detained her at a room. Two people stood behind her and beat her with rubber clubs. Two people stood in front of her and beat her. One of them slapped her face with a book, and the other whose last name is Zhuang beat her head madly. She felt that her head was to fall down. Her face was swollen because of the mad beatings.  After they tortured her like this for about half an hour, they forced her to stand with her leg bent and with a cement road-pile on her shoulders. As soon as she moved, they would beat her madly. They tortured her like this for another half an hour.
  3. Yu Ai-yun, from Yujia Village of Jinling Town. On the evening of July 21, she and the other 4 Falun Gong practitioners were dragged to the residential area of the local government officials. Local officials and their family members, including the secretary of the Party Committee Zhuang Yue-lin, came over all together. After verbally abusing practitioners, they started to force them to practice the exercises, saying that they would make practitioners practice as much as they want. First they ordered practitioners to raise their arms to the eyebrow high. Then they ordered them to bend two legs to 90 degrees and told them not to move.  Then they started to punch and kick them. When these Falun Gong practitioners told them peacefully that the gesture was not from Falun Gong, they said it was "Falun Gong" they created by themselves. When the Falun Gong practitioners refused to do the exercise like that, brutal beatings ensued. They tortured them like this for about 20 minutes.
  4. Yang Tong-wu, from Big Chenjia Village, is a retired senior gentleman of 78 years old. He was forced to stand barefooted on the asphalt road, which was as hot as 103 degrees, until his two feet were burned. 
  5. Fu Ying-xia, from Big Qingjia Town. She was forced to kneel on the bricks with bricks in her armpits and with a wooden stick in her legs, until she lost her consciousness.
  6. Gao Yan, from Gaojialin of Nanyuan Town. She was hung up with a rope and tortured. During the beatings, she lost her consciousness three times.  After she lost consciousness, they would poured cold water on her face to make her regain consciousness so that they could continue the torture. 
  7. Lu Chun-na, from Wanjia of Daqingjia Town. On October 5, she came back from Beijing and was seriously injured from being beaten up by the local government officials. She was then sent to hospital for emergency treatment. She survived by luck.
  8. Wu Jian-ming, Zhang Shu-xiang, Wang Mei-feng, Liu Yue-jun and Du Wang-quan were employees of a Gold Smeltery factory. Because they refused to denounce Falun Gong, they were first detained in the factory's security office for 7 days. Later they were detained in the city detention center for about 10 to 15 days. They were all fired the day after they were released. 
  9. Zhao Jin-hua, Wang Hao-hong, Wang Feng-nan, Zhan Ke-yun and others practitioners from Zhangxing Town were taken to the local government. Some of them were arrested at home. Ms Zhao Jin-hua was arrested while she was working in farm fields. When asked whether they would continue to practice Falun Gong, they all answered "Yes". Then they were taken to the local detention center. The police beat them madly with rubber clubs and electric clubs. The police also took Zhao Jin-hua to another room to torture her in the same way until she lost her consciousness. They then gave her a shoot.  After she regained her consciousness they continued to torture her. She was wounded all over her body. It was too horrible to watch. She also suffered haematuria etc. At about 4 O'clock on the afternoon of October 7, Ms Zhao was tortured to death at the age of 42. To cover the truth, the police sent her body to the city hospital without informing her family, and also claimed that she died of myocardial infarction. They also threatened her family members and forced them to write a statement to claim that she was not died of torture. When fellow practitioners went to hospital to visit Ms. Zhao, they were arrested and detained without any reason.
  10. Wang Shao-hua, an employee in the sales department of Jinling Town, was seriously injured from the torture on the evening of October 8.  At one o'clock in the next morning he was sent home half died and was warned not to disclose what he had suffered to other people.
  11. Cao Zhi-ying and her niece were tortured for a whole night by the local government officials after they were taken back from Beijing. They almost died of the torture. Those who beat them also confiscated their money of 3,900 Yuan. 
  12. Yu Ying-bin and his brother of Zhaoyuan Gold Smeltery were fined 10,000 Yuan. Liu Dian-jun and Zhou Jin-ling each paid a deposit of 5,000 Yuan. Yang Xiu-ying paid 2,000.  Illegally confiscated properties include Yang Xiu-ying's computer, Liu Dianjun's tape-recorder, etc.