Practitioners disclosing Ms. Zhao's death were sent to labor camps; police officer who tortured Zhao to death died suddenly

According to AP, AFP and Reuters, practitioners who had disclosed Ms.Zhao Jin-hua's death due to police torture were sent to labor camps. But the officer who tortured Zhao to death has died suddenly. The cause of his death was unclear.

Four practitioners from Shandong Province, Liu Jin-ling, Chi Yun-ling, Li Nan-ying and Chen Shi-huan disclosed how Zhao Jin-hua had been beaten to death to international community by risking their own lives. Later these four practitioners were arrested. The police sentenced LiNan-ying and Chen Shi-huan to 3 years of forced labor without any trial to avoid international attention. The other two are still in police custody. They might also be sent to forced labor camps.