December 3, China

Beijing Trial was postponed

On the afternoon of December 2nd, the four defenders for the trial of four Falun Gong contact people (Wang Zhi-wen, Li Chang, Ji Lie-wu and Yao Jie) were informed that the trial scheduled on December 3rd was postponed. 

Before December 2nd, some policemen talked with some practitioners that there would be a trial and asked them whether they would like to audit the trial. It seemed that the police was disclosing the news on purpose. On the night of December 2nd, many practitioners were taken to the police station and were not allowed to go out.  A policeman told some practitioners that they could be detained if they continue to practice Falun Gong regardless of where they practice. Also their Falun Gong books could be seized away from home. 

On December 3, 1999, many practitioners went to the People's Court. Some journalists might have also gone there. Many police vans stopped near the First Intermediate People's Court. They arrested all practitioners who went there. It was really a trap. 

It is unknown when the trial will be opened. 

December 3, 1999

At least 9 more practitioners were arrested at the Tiananmen Square

It was reported by AP that Chinese police arrested at least 9 practitioners at the Tiananmen Square including two women who had mediated at the Tiananmen Square.

A Japanese took a picture for these two women when they meditated. The police thus destroyed his camera. The police also interrogated a foreign journalist for one hour and confiscated his film.

December 3, 1999

About 10 people were arrested for "spreading the news of Zhao Jinhua's death"

It was said that after Falun Gong practitioner Zhao Jinhua from Zhaoyuan County of Shandong province was beaten to death by the police, the Chinese public security had not investigated the matter and punished the murder; instead, they searched for those people who had disclosed the news of Zhao Jinhua's death.

Up to now, about 10 people had been arrested for spreading the news of Zhao Jinhua's death. It was said that all of them are being detained in Zhaoyuan and are not allowed to be visited including their family members. It is very possible that they will be sentenced.