Six Latest Reports on Persecutions in Zhao-yuan City, Where Ms. Zhao Jinhua Was Tortured to Death in October 1999 

[Police officers and local government officials often took turns to torture practitioners continuously by beating and electrical shocks until practitioners lost consciousness. They also imposed stiff fines on practitioners.] 

[1] On September 22, 1999, the local government and the police department of Ling-long Town of Zhao-yuan City, Shan-dong Province arrested practitioners You-ying Lu, Rui-su Gao, Ke-ying Wen, Yan-qin Sun, Mei-feng Li, Dong-fang Chang and Wen-de Li and detained them without going through any legal procedures.  

On September 23, 1999, they also arrested and detained practitioners Jin-guo Li, Zi-Fang Zhang, Jin-wei Wen, Jin-hua Wei, Rui-hong Li and Xiu-fen Hao without any legal formalities.  

In two days, more than 50 practitioners were arrested and detained and were tortured afterwards.  For examples: In the detention center where You-ying Lu and De-wen Li were detained, 15 people were allowed only one kilogram of water each day.  Sometimes, no water was given for several days and nights. They were insulted and beaten every day. Once, in the police department, 5~6 people took turns to beat practitioner Cai-mei Lu for more than two hours (the electrical punishment had been used) until she lost her consciousness.  On the same night, the chief police, Mr. Ma and another two people tied Ms. Dong-fang Chang and then beat her for more than 4 hours, and another 4 more hours on the following night.  Her face was swollen and there was internal bleeding under her skin in many places.  She also had been electrically shocked on both nights.  On the night of September 22, 1999, Mr. Wen-de Li was hung up and beaten for the whole night.  He was also put on handcuffs and shackles and had been electrically shocked.  Practitioner Jin-guo Li was beaten up and could not stand up from the ground for the whole night. Zi-fen Zhang, Jin-wei Wen, etc were beaten with pails covering their heads.   Qi-hua Wei and Jin-Qin Wei who were nearly 60 years old, were forced to stand in a position with their arms stretching out and legs bent from 7:00pm to very late at night. 

These practitioners were detained for more than 40 days without any reason.  At last, those who were arrested on September 22, 1999 were released after their relatives signed and left their thumbprints on the "pledge" of quitting Falun Gong, and paid 5000~6000 Yuan (about a half year's income of an average Chinese worker) to the police department.  Those who were arrested on September 23, 1999 were released after their relatives paid 2000 Yuan.

[2] On September 28, practitioners Wei-dian Qin, Mei-xin Li, Xi-bin Fu and Xi-li Fu from the Da-qin-jia village of Da-qin-jia Town in Zhao-yuan City were arrested at midnight by the local police station without any legal formalities.  More than 15 people were put into an "iron cage" which is less than 4.5 square meters.  They were detained for 12 to 18 days.  The police station did not notify anyone to send them food.  A secretary of the township government used the shoe brush to hit the head of the practitioner Ying-xia Fu and the brush was broken from the beating. Later, that practitioner bought a new shoe brush for the police station.

After October 1, these practitioners were still in custody.  Several Falun Gong practitioners from Nan-yuan town of Zhao-yuan City went to the Da-qin-jia Town government to request them to release the detained practitioners. However, these practitioners, including Zhi-gao Li, Shu-ying Li, Yun-ying Zhou, De-fa Lu, Xi-rong Lu, Ai-hong Yun, were detained by the Da-qin-jia Town government and tortured. 

[3] On October 1, Ms. Chun-na Lu, practitioner from Da-qin-jia Town of Zhao-yuan City, went to Beijing to appeal by walking and getting ride. She arrived at Beijing on October 4. She was sent to the police station immediately because she told the truth when asking the directions from a police officer. She was escorted back to the Da-qin-jia Town on the next afternoon. As soon as she got off the car, some local officers surrounded her and beat her. She lost her consciousness very soon. These officers thought that she was pretending to be dead, and continued to torture her. Later, they even waved a lighter in front of her to see whether she had any response. When they found that she had no response, they thus poured cold water on her face. It still didn't work. They then sent her to Da-qin-jia hospital for emergency treatment. After her relatives came, the police officers lied that she looked liked that because she had refused to eat anything for 3 days. Three days later, she was sent to the city police station for detention for half a month.  After she came back home, the officers went to her home asking her to pay for the transportation fee, and threatened to confiscate the salaries of her elder sister and father.   

[4] On November 9, two practitioners from Da-qin-jia Town of Zhao-yuan City, Ms. Yu-hua Zhang, who was 55-year-old, and Ms. Lian-fang Wang, who was 58-year-old, went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. They were intercepted by police in Wei-fang Train Station. Some governmental officials of the Da-qin-jia Town came to pick them up. In the public, these officials beat and kicked these two women as soon as they met them. After that, they robbed the only 330 Yuan of these two women. On 9:00pm at night, dozens of people from the Da-qin-jia town government beat these 2 women on the ground, 4 people held the two women on the ground and others took turns to beat them using police clubs and rubber clubs until they lost consciousness. They had been beaten to lose consciousness for several times during one day and two nights. Later they were sent to the police department of Zhao-yuan City for a 15-day detention.

(Note: after being detained for 9 days in the prison, their relatives went to visit them, and took some pictures of the bruises on their bodies.)

[5] On November 10, Cai-xia Fu, practitioner from Wo-hu Village of Da-qin-jia Town of Zhao-yuan City, went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. The next morning, at the entrance of the Appealing office, when she was just handing over the appeal letter, some officers from the government of Da-qin-jia town rushed over and took away the letter by force. Then she was brought into a hotel where she suffered beatings until she lost consciousness. Right after she woke up, she was handcuffed on a closet for about 40 hours. She was sent back to the Da-qin-jia Town on the night of November 12. Some officers continued to torture her for more than two hours until they got tired. After that, they demanded her to pay 10,000 Yuan and threatened that her tractor used for farming (worth 14,000 Yuan) would be taken away if she refused to pay. An officer whose last name is Wang wrote a mortgage document and forced her to copy it by hand and leave her thumbprint on it (the mortgage document still exists). Then they sent her to the local police station. On November15, she was transferred to the City Public Security Bureau for criminal detention.

[6] On December 15, Fu-shan-zhen local police station of Zhao-yuan City arrested 7 Falun Gong practitioners including Xiang Liu, Shu-qing Li and Ming-zhu Liu who went to appeal. They were detained in underground prison, no light at all. And they had been tortured. The punishments include being forced to squat down with both arms stretching out, heels lifted off the ground; being forced to hold clubs by bending legs; electric shock; etc.