Zhao Fengnian

Chinese Name: 赵丰年
Gender: Male
Age: 48
City: Shijiazhuang City
Province: Hebei
Date of Death: 2001-05
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention: Ershilipu Police Station
Case Description:

Dafa practitioner Zhao Fengnian, male, 48, was a resident of Nancun Village, Nancun Town, Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. He was a cadre at the Ershilipu Industrial and Commercial Bureau in Zhengding County before he died.

On April 29, 2001, in order to validate Dafa and clarify the truth to people, he exercised his rights bestowed by the Constitution and went to Beijing to appeal. However, Beijing police beat him up brutally, causing him severe injury. Later, he was taken back by his work unit and subjected to subsequent torture. On the night of May 5, he was claimed to be missing by his work unit. Later his family (which does not practice Falun Gong) learned that he had already been killed and buried. Not until then did the police station officially inform his family of his death.