Ms. Luo Chunhua, 37 years old, was a resident of Liuyang City, Hunan Province. In June 2001 police officers from the Huaichuan Police Station in Liuyang City arrested her when she was sending out truth clarification materials about Falun Gong. At noon on June 30, during the inquest process, a policeman fiercely punched her on the back, immediately resulting in her vomiting blood and passing out. Later she was sentenced two years in jail where the injury to her back gradually got worse, and she vomited blood constantly. She was then transferred to the Liuyang City Hospital where, although her medical history never showed any tuberculosis, she was, nevertheless, treated as a tuberculosis patient. The hospital could not save her. Ms. Luo died in the winter of 2001. After she died, the 610 Office didn't allow her family to mourn for her. Her body was immediately cremated.