The Facts of the Persecution of Falun Gong -- March 12, 2010

Issued by Clearwisdom Net


  • Mr. Wang Enhui Dies in Gongzhuling City Prison in Jilin Province
  • Mr. Wang Enhui died on February 15, 2010 after less than six monthes of imprisonment. He had been on a hunger strike. Due to the color of his skin and marks on his body his family wished to take a photograph. They were denied and authorities forced the quick cremation of Mr. Wang.

    Mr. Wang Enhui Dies in Gongzhuling City Prison in Jilin Province

    Name: Wang Enhui 
    Gender: Male
    Age: In his fities
    Address: Dongyu Village, Yushugou Township, Fuyu County, Songyuan City, Jilin Province
    Occupation: Accountant for his village
    Date of Death: February 15, 2010
    Date of Most Recent Arrest: August 18, 2009
    Most Recent Place of Detention: Gongzhuling City Prison 
    City: Gongzhuling
    Province: Jilin
    Persecution Suffered: Forced labor, brainwashing, illegal sentencing, beatings, imprisonment, solitary confinement, torture, force-feedings, physical restraint, home ransacked, interrogation, detention

     Within less than six months after entering Gongzhuling City Prison, Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Enhui died on February 15, 2010, the day after the Chinese New Year. His wife and daughter, both mentally disabled, are left behind with a hard life ahead of them.

    Mr. Wang was arrested multiple times, detained, and sent to forced labor camps, just because he wanted to become a better person through cultivation. In 2001, he was imprisoned in the Jiutai Forced Labor Camp for more than one year and severely tortured. He was once locked in the strictly-controlled ward for 50 days and became emaciated.

    Mr. Wang was released on February 2, 2002, after his term was extended by twelve days. He was arrested again on March 16, 2002, detained in Fuyu County Detention Center, and sentenced to three years of forced labor. He was again taken to Jiutai Forced Labor Camp on March 25, 2002. He was released on September 20, 2002, when his life was in danger.

    On February 21, 2006, the County 610 Office director Zhang Shibo and the Domestic Security Team Captain Du Dianlong stormed into Mr. Wang's home and arrested him. His wife fought with the officers and she was brutally beaten about the head, which resulted in severe health problems. She displayed symptoms of a mental disorder a few days later. She was taken to the County Mental Hospital, and charged 5,000 yuan. Their daughter was traumatized by the violent arrest of her father, which triggered her mental disease to recur, and she had to be hospitalized in the Mental Hospital in Taonan City .

    On March 23, 2006, a secret trial was held in the detention center. Mr. Wang was sentenced to five years in prison. Mr. Wang was carried and dragged into the trial by other prisoners. On April 20, 2006, Mr. Wang was taken to Shiling Town Prison in Siping City. Because Mr. Wang was on a hunger strike, he was force-fed and tortured for a prolonged period, and as a result his life was in danger. The prison refused to accept him three different times. Fuyu County Police Department had to release him on medical parole, and he was picked up by his family.

    During the 2008 Beijing Olympics the police tried to arrest him many times, but never succeeded.

    On August 18, 2009, Mr. Wang was arrested in Gongpengzi Town by local police, and was detained in Fuyu County Detention Center. Mr. Wang was on a hunger strike for more than twenty days to protest, and he was carried into the prison. The prison refused to accept him in such poor physical condition. The police bribed the prison administration, and he was then carried into the ward.

    During his imprisonment, the prison administration requested that his family persuade him to stop his hunger strike, but soon told them there was no need, that he had begun eating, but that they wanted his family to send money and a mattress. Soon afterwards they were notified of his death.

    Mr. Wang's family rushed to the prison, where the prison authorities told them that he had suddenly become very sick and died within an hour, so they didn't take him to the hospital. His family saw that his body had changed color dramatically, and his wrists had deep marks from handcuffs or ropes. They wanted to take a photo of his body, but the guards immediately became extremely tense, showing fear.

    Mr. Wang's family had to cremate his body in a hurry because the prison authorities were pushing them very hard. They took back the 400 yuan they had just sent and took his ashes back home.