The Facts of the Persecution of Falun Gong -- December 18, 2008

Issued by Clearwisdom Net


  • Mr. Kang Hong from Chongqing City Is Suffering Severe Persecution
  • Mr. Kang has not received proper medical attention for injuries suffered during his arrest.

    Mr. Kang Hong from Chongqing City Is Suffering Severe Persecution

    Xishanping Forced Labor Camp authorities have stepped up their persecution of Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Kang Hong, putting his life in jeopardy.

    Mr. Kang was arrested and taken to the Training and Discipline Squadron of the 7th Ward of Xishanping Forced Labor Camp around August 31, 2008. He had to be carried into the camp, as both of his shins were fractured, making it difficult for him to stand, let alone walk.

    Police report that Mr. Kang fractured his shinbones after he tried to escape from a police bus en route to a labor camp. But a more believable version of Mr. Kang's attempted escape being passed around in the local community totally contradicts the police report--and that version is as follows:

    At the time of Mr. Kang's arrest, the Chongqing Municipal Labor Camp Bureau was busing a few dozen arrestees to the following three forced labor camps located in Xishanping: the Xishanping Forced Labor Camp, the Beibei Forced Labor Camp, and the Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp.

    Before entering the bus, police officers routinely handcuff two arrestees together, making it difficult for either of them to escape. When the bus arrived at the Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp, the person who was handcuffed to Mr. Kang needed to get off, along with several other arrestees. So the police unlocked Mr. Kang's handcuff. While the others were getting off, Mr. Kang jumped out the window and ran approximately thirty feet before being caught.

    Looking at the evidence surrounding Mr. Kang's attempted escape, one will discover several inconsistencies. Bus windows are usually about 2 meters off the ground. And since the bus was parked at the time, how is it possible that a person could fracture both of his shins after falling from a height of only 2 meters? If Mr. Kang's legs were fractured when he hit the ground, how is it that he could run more than thirty feet before being captured, as reported by the police? Doesn't it seem more likely that Mr. Kang's legs were fractured while the police were beating him for trying to escape?

    After Mr. Kang's shins were fractured, the police did not immediately take him to the hospital, but instead took him directly to the forced labor camp. Mr. Kang then began a hunger strike to protest this inhumane treatment. The next day he was taken to the Xishanping Central Hospital.

    To date, the hospital has not done anything to treat his fractures but instead they dispatched several personnel to monitor Mr. Kang around-the-clock, not allowing him to have any contact with the outside world.

    In mid-November, Mr. Kang screamed in pain all day long, flailing his arms around wildly. Knowing the dubious history of the hospital, it seems likely that the doctors injected powerful psychotropic drugs into Mr. Kang in an effort to damage his nervous system. Yet the guards declared, "Look, Mr. Kang's spirit is broken!"

    The director of the hospital, Tu, is a nephew of Sun Ping, the chief of the Labor Camp Bureau. Tu knows that his uncle will protect him, regardless of the crimes he commits. In fact, Sun once participated in persecuting practitioners while at the 7th Ward.